I am a femme fatale who is also a gangster: Dia Mirza

I am a femme fatale who is also a gangster

Rajan Singh08 Oct 2009

In this interview, Dia Mirza talks about Acid Factory and what she is doing among so many men in the movie. She talks about preparing for her role and how it has changed her for better. She did all her stunts herself with some ass kicking action in the movie and is proud of it. She thinks, only Priyanka Chopra in Don has done something similar among Indian heroines

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So Dia, what exactly are you doing in Acid Factory amidst so many men?

I am a femme fatale who is also a gangster. She is a woman who is on the wrong side of the law. She is extremely confident about who she is and is extremely strong. Her levels of endurance are very high and she is actually great fun. I think every man or the woman have the Yin and Yang within us. I did not realize that it′s so good to be bad.

How bad are you in the film?

Well she is not into breaking people′s nails and then chewing on them or cutting their fingers. She gets kicks from doing extreme things. She is bit of a daredevil, I think what makes her more interesting is that she is very arrogant and she loves the fact that she is very cocky. Again these things are very cathartic because all my life my Mum has hammered things into my head. Whenever anyone praised me as to how beautiful hair I have, my Mum would immediately tell me that this should not go into my head. Even now when I look in the mirror, I am conditioned not to believe what I actually see.

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

I say - my hair needs a little bit of a fixture (laughs). I have never contemplated too much about myself, it′s more internal as to how much can I grow, what more can I learn, what are the things that I can do to help such and such thing. It′s never been about who I am, in terms of my physical appearance and what I love about my role is that the character is very aware of how good she can look and how much she can use her charm or the way she is to dress, to get her job done. It′s not a sexual thing in the film, most often I think of femme fatale especially in Indian films as sex objects as someone who is used to titillate the audience. I like the fact, that she is one of the men and gets her things done but not in a sensual way.

Tell us a bit about the stunts you have done in the film?

I was at Pune last year for the Youth Commonwealth Games and I witnessed these stunts that the guys did on their bikes. I was all stunned at their action. It was just unbelievable. Then Sanjay Gupta called me two weeks later and told me that he was telling me something that no one from the film team knows. He later informed me that he had figured out my introduction scene in the film. I was curious to know it and then asked him as to what would that be. He then informed me that I would be introduced in the film through ATV bikes. My immediate response to him was that he must have been kidding. He then informed me that the whole unit would be going to Cape town, South Africa to shoot on ATV bikes. So there is lot of speed involved in the film associated with cars and bikes. And I am pretty sure that no would have seen before such sequences in the film on such amazing bikes.

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How tough was it and how prepared were you for the entire role?

I actually started preparing for the film some four months before we actually started filming Acid Factory. There were three things that I had to make possible in the film - as actors we all train in gyms and do our workouts, it′s just become an integral part of our existence. It was important to define the physicality in a way. Though she is in the company of all men, it was important for her to look equally strong. I did something called functional training program that athletes usually do when they go for their athletic meets and stuff. It′s really tough and it′s called so because it pushes your endurance level. I lifted weights that I never ever imagined I would be able to pick up. I ran distances that I never imagined I could do. So it really pushed me beyond belief. In terms of getting my physical agility and flexibility and strength in place I worked for almost four months. Then the session was with Tinu Varma and with him, I spent three to four hours daily for further exercise.

So do you believe that hard work has its own rewards?

It sure does, because nothing else matters, the fact that when I was on the sets and asked to do stunts it did not feel like as if I was asked to do an alien job. The action parts were not like acting - you need to know even as to how to take a punch or how to take a fall. There are a lot of technicalities that goes into that. I learnt a lot while doing this film actually.

Did it also help you in some way to act better?

Absolutely. My staff - my hairdresser and my make up man, noticed this and they have been with me for nine years now and they told me that even my walking style has changed post this film. Your flexibility changes for the better. So yes the way I trained myself for this has brought many changes in me.

Did you see any actresses doing stunts recently and what do you think of them?

We all saw Don and after I saw Priyanka I could only utter “wow” from my mouth. That′s the closest we have to come to capturing an Indian woman truly at par with international standards. Though my character is nothing like that, it′s very different. There is nothing that′s being done in the film to paint me as an individual. But I was really impressed with Priyanka in Don.

Thanks a lot.


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