I want to do more and more of action films: Irrfan Khan

I want to do more and more of action films

Rajan Singh10 Oct 2009

In this interview, Irrfan Khan talks about what he is doing inside Acid Factory, his memories while working in the film. He also talking about doing action scenes and how he is looking forward to more action films in the future and what the audience should expect from the movie

Acid FactoryAcid Factory (more photos, videos, songs)

Irrfan, have you also lost your memory like other actors in the film, Acid Factory?

No, I have not lost my memory. I am outside the acid factory and am trying to find a way to get inside the acid factory. If I were to lose my memory then there is no way I will find a way to get inside the acid factory. Our whole drama begins once we get inside the acid factory.

So that only goes on to prove that you are one of the crucial links in the film?

Yes, you may say so and also he is maneuvering the whole situation and what′s happening inside the factory is one helluva plot.

So what do you find once you get inside the acid factory?

Well there are so many things happening inside the acid factory. There is no song and dance routine inside the factory but there is loads of action and tension happening inside. There are so many crooks in the film and my character too is of a similar nature, I play a crook too. When so many shady people are closeted inside one factory then you can well imagine the tension they can bring along. It′s all inside this film.

Would like to share anything special with the cine goers?

I would like to share this film with audiences. They should come and enjoy this film. We would like to share the fun and the intensity with which we have worked for this film with audiences.

Any special moment associated with the film, which you will remember throughout?

The shooting experience we had while shooting the film in Cape Town, SA was very memorable. The time I shared with the technicians of the film is something, which I will cherish for many days. The local technicians are a specialized lot. All of them were so well versed in their stunts that just one look at them and your jaws are surely going to drop in awe.

Do you feel drained out after shooting for such films, as they demand lots of energy and intensity?

As far as things for me are concerned, this film is not one of those, which drains out emotionally for me. For me it′s an action film and on a personal level I love action films and doing them. It brings dollops of excitement and some amount of fear at the same time. The fact remains that because of these two things, you get to enjoy more when you accomplish it. So for me it was not an emotionally drained film. For me it was an exhilarating experience.

Irrfan KhanIrrfan Khan

So do you recall any such action experience, which involved some amount of dare devilry?

The traffic rules and regulations of Cape Town are very strict, if you driving in one lane then you have to stick in that lane and are required to maintain a normal speed.  And amidst all this we also have to perform stunts and also have to make sure that the speed of the car is maintained at a particular level. There was this stunt sequence in the film where I am being bombarded by bullets by a helicopter and a police car that are chasing me and there is no other option for me except firing back at them. The whole action involved me to open a window of a moving car and then have to entangle my leg in the steering, bend down completely in the backside and then I have to fire with the help of a shotgun on them. My action director wanted me to fire several rounds and he wanted this only because he wanted to capture the shot of cartridge being pushed out of the gun after they have been fired. He had deployed some two three camera to capture all this but after the shot was canned after two days it was discovered that there were some technical errors to it so it had to be shot again. It was all very exciting.

So now can we say this that audiences should prepare themselves to see Irrfan Khan in more action films in time to come?

Yes, I want to do more and more of action films and the main aim of doing this film was only to give a signal to my producers and directors that I can do action films too. The action should be a part of the film and it should not look like as if it has been incorporated in the film just for the heck of it. 

How difficult was it for you to portray such a character, which has no reference point?

No it was not difficult. The fun part of the film was that the characters are ignorant about each other, they just don′t know anything about others even the fact that form where have they come from. Who are these people, why are they there - no one has a clue. When I read the script for the first time then I realized that the premise is very interesting and the characters just don′t know anything because of memory loss. All the questions in the film which include - why, when, how - if the director of the film were to bring answer to all of these, then it ought to be an interesting film. Ultimately in the film the answers do get revealed one by one in succession. It′s almost similar to the process of peeling of onions. The suspense in the film has been maintained till the last portion of the film and so the screenplay automatically becomes interesting. 

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