Rascal, I will teach you how to behave. Mind it!

Rascal, I will teach you how to behave. Mind it!

Rajan Singh28 Aug 2009

Rajendra Prasad talks about his film Quick Gun Murugan, Mango Dolly and saving the world from all evils. About Quick Gun Murugun: the movie takes the Channel V spoof of the 1990s, ahead to the big screen. It is very funny in parts but the humour gets a little stretched to last the whole 90 mins of the movie. A good watch nevertheless.

Quick Gun Murugan photos, videos, songsQuick Gun Murugan [Photos | Videos]

Rajendra Prasad, what does Murugan actually does in the film?

Murugan is a typical vegetarian cowboy who made himself into Quick Gun Murugan. The cowboy has to do something good for the world so he believes that vegetarianism is the need of the hour. Non-vegetarians are actually villains for him. Look here too I am wearing green, and green is the symbol of vegetarians around the world. He is actually a protector of cows and ladies. He believes that vegetarians will save the world from all evils.

I can also see a locket hidden between your clothes, tells us the mystery behind the locket you are wearing?

Well, actually the locket has my girlfriend closeted in. When I open it, she becomes visible and when I close it then she is not there. Her picture is there in the locket and thus she is always with me. She does not like me doing any bad thing. The problem with my girlfriend is that she always gives suggestions to me as to what I should do and what I should not do. Also if I were to see any other girl, the amount of abuses I have to bear from her side is just intolerable and so I have to close my locket for most of the time. Thankfully the locket has a cover so I am saved most of the time. It′s a typical kind of character, which hangs on my neck throughout the film.

Who do you love the most your locket girlfriend or Mango Dolly?

Please don′t create further problems for me by asking such questions as there are already many problems surrounding me. Lets hope as per the situation we encounter and then we will take a call. Mind it. I will be shot dead if I were to take any names. I have to realize the realities, since she is not here. Mango Dolly is helping me in my mission to save the world and she cares a lot for me. Mango Dolly is a very typical character and I am sure you must not have seen even such a character in western films too. How Dolly and me come together is another interesting story in itself.

How do you take your Quick Gun Murugan vis-a-vis SRK′s and Dhoni′s act on the same in past?

This is the original character that was used in Om Shanti Om. Shah Rukh Khan in the film and in the sequence says that he is very busy with South Indian films, then when the heroine confronts him by asking as to what he is doing over there; his automatic reply is that he is doing Quick Gun Murugan. They have used this character in the film for the purpose of sheer entertainment and let us hope that it served as an advertisement for our film. We basically take it as an ad for our film. Thanks to SRK for making Quick Gun Murugan ad.

How much effort did you pump in for this character?

I feel the character of Quick Gun Murugan matches to a great extent with my personal life too. The attitude part is very similar so I loved the character and thus you will see that I am almost into the character. After 32 years of my stint in films I have got a character, which ought to be played with fullness and involvement.

Rajendra Prasad and Rambha in Qick Gun MuruganRajendra Prasad and Rambha in Qick Gun Murugan [more photos]

Any favourite dialogue of yours in the film?

Anybody misbehaves! Rascal, I will teach you how to behave. Mind it.

Would you like to give any messages to your viewers?

QGM is such an amazing film, and you have to come to theatres to see this film and if you are not coming then Mind it.

You are from Telugu Cinema, how is your friendship with other heroes of South Indian film industry?

Well, in the year 1974 Rajnikanth was a film institute student and I joined the film institute the next year i.e. in the year 1975. We both were junior and senior at the film institute. So in a way our friendship goes a long way and it′s almost 34 years since we first met.

What are the unique points in the film?

The biggest unique point of this film is the fact that I am a Telugu guy who is doing a Tamil character in an English film with Hindi belt as primary focus, directed by a Bengali guy and penned by a Rajasthani writer. I guess this was an opportunity that was sent to us by God only. I am a part of the cinema industry since 1977 and in my journey of 32 years I have done all sorts of roles and I believe that it′s always the characters of the film, which sustain the actors for the longest time.

As an outsider what′s your take on Hindi cinema?

Well, let me inform you that our late Prime Minister P V Narsimha Rao used to watch my film on a regular basis and then go to sleep. He used to watch my films to release all his stress and that was almost like 20 or 25 years back. All I can say is that Hindi films have transformed themselves and I am so happy about it. We have done full-length laughter feature films some 20 years back and Hindi cinema is now waking up to it.

Thanks a ton.

Thanks and mind it.

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oh yes, we will not certainly mind watching it for sure. good work u guys!
Posted by Swati on  Aug 29 2009 7:29PM
eagrly waiting 4 this movie
Posted by Anonymous on  Sep 2 2009 2:57PM

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