It's really boring just standing around and looking pretty: Ayesha Takia

It's really boring just standing around and looking pretty

Rajan Singh14 Sep 2009

Ayesha Takia talks about her new movie Wanted, working with Salman Khan, matching steps with Prabhu Deva and her future plans in this interview. Q. Ayesha, there were rumours in newspapers that you had a tiff with Salman Khan when the shoot of Wanted was on, is it true?

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Ayesha, there were rumours in newspapers that you had a tiff with Salman Khan when the shoot of Wanted was on, is it true?

I don′t know why people assume that something must have transpired between Salman and me, it was really great and it was very comfortable working with him. Salman is a very generous actor. There are lots of actors who often steal your scenes and don′t let you do things as per your desire but Salman Khan is very comfortable with who he is and that′s really great. We both had a great working relationship with each other and nothing transpired or nothing weird happened between both of us. It was just great working with him.

It′s a known fact that Salman is not an easy person to handle with and has a tough outer persona; did you encounter any difficult situation with him on the sets?

No. Like I said earlier that for me it was a very pleasurable experience. He is a thorough professional, very generous and kind to work with, so ideally I have no complaints towards him. I am very happy.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the film, and how difficult or easy was it for you to get into the mould of that character?

Jahnavi is a very simple innocent and a naive girl and she believes that everything is good in the world and nothing is bad. And then she obviously meets Salman′s character and then realizes that all her previous notions were wrong and life after that becomes a roller coaster ride for her. There is also a transition in my character from the first half of the film to the second half and I really enjoyed playing the character of Jahnavi because it has the blend of this whole commercial masala thing and also get to act and show your potential. It′s really boring just standing around and looking pretty and with set hair and I really get bored with these things, I love to do things around and it was great to get a chance and do something which was fulfilling.

Will we get to see Ayesha the actor in this film considering the fact that the film is an out and out action drama?

Obviously the film has this element of masala in it coupled with the whole dance and song routine, which I thoroughly enjoy. But again why not look good, dance around and then also do a performance role. I think it′s really sad when people think that only when you are doing a drab thing and a soppy character you can do a performance oriented role. Comedy is one of the hardest thing to do for any actor and that really requires talent, such actors and entertainers are always considered as under rated actors and are thought of only as popular people but they are the ones who have the real talent. I think you can blend glamour and performance and I am glad that Wanted has this element of both in it.

How was it to have a director on the sets who happens to be a man of few words and to communicate with him?

In the beginning it was little weird as there was also this language barrier and things like that but Prabhu Deva is a really sweet and fun loving person and that′s because he knows exactly what he wants. He gives you those few details and if you are to listen to it carefully and follow those things then it really helps. I am very much a director′s actor. I would not do anything unless and until the director gives me the go ahead and that′s only because it′s his film and they have a vision and they are also the captain of the ship. I followed exactly as to what he was saying and when I saw a smile on his face then I said that thank God, he has finally smiled. If you listen to him and follow his instructions then he will be ok.

Prabhu Deva has also given you a compliment by saying that you are one of the most innocent looking actors of the industry, what would be your reaction?

That′s the nicest and the sweetest thing I have ever heard and I am really thankful to him.

Also how difficult was it for you to match his dancing steps?

Oh, you can′t match steps with him no matter what you do. He is so immensely talented and everyone knows this but half the time it looks that he is pulling a joke on you and is kidding around and then we realize that those are the steps we are actually supposed to do. We then complained to him that these steps are humanly impossible. I had to practice a lot and after lots of practice, I anyhow managed.

Did Prabhu and Salman pull a prank on you together while shooting for the film?

Oh thankfully there was no such situation. They could have given me the world′s toughest dance step, but there was nothing like that.

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What do you think is the USP of the film?

Wanted is just not an out and out commercial masala Hindi film, it also has a really nice story going along in the background. Normally you see a very entertaining film where nonsense things too are happening simultaneously but this film has a blend of both and I am saying this because I have seen the film and I thoroughly loved it.

Is it true that it was your marriage that put the film on hold?

Please, obviously the star of the film is Salman Khan and I don′t think so that I could have given any problem to the film. I can say this about myself that I am one of those professional actors who would put any film or any other person′s work in jeopardy because of my personal plans and I have never ever done that in my life. I would not do that and I am thankful that none of the people associated with the film think in such a manner.

What are the other films in your kitty also will you continue with your film career?

I want to clear one thing in the beginning now that you have asked this question that contrary to rumours, I will continue to act in films. I never told this to media that post my marriage I will stop doing films. I want to do as many films. I have been facing camera since I was four, it′s like second nature to me and I can′t keep myself away from it.

Your film is releasing alongside Dil Bole Hadippa which stars your childhood star Shahid Kapoor, how do you react to it?

He always jokes with me that I was a pain when I was a child, and I kept doing star child tantrums but I was a pain then but now I am no more a pain (laughs). Shahid has become a big star now and now obviously we can laugh about that now we are grown-ups. 

If I am not mistaken you also have some big business plans up your sleeves, how true is it?

I am really excited about fashion, may be by the end of next year I might come up with a young fashion line. I have learnt a lot about business from Farhan and we are soon launching a new chain of restaurant called Chai Coffee about which I am very excited. I am involved in all these things and also a little boutique hotel in Goa is happening as well. I am very excited.

Thanks a lot.


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