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  • Kaagaz Ke Phool movie details

    Kaagaz Ke Phool user rating 4.375/54.375 / 5 (4 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: Guru Dutt
    Cast: Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman, Naaz and others

    Plot: The film tells, in flashback, the story of Suresh Sinha (Guru Dutt), a famous film director. His marriage to Bina (Veena) is on the rocks because her wealthy family sees filmmaking as a job lacking in social status. He is also denied access to his daughter Pammi (Naaz) who is sent to ...full story

  • Paigham movie details

    Paigham user rating 2.665/52.665 / 5 (3 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: S. S. Vasan
    Cast: Dilip Kumar, Raaj Kumar, Vyjayanthimala and others

    Plot: Widowed Mrs. Lal lives with her two sons, Ram and Ratan; an unmarried daughter, Sheela; Ram's wife, Parvati and her children. While Ram is employed in a mill, Ratan is studying engineering in Calcutta. When Ratan returns, he is offered a job at the same mill, falls in love with a Typist ...full story

  • Anari movie details

    Anari user rating 3.335/53.335 / 5 (3 votes)

    Genre: Drama
    Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee
    Cast: Raj Kapoor, Nutan, Lalita Pawar and others

    Plot: Raj Kumar is a painter by profession, but is unable to earn a living. Unable to pay rent to his kind-hearted but foul-mouthed land lady, Mrs.D'Souza. One day Raj finds a wallet containing money, and he returns it to the owner, Ramnath. Pleased with his honesty, he employs Raj in his office. ...full story

  • Dil Deke Dekho movie details

    Dil Deke Dekho user rating 2.5/52.5 / 5 (2 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: Nasir Hussain
    Cast: Shammi Kapoor, Asha Parekh, Rajinder Nath and others

    Plot: Neeta is a heiress, the only daughter of U.K. based Industrialist, Jagat Narayan. She is of marriageable age, and is presently wooed by Kailash, Chandra, and Raja. She prefers Chandra over Kailash and Raja, but subsequently changes her mind and falls in love with Raja. Things take a dramatic ...full story

  • Navrang movie details

    Navrang user rating 2/52 / 5 (2 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: V. Shantaram
    Cast: Sandhya, Mahipal, Keshavrao Date and others

    Plot: No synopsis availableAdd synopsis

  • Sujata movie details

    Sujata user rating 3.5/53.5 / 5 (2 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: Bimal Roy
    Cast: Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Ashim Kumar and others

    Plot: No synopsis availableAdd synopsis

  • Dhool Ka Phool movie details

    Dhool Ka Phool user rating 2.75/52.75 / 5 (10 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: Yash Chopra
    Cast: Rajendra Kumar, Mala Sinha, Nanda and others

    Plot: A girl and boy, who love each other, get intimate. However, the boy’s mother makes him marry someone else. Meanwhile the pregnant girl, shunned by her relatives gives birth to a baby boy and abandons him in a forest, who is then adopted by a Muslim man.

    When the son grows up, ...
    full story

  • Satta Bazar movie details

    Satta Bazar user rating 2/52 / 5 (1 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: Ravindra Dave
    Cast: Balraj Sahni, Meena Kumari, Asit Sen and others

    Plot: Ramesh (Balraj Sahni) is living happily with his second wife Tamanna (Meena Kumari), his daughter Kala (Vijaya Chaudhari) and his son. His daughter is in love with her father's friend's son Suresh (Shyam). Both families agree to their marriage and they get engaged. But Pritam, son of ...full story

  • Angan movie details

    Angan user rating 2/52 / 5 (1 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: O. P. Dutta
    Cast: Rehman, Ameeta, Chand Usmani and others

    Plot: No synopsis availableAdd synopsis

  • Ardhangini movie details

    Ardhangini user rating 2/52 / 5 (1 votes)

    Genre: Social
    Director: Ajit Chakraborty
    Cast: Raaj Kumar, Meena Kumari, Agha and others

    Plot: At the very moment of her birth, ill-fated Chhaya's mother passes away, her dad loses his job, and their house burns down. She is shunned since then by children her age as well as their parents. Her dad brings her up with a lot of love, and even arranges her marriage with a young man, ...full story