Dil Bole Hadippa! is a very audience friendly film: Shahid Kapoor

Dil Bole Hadippa! is a very audience friendly film

Rajan Singh17 Sep 2009

Shahid Kapoor talks about Dil Bole Hadippa!, working with Rani Mukherji twice over, and why the audience should go and watch this movie. Q. do you feel tired promoting the film extensively almost everywhere? Shahid: Yes, I am feeling little bit tired but I am good.

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Shahid, do you feel tired promoting the film extensively almost everywhere?

Yes, I am feeling little bit tired but I am good.

In all your past films, your name was linked invariably with all the actresses of your film but this has not happened with Dil Bole Hadippa!. No one has linked your name with Rani Mukherji, you must be feeling happy?

I am really feeling very happy that my name has not been linked this time. I have no idea how it happened this time around but I am very happy about it. It is a very refreshing change and I think media got bored this time.

Well, it′s not essential ingredient of stardom. Any married star is not able to lead a happy life because of such things but these things do happen may be no one knows about my personal life for the past couple of years but I have got used to it. I will go mad if I were to try analyzing the reasons.

Did you manage to the break the ice with Rani on the first day of the shoot?

On the first day of our shoot she was in the get-up of Veer and I could not recognize her. I asked my people around that where is Rani as her shot was ready and it was then that they informed me that Rani is there in the getup of a Sardar. But it was all very comfortable with her and there was no any problem, somehow we both got along really well. It was good fun actually acting with Veer and Veera, the two characters that Rani plays in the film. It was laugh riot especially with Veer; it was all good fun on the sets.

Who do you like most - Veer or Veera?

If I were to say Veer then I will be thrashed. I would say Veera.

How were you able to manage acting with the same person in two different roles?

Well, that was not much of a problem with me since I was aware of the scenes so I knew before hand that with whom will be shooting with. But hats off to Rani, there was so much of effort put from her side in both the characters. It was very challenging playing a male Sardar and then putting all those fake beards, but I think she was a big sport about all those things. She was all chilled out and relaxed and that really eased things out.

Your last film Kaminey was a very intense film while Dil Bole Hadippa looks a very chilled out film, would you consider this film as a break?

Yes, I think so and it actually makes me feel good. You really feel good after having acted in such films. DBH is a very audience friendly film and entertaining at the same time. I think I have different facets to me as a person. As an actor I always think of doing challenging roles but at the same time I am also of the opinion that one should also do films, which has this quotient of entertainment in them and has dollops of fun to it. It′s definitely a refreshing change for me and I hope it has value for money for the audiences as well. It′s important for an actor that he should not take himself seriously all the time. It′s very important to do all kind of films and roles. Every film that I do cannot be a Kaminey for me, every role that I do cannot be as exciting as a Kaminey. If I get an opportunity to do such a film even once in a year, I will consider myself very fortunate and I consider myself very lucky as an actor that I get to do so much of variety. The agenda is to do all kind of films, which includes entertainers and out of the box films, which push me as an actor and surprise the audience. I think what we tend to do as actor beyond a point is that we tend to start analyzing too much as to what the audience wants to see us do. I think the audience only want to see good films and want to see characters that are portrayed honestly.

Will it be right to say that you taken a step towards superstardom?

I don′t know and I can only hope so. I don′t want to think about it. I just hope that people like my films and appreciate my work. You know I always said this before the release of Kaminey that I hope I develop a personal relationship with my audience and they see my film once and think that if Shahid has done this film then there must have been a reason behind signing the film. I only hope that I am able to build that relationship with my audience and that′s the most important thing to me at this phase of my career. I think that beyond this it′s only a tag, God forbid that if my next two-three films were to fail at the box office then I will be called a flop actor and if those films were to run at the box office then they will start calling me something else. You should not take these things too seriously.

You also went to Salman′s show Dus Ka Dum to promote Dil Bole Hadippa, were there any awkwardness between both of you considering the fact that you both are not best of friends?

I think it′s a professional thing, the producer of my film Dil Bole Hadippa asked me in the beginning if I would be comfortable going to Salman′s show for the promotion of Dil Bole Hadippa and I told them that as I professional if you need my services to promote my film on any show I am always ready. I was made to feel very comfortable there; I did not feel out of the place. It went well I think. I lost to Rani in the first round itself so I was relegated to a corner watching her play the game. Salman Bhai and Rani have known each other for so many years and so there association is much longer, I don′t know Salman Bhai too well. But Rani was really sweet and tried her best to make me comfortable on the sets.

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Why should people go and watch this film?

Well there are so many reasons; I think that after a long gap I am in front of the audience with an out and out entertaining film in a commercial format. Rani and myself are working in a film for the first time. Pritam has composed the music for this film and he happens to be my favourite music director, it was Pritam only who had given music for Jab We Met and Kismat Konnection. I am playing a cricketer for the first time. So yes there are many reasons for audience to go and watch the film.

Do you think that a trend has started that film plots woven around sports are sure shot success formula?

No, I don′t think so that you can ever define that what stories are going to work for the audience because by the time you make a film around such subjects and till the time it is released in theatres, it′s already two years gone and then the trends have changed by that time. One should never try following trends. Secondly as far as Dil Bole Hadippa is concerned there is a misconception that it′s a cricket-based film. There is cricket in the film but it acts only as the backdrop but essentially it′s more of an entertaining film with a love story in it. I think Chak De India was an out and out Hockey based film. The backdrop of the film demanded cricket and I don′t think so that it′s intelligent to follow trends.

How much did you enjoy your role in the film?

Actually my role in this film is a bit serious also. The character has got two facets - when he is not on the field then he a regular guy who believes in fun and other normal things but when he is on field then it′s all about work for him. Apart from that there has always been a dilemma inside me from the very beginning that on one side I have grown up watching Hindi films and wanted to be a hero who does all types of typical things but again there is another side to me which I have inherited from my father and that is of doing performance driven films. Dil Bole Hadippa is a mixture of both for me. The most challenging thing for me was to show my audience that I can play cricket convincingly and look more like a professional cricketer. Working with Rani was an experience. I remember seeing Black and wondering that how could Rani have done it. There are lot many intense and emotional scenes with her in the film and to work with her was a challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed my role.

Lastly did you miss the presence of any heroine in the film?

I always used to tell Rani that there is no heroine in the film. I was always very curious and eager to know that how will Rani play Veer′s character because you know it can go wrong also. It′s actually a very difficult space to understand, so I was very curious to know as to how will she play this role. It′s not that I am looking to play a woman in any of my forthcoming films; I think the portions between Veer and me are the most entertaining portions in the film. It was almost like working with two different actors.

Thanks a lot.


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