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2012  (2009 - English)

2012 movie review, and 2012 critics rating, comments on 2012

2012 cumulative rating: 3.6 out of 53.6/5 (51 users)

2012 critics rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5/5 (8 critics)

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  • 2012 rating: 8 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 16 Nov 2009)

    “Better do it fast buddy, the end is coming”…

    I am sure most of us were already aware of this 2012 thing, and if the person who was not aware would be aware until now.

    After watching the movie, I just silently gave a thought to myself that what if it’s true? What if the world is really going to be an end? What next then? And if you guys have no answers to these questions or you are just taking it silly, then sorry but what’s the point in watching the movie. No issue but now think another thought, that what kind of message the movie is trying to tell us? Atleast I can write some points what I have learned from this movie.

    1. Remembering that dialogue “No matter what happens, no matter in what situations, we all will stay together”.
    2. Killing others for self-saving, nature will destroy those people first and then the world.
    3. Self sacrificing to save others, chances are there that nature will show mercy on us.
    4. Remembering again one dialogue, “The moment we start fighting with each other, that’s the end of the humanity and that’s the end of the world.”
    5. Many points are there but last but not least, I also remembered one dialogue, “Better do it fast buddy, the end is coming”.

    Now for the movie,

    For entertainment, only the last one hour is highly watchable and worth watching in this almost 2hr 40mins film. The initial 30-40mins will make you bore and you would feel that “why the hell they are stretching the movie?” apart from the last one hour and the initial 30-40mins, the remaining balance one hour is a small description about where the story is going. But on a frank note, one would definitely feel that this one hour can be cut it short to half-n-hour. But now as if it’s for one hour, to tolerate it you guys will need some help from munchy popcorn and refreshing cold-drink. But make it sure to finish it before the start of the last one hour, as the movie will grip you so much to the edge of your seat that you will not even get time to move your eyeballs from the screen to your popcorn packet, ofcourse till the last frame of the movie where it ends in the picture of our revolving earth.

    This was for the audiences, and now from the critics’ point of view, the only thing I would tell that, it can be made a lot of better than this. What was lacking here was the perfect gripping storyline, minus points were the over lengthy prolonged runtime of the movie, many things would not come in the dictionary called ‘reality’, and last but not least, the climax was very filmy, where everybody, including captain of the ship, presidents from all over the country, and ofcourse their be loving family members, are waiting for the “Hero” to come out as alive from the danger zone, and as soon as he comes out, everybody claps, hugs, and enjoys.

    Apart from these, plus points are very few; attractive topic; high-end, top notch, outstanding, spectacular CGI effects; good performances; and ofcourse the last one hour.

    Now when it comes to rating the movie, I stopped for a moment, thought that what impact did this 2012 movie gave it to me? As soon as I stepped out from the theatre, walked alone silently, thinking about the movie, one question came into my mind, what about if the world is really going to be end? Is it going to be happen the exact way it has shown us in the movie? The ground will crack up in two parts, buildings, skyscrapers will crack it up in two parts, the Arabian Sea will be seen from here, and then I stopped thinking and remembered that dialogue, “Better do it fast buddy (in whatever you are upto), the end is coming”.

    And that impact, I would never forget!

    Professional: 3.5 / 5 (Too Good)
    From my point of view: 4.5 / 5 (I recommend)

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    Aakash Barvalia

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