It's a breezy lovely romantic film: Priyanka Chopra

It's a breezy lovely romantic film

Rajan Singh29 Sep 2009

In this interview, Priyanka Chopra talks about her new film, Whats Your Raashee?, doing the 12 characters representing different star signs and her favorite character in the movie. She also talks about her views on star signs and her improved understanding of the science after doing this film. She adds that she is lucky to have a successful career in Bollywood so far and why the audience should go and watch this new movie.

What′s Your Raashee?What′s Your Raashee? (more photos, videos, songs)

Priyanka, is the study of sun signs a science to you?

Initially I never thought that they could be science but actually with the film for all of us it has been a process to know all the sun signs in a better manner. Initially for us it used to be just a column in newspapers and we all wished that it had something good written for us. But to understand each character in a better manner, it was imperative for me to understand the elements of sun signs in a better manner. We have tried in the film that the normal characteristics of all the sun signs are there in each of the characters. Though it may not be clear representation of all the signs as it depends a lot upon the ambience and the environment of that person around. Because of these reasons, it was essential for all of us to know these signs in a better manner and now the stage has come that I have now started believing religiously in these things. Prior to this I never believed in the fact that how can the world be divided into 12 groups of people. It was unimaginable for me to believe that a Cancerian born in Mexico will resemble me or think like me but the fact remains that it is true. I have met so many people who share different sun signs who are actually similar in many ways. So yes, it is a science.

Do you follow and do accordingly as per what′s written in your sun sign column?

No, I remember the stuff only for thirty minutes then I forget all the content of my sun sign. When I reach for my car and the moment I sit inside, I forget everything.

Do you recall seeing Mr. Yogi, the famous DD serial in the eighties when you were a kid?

I don′t even remember it. Ashutosh always keeps saying to me about the TV serial but I don′t remember. My dad and mom do remember the serial. I was really young when it went on air on DD. I must have been some six-years when it went on air on DD.

Out of the twelve roles, the one, which stands apart, is the Capricornian girl, any specific reasons behind it?

The Capricornian girl was for me the most difficult character to enact on the screen. When you see the character in the film then I am pretty sure that she will gather all your sympathies. Just because she is conventionally not beautiful, she looks bit different from rest of the characters.  Jhankana is just 15 years of age; also another reason could be that people might not be comfortable seeing me in such a get up because of the unconventional looks. I think all the people in this world fall under some sun sign or the other and in this films the characters are not chosen as per representation of their sun signs. That means we have picked up characters who could have any upbringing or any background and who have different stories of themselves. Jhankana′s story is totally different and is very endearing.

Is there any character among the 12 roles that′s close to your heart?

Well I would say Jhankana (laughs). Well it would be Jhankana only because it was a very difficult character to portray for me. First of all to enact the character I had to convince myself that my age is only 15. Jhankana has been portrayed to be 18 or 19 on the screen but in fact she is only 15 years of age. She is a kid and to portray that reality was the biggest task for me and that′s why I am very close to that character. Another one could Anjali, the Aries girl.

Is it true that you had to reshoot certain portions of the film after the failure of Love Story 2050 and Victory?

In fact we did not even reshoot for even a single day for this film. We have not reshot anything. Everything was clockwork and we finished the film when we had to.

Priyanka, I ought to say this that your bank balance is getting bigger and bigger with every film that you are doing and I am pretty sure you can make out what I am referring to.

Well my bank balance is the same as it was before; recession has affected my bank balance badly (laughs). Well the up and down phase of an actor is part and parcel of the film industry. It happens will all the stars. I have seen both the phases - hit films as well as flop films. When films don′t run then people start saying that nothing can save him or her and the career is almost over. I have always thanked God that he has given me at least one hit film every year. I have also got opportunities to work with directors on whom I can rely and depend heavily. Yes, I have considered myself always lucky and have always tried to give 100 per cent to all my films.

Priyanka Chopra pics, videos, interview, moviesPriyanka Chopra (more photos on gallery)

Now media has declared you as the number one star, how do you react to this?

Well to be very honest I am being told this only because my previous three films were box office success. But I would also like to add this that whatever I have learnt all my life has been only through trial and error. I have learned everything on the sets. I have never been to any acting school nor do I have a filmi background and neither I am from Mumbai. Whatever I have learnt from people has been all through observation and by working with others. And I am really thankful to my audiences that they gave me so much time to learn these things. I am still in the learning process and hopefully the good phase continues.

Ok, which are things about this film that you consider will appeal to the people?

The biggest highlight of the film is that it′s a very simple breezy romantic story. It′s not taxing at all and every individual can relate to it. Whatever age group you are in, I am pretty sure that every individual will find some relatable factor in this film. The film has a curiosity value because of the sun sign element in the film. You tend to see all the 12 girls through the eyes of Yogesh Patel. The curiosity level I think is the USP of the film and also the fact that it′s also an easy watch. It′s a breezy lovely romantic film.

Any sun signs you feel you are most compatible with?

Actually I have never noticed this thing about the compatibility factor with other sun signs. It′s only after the completions of this film that I have started observing people of other sun signs so in a way it′s really too early for me to comment anything. But I think that I do get along with Scorpions, Aquarians, Pisceans and Leos.

Thanks a lot.


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None of her stars worked out .pchhhhhhhh
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Or her stars did not match with the hero or the director's!
Posted by Pritam on  Oct 31 2009 12:41PM

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