All the Best is an out and out family entertainer

All the Best is an out and out family entertainer

Rajan Singh15 Oct 2009

In this interview, Bipasha Basu talks about her character Jahnavi in All The Best and doing a Rohit Shetty comedy in Goa. She talks about competition, new Bollywood films and getting recognition for her choice of roles like Sob Choritro Kalponik and Lamhaa

All The BestAll The Best (more photos, videos, songs)

Bipasha, you run a broken down, run down gym in All The Best. How did you agree to that, with your levels of fitness? What does your character really do?

That′s the crux of her character in the film.  Each character is saddled with his or her own unique situation. She basically inherits this completely run down, broken down gym from her in laws. It′s her inheritance and she has to make it work. So she is basically into conning people into joining the gym. That′s how her journey begins.

One look at the promos and posters, and you know that All The Best is a riot of colors and incidents.

Yes, it′s a very fun film. It′s essentially a situational comedy. Each of the four characters begins with the hopes of making it big. Ajay wants to be a car designer, Fardeen has a small rock band but he wants to make it big as a singer. They all need money, and when the money comes into their life, they have to lie to Sanjay Dutt. I don′t want to give out the entire plot to you, but it′s a story of three to four days, and how the characters get embroiled deeper and deeper in the con job.

So how much of the conning are you doing? Are you also lying in the film?

No my character is actually very honest and straight in the film. Jahnavi also hopes to make it big, but she wants to be honest. At the same time she is always counseling the other three characters that lying is no good. And whenever any of them are in a tight spot, she is the one who always finds a quick solution to the problem. She is smarter than the rest of them. And the other characters are always looking at her for the counseling.

In real life also, are you someone who is always counseling your friends and helping them out?

I am a very sorted person, so people do come to me for suggestions yes. But at the same time, I also need to go for help to some close people. There are times when I too need help. So it works both ways.

You have explored comedy in the past with Dhoom 2 and No Entry. Do we see a more wholesome comic performance from you in All The Best?

There′s no real comedy from the characters directly in the film. The characters are living out very real problems and situations. It′s not like there are any forced lines and gimmicky dialogues or slapstick moments in the film. There is no slapstick. It′s the situations that are so funny.

A lot of tattooing seemed to have happened on the sets of All The Best. Did you get a tattoo?

No I am totally scared of tattoos. It′s the boys, Sanju and Ajay who got all the tattooing done. I had once tried to get a tattoo way back in LA, but when my friends started off on them, I saw so much blood I nearly fainted. So that′s the end of tattooing for me. I can′t even take an injection. But there was a lot of tattooing, a lot of fun, a lot of food and a lot of bonding on the sets. I think we developed friendships because we were all living on location. And there were no vanity vans. Plus it was Goa, so there was a sense of bonding that came naturally to all of us.

Rohit Shetty shoots all his films in Goa so they often end up looking similar. Don′t you think All The Best looks familiar?

I guess every director has his vision, and likes to shoot with a certain style, whatever be the film. And if his films have worked in the past, that means this style of shooting is successful. Given that fact, yes, there are bound to be some similarities. But in terms of a concept, this story is completely different from Rohit Shetty′s other films. So I don′t think that would keep the audiences away.

Diwali brings your film, Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna and Blue. All three films boast of three very attractive leading ladies. Do you think your audience might get divided?

I think the audiences will watch all three. Diwali is a festive time, and our country likes to go to the movies. Besides, all three films have separate concepts, and All the Best is an out and out family entertainer. I am confident it will be watched.

Have you seen the first look of Blue? It′s a Hollywood style action adventure film. Would you have liked to do it?

I don′t think you should underestimate Bollywood anymore; we are only growing with every film. Blue looks interesting. I think it would have been challenging for me, to work in Blue, since it involves so much underwater work. This is a good thing about films. When you don′t know something and you need to do it for a film, you quickly go and learn it. So yes I think it would have been fun to do action of the Blue kind.

Post All The Best you have Lamhaa, a de glamorized role based in rural Kashmir. Are you looking for critical appreciation or awards with it?

No I am not looking for any award or certificate with that role. I just want my audiences to come and watch my film.

Bipasha BasuBipasha Basu (more photos on gallery)

But surely there must be some hope for recognition with Sob Choritro Kalponik?

I have never consciously looked to win awards or certificates with any film I do. I prefer now to choose films that prove the fact that I am a versatile performer, and I believe in that. I have been acting for 9 years now, and I don′t think there is anything left to prove to anyone. Of course, when you come from a modeling background, there is a certain amount of baggage that comes considering that you are only supposed to look good. But I think I have disproved that. Whether films work or don′t some roles have earned me appreciation. I keep those compliments close to my heart, as they encourage me. That′s why I did Sob Choritro Kalponik and Lamhaa... I don′t need an award; I just need to know that my work is satisfying me.

Have you liked Sob Choritro Kalponik?

Yes I have loved the film, and for the first time, I have not been critical of my work. I am proud of it, and I want all my loved ones to watch this one. I would have liked to hear my voice in it, but then that′s a filmmaker′s decision.

Has John watched the film? Have you two been able to keep in touch with your busy schedules?

Yes we have always met up and found time for each other. I have shown him the film, he loves it too. How much ever people might want to believe that with crazy schedules one can′t meet up, John and I disprove that.

But suddenly, John-Bipasha are not such a talked about couple anymore.

That′s because we have been together for so long! Initially the relationship was new, so everyone wanted to talk about us all the time. Now that we are together, the only interesting conversation would be a break up right? And that′s not happened. So we are no longer reported about.

Finally, are you excited to be working with Mani Ratnam?

Yes I am thoroughly excited. I never dreamt of working with him or anything, but it just so happened that the film came my way. And I am looking forward to it.

Thanks a lot.


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ohh yes, we totally believe u Bipasha -- word by word! All the best with All the Best!
Posted by Sanjana on  Oct 15 2009 12:16AM
All the Best for your 'ALL THE BEST'
Posted by shivani on  Nov 11 2009 5:59PM

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