It's got elements of fun, laughter and humour all rolled into one: Ajay Devgn

It's got elements of fun, laughter and humour all rolled into one

Rajan Singh15 Oct 2009

In this interview, Ajay Devgn talks about producing and acting in All The Best, and why he chose such a name for the Rohit Shetty directed comedy film. He believes, this being a family entertainer is the perfect gift for audience in Diwali

All The BestAll The Best (more photos, videos, songs)

Ajay, how are things at your end?

I am all perfect and right now I am gone all mad because of the constant travel I have been doing from Mumbai to Kalaikudi in south for Priyadarshan′s latest film. I have been constantly shuffling between the two places I just mentioned and it takes some 8 to 10 hours in commuting alone. I have to change two flights to reach my destination so in all I have just got too much in my head and also my film is on the verge of its release. I am all running around here and there.

Ok, that means you are talking about your home banner film All The Best. Ajay please clarify one thing that who is telling whom all the best in the film?

The situation in the film is such that everyone is in need of “all the best” greeting. Most of the characters in the film are trapped in a situation and they are in dire need of all the best wishes from others. I am saying all the best to everyone and I am saying lots of all the best to myself also. I think every character in the film is in a situation where he or she needs the best wishes and they need to be told all the best. It′s a very funny kind of a situation where the characters are stuck in something or the other and they all need this.

Will it be wise to say that being the producer of the film, it′s more like a Diwali gift to the audiences?

Well, I am not sure about the gift part but I think that the film is a complete entertainer for every kind of audience. It′s got elements of fun, laughter and humour all rolled into one. I think during the season of Diwali festival everyone wants to be happy and that′s why I feel that this period suits the most for a film like All The Best and so let′s hope that the audience thinks that the film is like a gift to them and accept it with happiness.

Why have you changed the spelling of your name, the A in Devgan has suddenly disappeared, why was it so?

That was just a family decision as my mom and all believed that it would suit me so I just went ahead with it.

How difficult was it for you to don the mantle of producer and actor for your film?

Not really. I have been producing films earlier also but yes, it takes a lot more time because, making a film I think is quite a job and after that marketing and releasing your film too has become a big job these days. It takes a lot of time and you have to be at it and besides I am also doing films in the capacity of an actor for other banners so at times it gets a little hectic but at the end of it all, it′s fine. I have no complaints.

The film looks very lavish and it must have been some tasks for you to manage everything, how did you do it?

I don′t think it′s that tough a job especially when you have a great team by your side. In such cases things work out very well. From all the technicians to all the actors - they co-operated so much for this film. All of them took this film as their own home production and so I did not have to worry about anything.

Tell us a bit about your role in the film?

In the film I am actually saying all the best to myself because I am stuck in a situation and about my role I would rather say that you would enjoy it only when you see it. It′s a fun film but at the same time I am not saying this also that keep your brains at home. The film is for every kind of audiences - from kids to young to everybody. The best time to release this film could have been only during Diwali because everybody is in a happy mood and want to entertain themselves and so it′s the right timing for its release.

Will it be ok to say that after Ishq, we will get to see Ajay Devgan doing a full-fledged comedy once again?

Well, you can′t afford to forget both the Golmaal films. I would rather say that after Golmaal, you would see me doing full-fledged comedy. It′s like a laugh riot and has dollops of fun in it.

Ajay DevgnAjay Devgn

If I am not mistaken the film was completed in a very short span of time, but despite the pace the feel of the film looks very fresh and colorful, was it all possible because of some technical innovations?

I won′t say this that the film was completed in a short span of time, it took as much time as a normal film takes to complete. But yes, the pace was definitely there and it was all possible because of our director Rohit and his team. The actors co-operated a lot with us. It never occurred to me that it′s my film, they always thought of the film as their own production and all of them gave their 100 per cent and this thing is visible in the film too. When you see the film them you will realize that the timing of - Sanjay, Fardeen, Bipasha, Mughda and me - humour is all very evident between all five of us.

Also the style of your beard in the film is very unique, I guess it would be for the first time in a Hindi film that we will get to see such a style, whose idea was it?

No, it was not my idea. The idea belongs to Aalim and if you want to ask anything about it then you will have to get in touch with Aalim.

Did Kajol object to the fact that All The Best is her home production and she is not a part of the film?

No, there was nothing of such sort. We both decide on who suits the role and then everything was mutually decided. She is the producer of the film.

There is also this news that like Sanjay Dutt; you too are planning to buy an IPL team, is it true?

I think it would be too early to make any comments on it. I will surely talk about this when the time is right. We are thinking about it, we are still talking about it; let′s see how things shape up in future.

Thanks a lot.


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All the best, Ajay! hope this is not just another slapstick comedy!
Posted by Making things happen :) on  Oct 15 2009 10:53AM

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