There are so many things, which get exaggerated about me: Salman

Things get exaggerated about me

Rajan Singh17 Sep 2009

Salman Khan talks about Wanted, his bad boy image and his personal experience including going to jail in this interview. Q: Does your character in Wanted carry a bad image to itself? Salman: Yes, that′s the trait of the character in the film but again at the same time if you were to write simple things or good things about the role then people get completely bored reading the stuff.

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Salman, your film Wanted is releasing on 18th September, please tell us a bit about this film of yours?

I play a hit man in the film that takes supari to kill other people. The man is devoid of any principles; he is arrogant, ruthless and does not care about the emotions of other people. Because of all these things he has an excellent sense of humour because nothing makes a difference to him. He has this serious persona but keeps killing people. For him friendship is something he completely believes in and is fond of money. Later on in the film one discovers the reasons that why he did these things and proves in the end that he is a right person.

So does your character in Wanted carry a bad image to itself?

Yes, that′s the trait of the character in the film but again at the same time if you were to write simple things or good things about the role then people get completely bored reading the stuff. To make it readable things are exaggerated coupled with namak and mirchi and the outcome is that it goes kilometers away from truth. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to figure out if such things have happened with us or not.

Do you remember anything, which you had not done, but then too it found a place in newspapers or television as if you did it?

Almost 99 per cent things are like this only about me. There are so many things, which get exaggerated about me and are blown out of proportion.

You have also sung a song in Wanted, please tell us more?

The problem with me is that when the camera is off then I act pretty good but the moment it′s switched on then I become nervous. The song I have sung is bit complicated and is a difficult song but it′s the latest equipments in studios that really bail you out. It goes like... mitti ke seene se, ek bhoohk si uthati hai, jis baat ka dar tha, wohi baat satadni hai, oh teri yaad satandi hai. The song will come in the end of the film.

You have done a lot of stunts in the film.

Yes, there is lots of action in the film and is more of stylized action and looks very convincing action. Nothing is special effect or exaggerated, the level of action in the film is something which common man can think of. There is not too much use of harness and stuff to perform all those stunts. The action scenes have been shot very well.

Were you scared at any point while doing the stunts?

Yes, I do get scared while doing my action scenes. I have been doing only romantic or comedy films for the past ten years, so when I was offered an action film and when the time came to do the stunts, my legs were actually shaking but somehow I managed to do them and everything went right. In Veer too, I have done stunts and from morning to evening for few sequences I had to resort to horse riding or sword fencing. It appeared to me as if the horse will fall down then it would be my turn. And when 1000 horses are following you and if you are to fall down them it′s sure that all those 1000 horses will make their path through you only. It does scare me. I also got wounded during a running scene as I tore my hamstring. Bodybuilding has got nothing to do with these things. It comes with practice only.

When you had come to Mumbai from Jodhpur you had said that whatever you are it′s only because of your fan′s support and following, do you still maintain this?

Yes, I had said this and had said the same things many times also, which is true in fact. I exist only because of them, if they are not there then I don′t have any existence and the same thing applies to politicians, if they don′t have their voters then their existence is meaningless. It′s all very simple equation.

Tell us a bit about the incident when you came from Jodhpur to Mumbai after you were released from jail?

Yes, at that time I was told that I will manage to get the anticipatory bail and I was also asked to go to some other place, at that time I had no knowledge of legal issues but now after so many years I have a picked up a bit about the legal things. It was also told to me that time that if I was given any jail sentence, the minimum sentence I would receive would be of seven years and so they suggested me to run away. But I clearly told them that I am not running away anywhere, where will I go and hide myself, there is no such place? If I were to run away then the very thing that I am an accused proves justified and when I had not done anything wrong then there was no need to run away. If I were to go to jail then I will go with my head held up high. I was all prepared mentally for everything, I could hear the cheering of my fans form distant and I thought within that the trauma will soon get over in a day or two but this was not to happen. I know this well that whenever I am summoned on Fridays it′s a written thing that I have to be inside jail till Sunday because the whole day gets over in completing the legal formalities. When I was coming out of the jail, when I was going towards the airport, people on both sides of the streets had come out of their home and were waving out to me. At that moment the only thought that struck me was that what have I done in life to deserve so much of love from people. The image I have in press is very bad but despite everything the adulation they gave me was something, which I will never forget in my life. I would not like to get into it to find out as to why it happened with me.

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It only goes on to show that the people out there must have prayed about you from their heart.

Yes, I believe that. My mother, my family prays for me and asks for God′s blessing for me similarly there are also so many people who ask for blessing for me with a clean heart. The person they have seen on screen or on pictures is leveled with so many charges; a person who does not have a good image despite everything to ask for blessing for my long life and to ease all my troubles is something that I will never forget. People try doing well in their own capacity. I had approached an industrialist for some funding for my Being Human foundation charitable trust, when I was refused charity by that gentleman then for there I got this idea that henceforth I won′t ask for donations from any one for my organization. He told me that I don′t give money from charity and the day lakh of people start working for you and your organization then that′s the biggest charity. To give employment to an unemployed is i feel the biggest charity work. Under our charity we would be launching T-shirts, goggles, watches and even selling my paintings to raise funds for the needy.

Do you consider yourself as old?

I believe that till the time you don′t allow an old man to get in your body, you don′t get old. When your enthusiasm vanishes away from certain things then old men actually occupy those compartments. I have not allowed that old man to get inside me.

Talking about your game show Dus Ka Dum, was there any person with whom you thoroughly enjoyed playing the game?

Well, I loved playing the game with all. I really like playing the game with my commoners′ contestants. As far as the celebrities are concerned since we already have a connect so its always fun playing the game with them. In the first season I really enjoyed playing the game with Aamir Khan and for this season Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff were there for one of the shows, I had a gala time playing DKD with them. Then there was also an episode with Govinda and David, which was pure fun.

Thanks a lot.


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nice interview. I m a big fan of salman. saying him old is wrong. he answered quite cleverly.
Posted by shraddha on  Sep 20 2009 8:28AM

Do you think, that media blows things out of proportion for Salman?

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