I am searching for myself in Acid Factory: Aftab Shivdasani

I am searching for myself in Acid Factory

Rajan Singh07 Oct 2009

Aftab Shivdasani talks about his new film, Acid Factory and his role in the movie. He also talks about his co-stars Manoj Bajpai who has the most terrible character and how Dia Mirza coped up with other men on the sets. He relives his experience of playing a bad man in this stylized Sanjay Gupta film and his expectation from the movie

Acid FactoryAcid Factory (more photos, videos, songs)

Aftab, so what are you doing inside an acid factory?

Well, right now I am searching for myself. We all are trying to look out for our lost identity and whether we succeed in our mission or not for that you need to see the film.

Tell us a bit about your role in the film?

Acid Factory is about six people who are closeted inside a factory and all of them have lost their memory. The best part about the screenplay of the film is that it slowly and gradually shows their memory coming back to normalcy and the point of time when it comes back and the way it comes back - has been interwoven in such a manner that it′s just fantastic and will grip your attention. It′s all very exciting. My character is similar to other characters in the sense that he too has lost his power of memory and as a person he is very violent, aggressive and hyper. It′s one of those characters, which I have never played before in my entire film career.

All the characters are bad in the film, how bad are you in this film?

Well there are around seven bad characters in the film that are inside the acid factory and there are few characters that are outside the factory. As far as the intensity of ‘badness’ is concerned it is bad in the sense that he is aggressive and hyper. The most terrible character in the film is Manoj Bajpayi. Manoj always keeps commenting on other people, which is very irksome to others. He constantly keeps irritating them.

How difficult or easy was it for you to play this character?

Well it was not difficult and the reason for this being that whenever I sign a film then I follow the traits and mannerism of that character. I am just enacting a role in this film - it was not difficult but the role required me to bring out a particular body language, demeanor, and to adapt myself for a particular performance which I do for every role and every film of mine. The highlight of this role was the fact that it was very intense and aggressive - something which I had not done before.

Any moments while shooting for the film, which you still cherish?

When we did the first schedule for this film, the location was Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad where we were all confined in an acid factory for almost 40 days. Well though it was not literally but we all followed a very rigorous shooting schedule from 9 am in morning till 9 pm in night and we spent most of our time in an acid factory, which was a hugely constructed set. It was a sort of new experience for us. The set was very close to our hotel, so the whole ambience of the place where we all stayed was almost like a set only for us. All the time we could see our fellow actors in the same mindset be it the set or the hotel. We all had entered our characters. This was something, which was memorable for me.

Aftab ShivdasaniAftab Shivdasani

It′s being said that Dia is almost like one of the male star cast of the film, what′s your take on it?

I think it′s not fair to call her a man. But jokes apart Dia has acted very well in the film. The fact that all of us were playing a certain character in the film, never made us realize that Dia is the sole person on the set who is a lady in the company of so many males. Such a thought never struck our mind - we wanted to bring a consistency to our character and we always thought about it on the sets. Dia also was playing a character and she did her own stunts in the film, which has turned out to be fabulous. It never seemed to us that she a delicate pretty girl. She is force to reckon with in the film and she is playing a very strong character in the film. She has done a very good job in the film and like I said earlier she is like one of us in the film.

How critical is the film for you considering the fact that your previous films failed at the box office?

I think every film is important for an actor and Acid factory is no exception but I believe in the fact that commercial success is always welcome. It′s one thing that an actor never cribs about and is always welcoming it. I hope that this film does well like every other good film. Whether a film runs or not we will always keep up the good work.

The film also looks very stylized.

Well I actually I always wanted to be a part of a stylized action film and I always had the desire to work with Sanjay Gupta for any of his action film. When the script was offered to me then I found this film to be very special. I am very glad that I did it as I always wanted to be a part of a well-made well shot stylized action film.

Sanjay Gupta has produced the film and he has not directed it this time, are the marks of his direction visible in the film?

I think Sanjay Gupta has his own style; he is a wonderful technician and is a very good storyteller. He is somebody who is extremely passionate about his work and has a fantastic vision and really presents men like no one else. Every White Feather Film has a stamp of Sanjay Gupta on it regardless of the fact whether he directs that film or not. He monitors closely every department associated with his film and that′s shows on screen too. His films have great styling and great panache and have great scope for all actors to perform in it.

Thanks a lot.


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