Let's see what future has in store for me: Sanjay Dutt

Let's see what future has in store for me

Rajan Singh14 Oct 2009

In this interview, Sanjay Dutt talks about his three back to back releases in form of Blue, All The Best and Aladin. He talks about taking up the challenge of doing an under-water film, being busy with films and campaigning for elections and future plans

BlueBlue (more photos, videos, songs)

Sanjay, judging by the fact that three of your films would he hitting the silver screen in a very short span of time; have you encountered a similar phase in past?

No, I have never witnessed such a phase ever in my career that my films released back to back in a very short span of time. It′s for the first time that All The Best and Blue will release on the same date and Aladin will follow suit. At this stage I am only praying to God that both the films are received well at the box office. While Blue is an action thriller, All The Best is full comedy entertainer - let′s see what future has in store for me. Aladin will too have shades of comedy in it.

Baba, don′t you feel so that the name of the film sounds a bit odd, people might just think that it′s a different type of film?

Actually we could not have titled the film as Green. The film is all about water and a major portion of the film has underwater sequences, after much deliberation and thinking everyone was off the opinion that Blue suits the most as the title of the film. I don′t think so that it carries any other connotation.

Is it true that you have this phobia of water?

Actually it′s not the fear factor, many years back because of some medical problem one of my lungs had collapsed and because of this I was not permitted to do scuba diving. When the shooting of the film was on then I insisted that I would perform all the underwater sequences on my own. When I conveyed my wish to Anthony, our director, then he took me to a doctor who did a thorough medical check-up of my body and finally the doctor came with his verdict that he won′t grant permission from his side and if I wanted to shoot underwater sequences, it would be at my own risk. Post that, everyone from the unit prevented me from doing those shots but I listened to none. Finally I did all the sequences on my own.

So that means you were actually dying to get under water and were very excited to do so!

Yes, I was not scared of anything and I love water bodies and their surroundings. I have a certificate in scuba diving from Maldives but after my lung problem I was just not allowed to perform scuba diving of any sort.

There is also this news floating in market that the budget of the film has become so huge that now people rather than the profit part have started speaking more about the recovery and return part of the film; how true is it?

Well, at this stage I can say only one thing that the people at Ashtvinayak Films were full of passion about making this film and they were determined to execute this film at any cost. The banner has seen some bad times and losses in the initial phase of their career. They all are passionate people and they were hell bent on making this film come what may. Though we all advised them that it won′t bring them much profit but their only reply was that profit was immaterial to them and they were only interested in making a good film - something that′s different.

These days you are hardly to be seen in this country, most of the time you are out only shooting for your films, why is it so?

The problem is that most of the films I am shooting these days have these foreign locations schedules so it′s something that is just not in my control. But now I am here for next two to three months. I have just started shooting for Sohail Maklai′s film which is being directed by Mani Shankar and then Dhamaal part two too will go on floor soon, so I am very much here in next few months.

Elections for Maharashtra assembly are scheduled for next month, what will be your level of participation this time?

The plain and simple strategy is that through the platform of Third Front we will fight together. Let′s see what′s in store for us. By the grace of God, my elder brother Amar Singh Ji is now fit and fine and when he is back we will jointly formulate a common strategy. As far as the participation level is concerned, last time during the Lok Sabha elections, I had done countless rallies and this time too I will do the same. As I had told earlier we all are waiting for the arrival of Amar Singh Ji.

There is also this news that you would soon be investing your money in buying an IPL team, please tell us more?

Who does not want to buy an IPL team? But as of now nothing is final. I too want to buy a team but nothing is materialized at this stage, I have nothing concrete to say. I will surely tell when I have something concrete built up.

Will it be safe to say that you will participate in the bidding process?

Well, I have not given much thought to it and neither do I have so much of money; I am just a very small actor.

Sanjay DuttSanjay Dutt (more photos on gallery)

Ok, on a more superficial note in the event you buy an IPL team, which three players will you desire to be a part of your team?

Foremost it has to Sachin, I am also a big fan of Dada and lastly it has to be Matthew Hayden.

Whatever transpired in SRK airport case, Amar Singh Ji was very vocal in the whole affair and he dubbed the whole thing as publicity stunt, what would be your take on the whole affair?

SRK is like brother to me and whatever they said to each other, I would not like to comment on it. But at this stage I can only say this that I too have passed through the same procedure and homeland security had come to take me too. Though I have not been given US visa for past one and half year but the fact remains that my file is still in procedure. Every country has its own procedure and I respect it. But I am deeply saddened by the fact that my daughter is an American citizen and I cannot participate in her college functions. I don′t know if I ever will be able to go there and shoot for my films. I only want to know if the authority can grant me visa or not and I am convinced about my case because my papers are proper. I was exempted and acquitted from TADA case. When I was asking for permission from the honorable Supreme Court to fight elections, then I was given a character certificate, which mentioned the fact that I am from a good family. Very recently even the Attorney General had said that he wouldn′t appeal against me. I am only thankful to God that the label of TADA that was stuck on me for years has finally disappeared because of the statement of Attorney General. I think any embassy should see into these things and then come to a conclusion.

This might be a difficult question for you to handle - on 16th October when both your films release in cinema halls - All The Best and Blue - which films will you prefer seeing first?

Yes, it is a very difficult question but my reply would be that before interval I would see All The Best and post interval I will catch Blue.

You have crossed 50; do guys in the age range of 20 to 25 come to you and seek advice from you on being eternally young?

Yes, guys do come to me and ask me. All the young guys from Pali Hill come and ask me such things and my only answer to them is to maintain a proper discipline. Maintaining discipline in your life is very important.

Thanks a lot.


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ALL THE BEST sanju baba
Posted by shivani on  Nov 11 2009 6:01PM

Do you think, Sanjay Dutt can give the Khans a run for their money?

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