Life partner is someone whom you can trust completely

Life partner is someone whom you can trust completely

Rajan Singh14 Aug 2009

Tusshar Kapoor talks about working with Fardeen, Govinda and Prachi in Rumi Jaffrey's Life Partner and why you should watch his movie Life Partner. Q. Tusshar, what is Life Partner all about? A. Well, Life Partner is all about three friends - Fardeen, Govinda Ji and myself; and all three of them have different notions about the institution of marriage.

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Tusshar, what is Life Partner all about?

Well, Life Partner is all about three friends - Fardeen, Govinda Ji and myself; and all three of them have different notions about the institution of marriage. I believe in the system of arranged marriage while Fardeen and Govinda Ji have their own views. Once I get married then its happiness all around but at the same time the marriage also brings along ups and downs in our lives. Then it′s only in the end that we all realize that marriage is not a destination but it′s more of a journey. It′s a fun film but at the same time it also has a message in it besides being a family drama. I am pretty sure that every Indian would be able to identify with the characters of the film and will relate to it. I am sure that you will enjoy the film a lot.

You play a Gujarati in the film; did you learn the language for your character?

I only had to say few Gujarati words in the film. My partner in the film Prachi knows the full language being a Gujarati herself. I took her and Rumi Jaffrey′s help for the role.

Judging by the fun quotient from the promos it looks an out and out comedy, will it remind us of Golmaal?

Golmaal was an out and out comedy film but Life Partner does not fall in the same genre. The characters are all very real. I play the role of Bhavesh in the film and other people too are playing their normal rooted characters. People will find some of the scenes in the film very funny especially the ones where I am interacting with my family. There are also few comic scenes with Prachi. But one important thing is that the characters are not doing anything that is comic, it′s all about the situation. I won′t say this that I am playing a comic role in the film, it is funny though but the situations are very serious. There are many Bhavesh′s present in South Africa and Gujarat who encounter similar situations, in that way it′s all very real.

Tusshar, in order to get into the character did you pick up those typical Gujarati stereotyped lines for the film?

No, not really. I did not really pick up the language or learn the accent. Despite living in South Africa for so many years, he speaks shudh Hindi punctuated with few Gujarati words. But it′s the look of mine, which is more in tune with the Gujarati character with a moustache. We have tried to get into the psychology of the character. Bhavesh is one of its kinds - he is a different person when he is in the company of his friends while he is another person when he is with his family. I really needed to understand the part when he gets married to his wife. Gujarati part was something that′s bit external to the plot of the film.

What would you tell people who are expecting Golmaal magic in Life Partner?

I would only say this that if you liked Golmaal and Golmaal Returns then you will surely like this film too. Rumi Jafri has penned a script for this film, which is very fresh and new. It also has elements of social issue thrown in and is an out and out family entertainment. Actually people will get to see a masala film after a very long time. The best part being that the film is releasing on the day of Janamashtami so I am pretty sure that people will go to see this film on this day. I hope they like it.

Tusshar KapoorTusshar Kapoor

Both Govinda and Fardeen, your co-stars in the film are married. Did they give you any tip on marriage when you were shooting with them?

In fact they were very envious of me that I was the only guy who was unmarried. But jokes apart, during our stay in South Africa, Fardeen had called us to his home and his wife had prepared some great food for us. Govinda Ji′s wife too was there in South Africa for few days when we were shooting for Life Partner and she was so entertaining and so bubbly. She kept everyone in splits and humour. Both Fardeen and Govinda are well settled, some time I feel that I too should jump the bandwagon like them but lets see. I am enjoying life so far.

There were also reports in newspapers that it was actually you who had recommended for Prachi Desai′s role in the film to the producers?

Myself, Abbas Bhai and Rumi Ji, we all together thought that Prachi suits the role to the T. There were many things, which went in her favour - the Gujarati angle, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa win and others. At that time promos of Rock On had just begun airing on satellite channels and there was a good buzz about her. The film was to release after few weeks. Then the whole team also consulted Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor) who directed her in Rock On, he also happens to be my cousin. We asked him as to how is Prachi in the film, then it was all smooth sailing, they all had praises only about her. So it was not I but the team of Life Partner which earmarked on Prachi.

Ok, please tell me one good reason that why should people go and watch this film?

People should go and watch this film as it has a very universal story. Every married couple will identify something or the other from the lives of the two couples in the film. There is also this element of arranged marriage in the film and love too and then there is also this thing of ‘no’ marriage. People will identify with the plot of the film and its characters.

How would you define your life partner?

For me life partner is someone whom you can trust completely and you don′t have an ego with.

Thanks a lot.


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