I will only say Dolly Dolly Dolly

I will only say Dolly Dolly Dolly

Rajan Singh03 Sep 2009

The trio of Govinda, Vashu Bhagnani and David is back again to rock the box office with their film Do Knot Disturb. Govinda talks about the film, its meaning, working with David Dhawan and doing comedy with Riteish Deshmukh, Lara Dutta and Sushmita Sen. He shares some experience from the shooting of the film, his chemistry with David Dhawan, and many more.

Bollywood actor Govinda on his new film Do Knot DisturbGovinda (filmography, trivia, and more)

The trio of Govinda, Vashu Bhagnani and David is back again to rock the bock office, do you agree?

All my films that David has directed has been hit films. When Vasu had approached me initially, then at that time Shashi Prabhu, my secretary was with me. Shashi always used to say this about Vashu that he is not Vashu but he is more of Vashu Bhagnani. He will bring good luck for all of us. And so true he was as most of the films we three did together turned out to be blockbusters. And the reason I feel this happened was because of our honesty. The honesty part is still intact and we all work together with utmost sincerity and dedication. 

It seems that both you and David are hell bent on making people laugh like never before with Do Knot Disturb.

How much we will make them laugh? It entirely depends upon the public that how much they laugh while they are watching the film. Who knows that an unhappy person while watching the film decides that there is no point in going back home, lets have one more repeat of the film.

Ok, from the film promos a new chemistry is visible and that′s between you and Riteish Deshmukh, please tell us more?

It′s an amazing jodi as David normally says. From day one I got to know of this that this jodi is meant for a very long innings. It′s almost like Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan as David puts it often. I will only say this that may God bless Riteish. The guy is very well behaved and is a very good artiste. He has worked very hard for the film and the way all the artists have worked for this film have yielded an amazing film. I have also worked with Lara (Dutta) for two films and both the films were super hits but the sad part being that we both were not paired with each other. But this time David did some magic and now we are together in this film. 

So does that also mean that Govinda is all swinging between two films?

Well, in this film Govinda is not swinging but on the contrary he is swelling between two Miss Universes. Who won′t enjoy the company of two Miss Universes? David should understand this that though there are two Miss Universe in the film but right now I am missing them a lot. What should I say and what I should not say about them, oh God! But as far as Lara and Sushmita (Sen) are concerned besides being beautiful people they both are amazing human beings too. I enjoyed a lot while working with them on the sets of Do Knot Disturb. We all were shooting in Dubai for the film and when David is part of the crowd then the set almost becomes like a school where everyone is busy enjoying. I think the whole film got made in such an ambience only and we never realized that we are through with the film. It has turned out to be very entertaining. 

Tell us a bit about the shooting experiences you had while shooting for Do Knot Disturb?

The hotel in Dubai where we all were staying in was not a 5 star hotel but it was more like a 10 star hotel. The name of the hotel was Emeritus Place and shooting in its premises is like next to impossible. But the way the whole unit of the film and those from the hotel co-operated with us was just unimaginable. They all helped us a lot and David was so charged up with this thing that he was all around the hotel while shooting. We actually had to stop David for most of the times. 

Do Knot Disturb movie stills, images, songs, videosDo Knot Disturb, the film (more photos, videos)

Why is there an extra K in the name of the film?

This K is actually a very naughty K and it′s more like an entanglement, which has involved everyone from the film. The secret is revealed before the climax of the film and in order to find out who goes where, you have to see the film first.

To whom do you normally say “do not disturb”?

Well, I often say this to those people who keep on asking personal questions to me one after the other. My only request to them would be please “do not disturb”. I have said this to so many people as I have been a star for so many years and I have encountered so many similar occasions. But apart from this I would consider those people as lucky who have the guts to say this to others. In order to be in a position to say this you have to be a popular figure and have a stature in life.

How difficult or easy was it for you Govinda to manage the dance steps for this film?

According to David Dhawan, it actually takes someone to stop me from dancing. David always looks for opportunities where I made to dance around. When you take Govinda in a film then it becomes very obvious that audiences are expecting something in return for their tickets.

Any favourite dialogue of yours from the film, which you can mouth for our readers?

Well I won′t be able to say any dialogue, but I will only say Dolly Dolly Dolly. I think it has become very popular and people are enjoying it. The whole situation in the film is very interesting and it′s the scene where I am dying to meet a girl but she is not willing to meet me. I am desperate to meet her. David Dhawan has made me do that scene in a very unusual fashion. Basically it′s more of David′s frustration, which he has taken out in form of me.

Ok, lastly you have to tell me one good and one bad quality of yours?

Actually I hate goodness while I have no issues with my bad qualities. I normally think that the bad qualities inside a human being are actually his normal traits. It′s difficult for me to fathom those people who are possessed with god qualities. I think normalcy is the best thing. If a human being has no vices than it means that he is not a normal human being, life in that case will become very boring.

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