Daddy Cool is almost at par and as good as Hera Pheri

Daddy Cool is almost at par and as good as Hera Pheri

Rajan Singh27 Aug 2009

Suneil Shetty on Indra Kumar?s new film Daddy Cool, adapted from Death at a Funeral and him doing a serious role in a funny film. (interview) About Daddy Cool: Steven arranges for the funeral of his father (Daddy Cool - Douglas), but later discovers that the dead body is not his fathers. Many other characters come in, who add to the chaos including some who want to get their hands on the property.

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Suneil, what is the highlight of the film?

I would say that form the point of humour in the film, Daddy Cool is almost at par and as good as Hera Pheri and from the point of view of performance, I think it′s a very serious performance because in the film I am extremely emotionally attached to my father and I am absolutely destroyed when the news of my father′s death is revealed to me. But because of the situation anything I do looks funny but I am very serious in the film. In fact this is one of the most serious roles I have ever done in my filmi career.

The excitement about the film is all very evident on your face.

I am very excited and delighted about the release of Daddy Cool. The best part of the film is that the situations are very humorous while the actors are sincerely being honest and serious if I may say so. It′s something that we watch in English films so it was very nice being part of this wonderful film. Indra Kumar is a veteran of comedy and he has given some brilliant comedies in past. It was wonderful working with such lovely actors.

But it all sounds pretty strange that the central issue of the film is about a funeral and it has been dealt in a humorous fashion.

It′s whacked out but it′s true. Even today when you go to a funeral then you get to hear several viewpoints about the deceased from other people. Some say that he was a good man, while for others the deceased was a bad man. Some go to attend the funeral genuinely while others go there just for the heck of it. The plot is all about what happens at the funeral and then to top it all a nagging wife. She wants to move out of the house as soon his father-in-law dies as she does not wants to stay with her mother-in-law. It′s all about me handling the entire situation. Then there is also this younger brother of mine in the film who does not care about anything. Though he comes to the funeral but is not interested in being a part of it. He is doing very well in life and would rather spend money on good food and shampoo for his dog but not a pie on his father′s funeral. It′s all a very funny situation as to how the situation is taken care of and that I also feel is the beauty of the film. I think the film is a salute to the father. Every time we give a pedestal to mothers and never to fathers in Hindi film. This time the respect a father deserves has been given in this film.

Tell us a bit about Arti Chhabria who plays your wife in the film?

Arti plays my nagging wife and I think she has done a brilliant job in the film. Everyone has done well in the film. Inder Sir and Murli Ji have handled it very well and we are hoping to have a good release.

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I just met Arti and she told us that lot many pranks were played when she was shooting for the film, could you please tell us one incident when she was at the receiving end of your pranks?

Yes, we played many pranks on Arti Chhabria. At the press conference of the film too we announced this to everyone that it′s her birthday, which in fact was not. She had given a quote to Bombay Times on the cheerleaders issue and the next thing she knew was that someone from Shiv Sena was calling her up. He informed her that how dare she give a quote on cheerleaders issue and now they will trouble her. Poor Arti was all in tears and she was apologizing to the guy profusely. But later on we revealed to her that we all were playing prank on her. It was only after we revealed to her that she took a sigh of relief. She was made a bakra.

Was it a challenge for you to adapt the film from its original version - Death at a Funeral?

Comedies always make you laugh but have you ever thought of a comedy based on funeral? It was a big challenge to adapt this script. This film will not only make you laugh but it will also make you emotional in the last part of the film. You will really feel good after you have watched the film. I am playing the role of Stephen and Arti is playing my wife in the film and she is Nancy and she is a Christian nagging wife. She just can′t stand her mother-in-law as she makes her life miserable. It′s a very hypersensitive character.

Are you cool in real life?

Well, I don′t know how cool I am in real life but I just like to feel cool (laughs).

Ok, finally what do you think is the USP of Daddy Cool?

I think the USP of the film is the script and it′s a really very funny script. Expectations are huge from the film because I have seen the film but at the same time we all are little worried too because we are now into Ramadan and Ganpati and we are into six releases this Friday. I am only praying that we get an audience because one thing I know for the fact that once we get the audience, our job is half done.

Thanks a lot.


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