Usually films portray whats happening in the society

Usually films portray whats happening in the society

Rajan Singh02 Sep 2009

Shreyas Talpade talks about his new film, Aage Se Right, working with Shenaz, Mahi and Kay Kay in the film and how society influences the films. In this interview with Rajan Singh, Shreyas argues how the film is different from other sit-com flicks around. [Q] Shreyas, tell us a bit about the film, Aage Se Right? [Shreyas] Well, I play a cop in the film and that cop happens to bit of a lazy cop. His mom has pushed him into this profession...

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Shreyas, tell us a bit about the film, Aage Se Right?

Well, I play a cop in the film and that cop happens to bit of a lazy cop. His mom has pushed him into this profession. It′s my mother′s dream that I join the police force and serve my nation. After that when I join the police force, on the very second day, the gun that has been given to me by my department, gets lost. The most interesting thing about the gun is that my mom has pasted a sticker of Lord Hanuman on that gun. But the important thing being that I am very lazy and I am so vexed because of these things, that I am just not able to concentrate on my work. I put in all my effort to recover my gun and then amidst the whole exercise I end up becoming a hero. The character is very happy playing with his circle of friends but it′s his mom who persuades him to be a part of the police force. After he loses his gun he is very scared as to who is doing what with his gun and because of all this, he is completely shattered, scared and desperate to find his gun.

How many right turns have you taken in the film?

Whenever I tell people that I have lost my gun, and then the only thing they tell me is that take a right from next lane. I am completely tired of taking right again and again, but still I have not found my gun.

Shehnaz is also there in the film, how was the whole experience working with her?

She is a sweetheart to work with and she plays a bar dancer cum singer. Her character is shown as someone who has come from Bangalore and is interested in making a career in Bollywood. She cannot make it in Bollywood so she decides to become a singer in this bar called Kancha Bar. She is a very popular figure over there and is very popular among the men.

Mahi Gill is opposite you in the film and you both are acting opposite each other for the first time, how did you find her?

Mahi is another sweetheart and is such a down to earth person. She is very innocent and very spontaneous and I particularly remember doing this scene with her for the film where in a song sequence she is supposed to fall on me on a haystack. Before the scene she came to me to enquire if I would be able to manage the scene, as she was heavy. I replied back saying that there is no need to take any tension and nothing will happen as we both were to fall on a haystack. This incident reflects her simplicity but I think she is a sweetheart to work with. It was great working with her on the sets of the film. Mahi plays a very hot and happening journalist in the film and as an actress I think she is a very hardworking and a sincere actress.

You and your colleagues from the film recently went to Juhu beach for gun immersion, what was that all about?

A gun is always a wrong thing. I don′t believe in gun culture and I don′t believe in violence. We all basically went to Juhu beach and immersed the gun, which actually represent all the evil and all the bad things prevalent in the society. Be it violence, corruption, pollution or whatever, we wanted to make sure that through the process of trying to promote this film, why not get rid of whatever bad is there in the society. The garbage had entered our city on 26 / 11 through the sea and through the same way we wanted to send it back.

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In the whole process you must have also polluted the sea.

No, not at all. We immersed that gun made of clay in the sea and it was made entirely of natural colour. We all had taken an initiative to clean up the mess so we ourselves can′t be so foolish to spread the mess around. We made sure that after the immersion was done; the gun was taken out of water. It was all very symbolic. We never polluted neither the sea nor the environment.

Judging by the plot of the film is it true that it′s more of a situational comedy?

Well basically there is also another track running parallel with my track in the film and it deals with a terrorist, played by Kay Kay, who ends up losing her heart to a bar dancer cum singer, played by Shehnaz. After the terrorist lands in the city he is completely smitten by love and then finally announces to the world that I can′t destroy things over here. How in the whole process of me trying to find my gun and the terrorist trying to find his love eventually come together in the end with a common goal and the film deals with that only.

What is different about this film from other sit-com films?

Well, with every story the whole idea is that there has to be a moral in the end. The trend is slowly reversing towards the moral part of the story but at the same time there are also many who feel that morals should not be incorporated in a story at all. But as far as our film is concerned there is a moral in the end and it′s like we leave it to the people and to the audience to interpret as to what they are taking back.

Do you know how to use a gun?

Well, as I lost my gun on day two of my job so as of now I don′t really have an idea how to shoot. But to operate you ought to have a proper license, go through the manual and then only try it.

Today we are witnessing lot many films which have terrorism as one of the many issues they are dealing with, Aage Se Right too falls in the genre, would you like to make a comment on this growing trend?

Well, I won′t really comment on other films but as far as my film is concerned, it has a different point of view and has been incorporated in a very funnier manner. The terrorist in the film comes to the city with the sole intention of creating havoc but actually ends up losing his own heart. Usually films portray what′s happening in the society. In the late 70′s Amitabh Bachchan personified an angry man who dealt with the ailments of the society, which were happening at that point of time. Terrorism is a big issue these days so it′s all but natural that it will keep creeping in our films too at some point or the other. In fact films have always tried to showcase and tried to change certain things in the society.

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