Ideally in real life you are not supposed to cheat, lie or spy

Ideally in real life you are not supposed to cheat, lie or spy

Rajan Singh01 Oct 2009

Ritesh Deshmukh talks about Do Knot Disturb and doing comedy with Govinda. He talks about his character, doing pranks on the sets and having two gorgeous Miss Universes working in the movie. He adds that DKD is a good, funny film and request the audience to watch this movie.

Ritesh, there are so many teachings visible on the posters of Do Knot Disturb; any specific reasons behind it?

Absolutely. All those things that you are not supposed to do in real life are being done here in this film and the film deals with these things only.

Do Knot DisturbDo Knot Disturb (more photos, videos, songs)

Ok, if these things are not to be done then what do you love to do?

No, I only meant that these things are being done in the film. Ideally in real life you are not supposed to cheat, lie or spy on any one. In this film because the situations are such that it compels people to do all these things not because they want to do but it′s the situation that demands from them to do so.

Tell us a bit about the plot of the film?

Well what else do you expect from a film, which has people like David Dhawan, Govinda, Vashu Bhagnani, Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen and me. It′s a full-on comedy and it has turned out to be a very funny film. It′s a film where how in a situation, in which love story between couple becomes a triangle and then it becomes a rectangle or whatever it is and how for me it′s all about the money factor and how I get to do some stuff and I get jacked up in the situation and I can′t come out. The second half of the film takes a different route and then it′s a snowball effect, I don′t want to reveal much about the film, I would rather prefer people to sit back and enjoy the film.

What would be the three main USPs of your character?

My character is a simple hearted guy who loves his mother dearly and that′s the reason he is also willing to lie and is ready to bargain things which can fetch him money and through which he can make his mother happy. He bargains very nicely and simply. He is one of those guys who ask for the impossible.

Ok, taking a cue from a character, how would bargain God to make this film a blockbuster?

For us audiences are like God so I would request them to see the film and enjoy it. It′s a good film, please see it.

You are working with Govinda for the first time, how was the whole experience?

It was just fantastic because I sincerely believe that if you as an actor are working with another actor who is far superior to you then it becomes almost a learning experience. With him comedy only gets better on screen. You act with him, you interact with him and then you also start improvising with him on the sets. You try to do better and better only to match with his timing that is just perfect. It was great to work with him. I had never imagined in my life that someday I would actually get to work with him. I have been seeing his films for a long time. It feels great after getting a chance to work with an actor whom you have admired all your life only because he is such a good actor.

Presence of two Miss Universe in the film must have been a cheering factor for the whole unit of Do Knot Disturb.

Not bad at all. How lucky can these three guys get in the film? When I did my first shot with Sushmita then I was only seeing her because she is so pretty there is no doubt that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has this confidence and style, which she carries with lan, off and on camera. It′s just fantastic to work with her. As far as Lara is concerned, I admire her for her skills because it′s very difficult for an actor doing comedy in the same frame as Govinda. But Lara is so brilliant that in her comic timing and reactions, she could match every step of Govinda. I just love working with her.

Ritesh DeshmukhRitesh Deshmukh

Sohail Khan is also known for his comedy, so do you also had to do something on the same lines of making faces in the film?

In the film we basically react to situations. We react to situations that demand a certain kind of expression which are driven by the situations. It could be just a plastic face or something that brings utter shock to the audiences. I love Sohail and he is someone who is bulky like a He-Man but has a baby face and I think they both are an amazing combination. I am sure people will love him when they see him crying for love in the film.

Any pranks you remember while the shooting for Do Knot Disturb?

Well sometimes you play pranks because you have lots of time on the sets and nothing great is happening on the sets. But when there is so much of fun happening in front of the camera then you don′t think of pranks because pranks are being played in the film itself. Not many pranks were played while shooting for this film as this itself is a fun film.

Tell us a bit about Farah Khan TV show experience as you along with Vivek Oberoi were recently invited to be part of her show?

Farah called me for the show, as she is a very dear friend. I wish her luck for the show and I am told that it′s doing very good. I had a great time on the show. The show was topical and it dealt with controversies and Vivek, Sreesanth and me were guests for that particular episode. Me, Vivek, and Sreesanth were talking about various controversies that we all were individually stuck in at some point of our career, also it was for the first time that we all went on a show and spoke. It was good fun.

Will the Vidhan Sabha elections be affected by your Taj visit controversy?

Looking at the results of Lok Sabha, which happened some few months after the 26 / 11 event, Congress did pretty well. I am sure people judge everything with a balanced objective view and then decide things.

Also there is news floating that your brother Amit is planning to contest for state assembly election, how true is it?

I have no idea. He is part of politics for a long time and is associated with the Congress party at the grass root level; let′s see how the party decides.

Finally you have to list three USP of the film.

The first USP would be that it′s an extremely funny film, second would be that it′s an extremely funny film and lastly it′s really, really, extremely funny.

Thanks a lot.


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