I am not at all like Sid

I am not at all like Sid

Rajan Singh04 Oct 2009

Ranbir Kapoor on playing Sid in Wake Up Sid, a role in contrast with his own character. He talks about working with National Award winner, Konkona and debutant director Ayan. He touches upon his future plans including his dream of direction and being fortunate to get the kind of work, he is doing

Wake Up SidWake Up Sid (more photos, videos, songs)

Ranbir, with Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Rajniti and Wake Up Sid and Rocket Singh.... you have four interesting characters and roles coming up this year. Isn′t this being fortunate? As you are the only actor of your generation who gets the kind of work you do?

Yes, I have been fortunate. I come from a certain background, a respected film family and that has given me a lot of goodwill. Many people appreciated me after my first film, and then I started getting the kind of roles I did. I am lucky that ways. It′s been a busy time for me. Some days I have been shooting for Rajniti, dubbing for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and promoting Wake up Sid. But with so many interested and talented directors wanting to work with me, I think it would be totally unfair for me to “Not Appreciate” this phase.

Don′t you at all believe that this kind of varied work has come to you because you are very good at what you do?

Thanks for the compliment but I would like to believe that I have just begun. Only two of my films have released so far, one of them Saawariya was a disaster. Bachna Ae Haseeno became an average hit. So for me, there is still a very long way to go. I believe that I will get opportunities and appreciation as long as I put my best in my work. It′s a nervous year so far, yes, with three releases and each with a different role. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Your co-star Konkona Sen Sharma calls you chivalrous. How do you react to that?

I think I am chivalrous. My parents have given us some traditions and values, which inherently respect women. I try to keep pace with that. It′s not a conscious decision to be chivalrous; I am just following the best of what I have been taught.

How was it working with Konkona?

It was great and it was intimidating. She is so good at her shots, at her delivery, and so swift that I actually ended up improvising on my work greatly. Konkona is also a two-time National award winner, so that did keep me on my toes. But then working with her was easy; she is a natural and makes it very comfortable for me.

Could you relate to the character of Sid?

Actually of all the five films I have done, Sid was the toughest character to play. It might be difficult to believe but I am not at all like Sid. This film is not like a Bollywood film at all; it doesn′t have foreign locations, or sync songs or heavy dialogues. It′s a very simple film with a strong, beautiful story at heart. Sid′s character is a lot like the director, Ayan Mukherji. Ayan was at some point lost about his future, plus he is very passionate about whatever he does. I had to work on Sid′s body language, his mannerisms and his way of speaking. I was always very focused right from my childhood that I would like to do something in films. I went to film school, studied to be a director, and then assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Black. Then I made my debut in Saawariya. There was always a plan of sorts. Sid, on the other hand, is lazy, he is aimless, he doesn′t want to focus on his future etc. So becoming Sid was tough. It′s a coming of age story of a 21-year-old boy, which I have never really faced.

And how does he end up with Konkona′s character?

Ayesha Bannerjee, Konkona′s character is totally opposite of my character Sid. She is focused on becoming a writer, is disciplined, and has come to Mumbai to become a writer. She is a slightly artsy, thinking, independent 21st century heroine, something that has Not been shown in a Bollywood heroine properly before. It′s makes for very interesting viewing to see Konkona and my relationship grow in the film. As an actor, she is amongst the best.

You have worked on your career in cinema from a young age. So have you never faced the conflicts that a Sid does, of confusion and of procrastination?

I have also faced the growing up pangs of the average Mumbai young boy. When I was in HR College, I was suddenly caught up with the freedom of not having to wear a uniform, of not having to enter school at fixed hours. So I did wander somewhat in my head, in the sense that I never went to attend college. Sometimes, it′s a strange thing, but not studying at all helps you learn. I didn′t study at all. Besides I have been very fortunate with my parents having taken me to different parts of the world. The luxury of travel is that it shows you different cultures, different people and opens your mind up. I absorbed a lot in those days. There always an inherent interest in films that i retained. Which is why, I guess I finally landed up at Lee Strasburg.

Ranbir KapoorRanbir Kapoor (more photos on gallery)

Do you want to explore a negative or gray role ever?

Absolutely. At this stage of my career, I am greedy to work with as many beautiful leading ladies, and as many banners as possible. I also prioritize a variety of roles. Rajniti actually has me playing a slightly gray character, who is not a lover boy or a boy next door. I am looking forward to that. And I would want more such dark shades in the future.

Do we ever see you directing a film?

I will most certainly direct a film in future, but I won′t just do it to prove a point. I will only tell a story when I have something personal to tell an audience. My shortcoming is that I am not a good writer, and with so many things happening in my life at the same time, I am distracted in my head. I am unable to find my space where i just think and live a story. Besides, I am equally passionate about acting. But I did a direction course in the first place, so that I could make a film. And someday I will.

Do you and Imran plan to direct a film or produce one together?

Not at all, I have no idea how that story came about. Imran has the Nasser Hussain banner and I have RK, why would we want to start a production house of our own? People really liked us at the Filmfare stage, so there has been interest in us working together. But then again it has to be the right script.

We get to hear that you are a workaholic, and that for Wake up Sid you worked day and night on occasions.

I shot for the music video within four days flat, despite being hydrophobic. I slept for only four hours or so, that′s also because of some confusion I myself created. I was also simultaneously dubbing for Ajab Prem. So it did get a little hard, but I see it as a job that I have to do well. If that makes me a workaholic, then I guess I am one.

How was it working with Ayan?

Initially, tough as we both had slightly different thoughts of how Sid should be as a character. One week post shooting we did sit down and figure out where he weren′t coinciding. Ayan is so passionate and so energetic, that then I didn′t need to re think the character again. All in all, working with him was a learning experience, as I also took home some things from Sid.

Finally, how do you react to your and Deepika′s relationship being so talked about?

I find it offensive at times, the constant speculation and rumours. We are like any other normal couple, and we like to spend quality time privately. It′s just something that comes with the trappings of being an actor, so I try and keep myself aloof. But sometimes, it does bother me a bit. Between us though, no problems over them.

Thanks a lot.


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Posted by shivani on  Oct 26 2009 4:08PM

Do you think, Ranbir is getting good roles, because he comes from a filmy background?

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