Every film has to be treated in the best manner: A.R.Rahman

Every film has to be treated in the best manner

Rajan Singh12 Oct 2009

In this interview, A. R. Rahman talks about scoring music for Blue, getting used to being called Dr. Rahman, working with Anthony and Resul, singing with Kylie Minogue and how life has changed after winning Oscars

BlueBlue (more photos, videos, songs)

Are you getting used this salutation called Dr. A R Rahman?

It′s not been once but it′s been thrice. Thrice I was honored with this degree. I think it′s a part of life so I have to go with it. I had a thing which came some four years back from a university in England and when it was conferred to me, I said to myself that oh God! They will make me look old. But this time I could not refuse it.

People out here in India refer to you as Mozart of Madras, how about those people who live in other countries?

They call me A R straight (laughs).

After the Oscars, finally we will get to see a film, Blue for which you have composed the music, please tell me us as to why we all should look forward to the music of this film?

Why should we look forward to it? It has to be the normal thing - listen and tear me apart (laughs). This probably is one category which I have never done before which happens to be a thriller, which is underwater and is adventurous at the same time. Anthony, our director, has executed it very well. He is very passionate about his job and does not hesitate to change anything after suggestions from other person, which is always for the good of the film, and this is a great quality in a director. I sincerely hope that everything comes together in perfect sync.

This question might sound absurd to you but I have to ask this question. The film has this theme of underwater sequence so did you do any research for the music or for the background of this film, where you inspired from somewhere?

Research wise, the only thing which one has to be careful about is to have sound that does not clashes with the effects. It has to be definitely lots of orchestral stuff and the texture should be good. But at the same time you also ought to have a pulsy score, which keeps the audience intrigued. The work on the music of the film is still in progress and we are discovering lots of things.

One USP that I feel concerning the music of the film is the composition you have done with Kylie Minogue, please tell us more about it?

Well it was a great opportunity to work with someone of the caliber of Kylie Minogue who is popular in the whole world. Kylie accepting to do a duet was a great thing and it was very coincidental considering the fact that she gave me the BAFTA award and the next day I recorded the song with her. I am looking forward to the reaction from people.

Sticking to Kylie Minogue, was she the only choice for you or had you thought of few more singers for the song?

I think going by the role she fitted perfectly. It was meant for the club and she fitted the role perfectly.

Ok, how has life changed for you post Oscars?

Yes, it has changed and now it involves lots of travel, lots of exhaustion but yes I am slowly settling down and going back to being a workaholic.

I guess you are busier these days with Hollywood projects rather than Bollywood projects.

Yes. In a way the last two months have been fully focused on Couples Retreat. I was in LA for this movie scoring the songs and then back here again. Both the movies - Couples Retreat and Blue are releasing in October, which is just great for me. Couples Retreat will release on 9th of October while Blue will hit theatres after a week.

A. R. RahmanA. R. Rahman

One strange thing that I witnessed during the unveiling of the first look of Blue was that you and Resul were called to do the honors as opposed to stars, which in this film is star studded. Does this herald a new era in Bollywood?

I think it is in a way a great respect to bring people who are behind the screen and give them the respect they deserve. It′s all because of the fact that so much of hard work goes behind the scene, and they are the actual face of the film. It was the brainchild of the producer to bring me, Resul and Anthony on the same platform for the unveiling of the first look of the film.

Will it be wise to say that you and Resul Pookutty have become a deadly combination?

Resul is a really very hard working guy. I discovered how hard he works and what a perfectionist he is during the making of Ghajini. There also came a stage when I had to leave for LA and I got this confidence probably Resul was in charge of the mixing process. Anthony too was there and I told him that Resul is the right kind of guy to do this movie. He got him on board before the Oscars.

Don′t you think that the expectations of people have increased manifolds towards you after you won your twin Oscars?

I accepted the film before the Oscars happened. I had worked with Resul on Ghajini and I felt that he would be the right person to take care of the sound effect part and so I recommended his name to Anthony. Everything happened before the Oscars. It′s great that Anthony got Resul before the Oscars. From my first film I have always maintained that my next film is going to be my last film and then I work accordingly to give my best. There has never been a compromise on my part and that′s has been my intention that every film has to be treated in the best manner.

Thanks a lot.


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it's all that Oscar effect, not that the Producer's real intention to honor the technicians. bringing an Oscar winner technician obviously attracts the shutterbugs and the media. so, when u have one in ur stable, why not using that for PR? but dont say the mindset has been changed, and it's a gr8 thing blah blah blah...
Posted by Making things happen :) on  Oct 13 2009 12:21PM
absolutely agree with the last comment.
Posted by Swati on  Oct 13 2009 2:58PM
What ever it might be it worked out once for them
Posted by shivani on  Nov 11 2009 6:03PM

In future, what kind of projects do you think, Rahman will give more importance?

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