It was unlike anything I have ever done before: Lara Dutta

It was unlike anything I have ever done before

Rajan Singh15 Oct 2009

Lara Dutta talks about Blue releasing this Diwali, and the whole experience of doing an action film. She also talks about wearing bikini and doing intimate scenes while romancing underwater, while romancing Sanjay Dutt

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Lara, to begin with what are your plans for Diwali?

Diwali is really special for me. I am in Mumbai for Diwali after so many years and so I am very excited that this time I would surely be celebrating Diwali. The most important thing for me during Diwali is to get your house cleaned properly so that everything looks brand fresh. I am very fond of traditional diya and I light them on that day. I was born in Ghaziabad but brought up in Bangalore and there making rangoli is a prevalent culture though not primarily for Diwali but it caters to other festivals also in and around Diwali time. So I have taken a fascination for making rangoli since my Bangalore days. It also supposed to bring good luck in the house.

Ok, your next release is Blue, how excited are you about the film?

Well it′s gonna be a big release at the theatres during Diwali and I am really excited about it.

How was the whole experience of life under water?

Well, it was quite thrilling and very unlike anything I have ever done before. It was probably the most thrilling thing I have ever done. Actually it was extremely exhausting but really it was lot of fun.

You also shot the film in the company of stingrays, sharks and just too much of action, could you please tell more?

I have said this in so many of my previous interviews that even if you are a regular diver you don′t really get to do these things, which we have done in the film. I shot with pet sharks, ride the back of turtles, pick up lobster and then go lobster fishing. It was an opportunity of a lifetime for all of us, who were associated with the film. It was probably one of the most thrilling things that we had ever done in our lives.

Are you a complete water baby to have done Blue?

Well I would imagine that I would be a complete water baby but with the experience with which I came into this film i.e. with severe hydrophobia, it was unimaginable. I never knew swimming, I have tried for many years to learn this art but I could not. This film actually gave me a chance or an opportunity to push that boundary and go for it.  But you did require quite an advanced amount of skill of swimming and diving to be part of this film. You could not allow any mistakes or mishaps to happen while shooting for the film putting not just yourself but your entire crew at risk and it since the crew had so many people so that was the last thing anyone actually wanted for.

Ok, Lara did you manage to discover any deep dark secrets of the ocean.

To be honest the ocean is a world in its own, it′s really temperamental and you don′t have any control over water. Everyone associates calm and serenity with water but it really does have life and mind of its own. When we were shooting there, then there were lots of time when water conditions were not favorable for shooting. There used to be strong water currents, visibility was not that great and other factors. There were lots of times when we all were stuck out on our boats for eight to ten hours a day. You sort of fought the odds and nature is such an amazing force to reckon with, sometime it can really give you quite a beating.

Was romancing underwater an easy job to do?

It′s not easy to be romantic underwater and it′s also not easy to make it look good as we have made it to be in the film. There was this underwater ballet sequence that was choreographed between Sanju and me and I think we attempted that shot for almost seven days before we managed to get only few seconds of footage that actually existed in the song, so it was really difficult. Also because lot of it requires of diving so you are actually holding your breathe hoping for the perfect conditions, with perfect body positions, romancing your co-star and all of it without taking your breathe. And also hoping not to strangle your co-star, with that red fabric around you. Every single day was a whole new experience for me. I think this has been the most different kind of filming that I have ever faced in my career.

Which has been your favourite bikini moment in the film?

Honestly when you are filming something the last thing in your mind is the clothes that you are wearing. It really is. When you are down there and performing and there is so much going on in your head, the only thing that I knew was that I don′t want to be conscious. It was really hard to get into the best optimum condition that I could possibly get into. Once it was there, it was more about doing what I was needed to be doing or to give the best possible shots to my director, which he needed. After a point of time you don′t stress too much as to what clothes you are wearing. I think with the kind of character I am playing in the film, she is very comfortable; she has been raised in water so she is very comfortable with the body language of water.

Lara DuttaLara Dutta (more photos on gallery)

Were you conscious doing all those intimate scenes with Sanjay Dutt?

Sanju is really very easy to work with and he is a thorough gentleman and I had the same experience with him when I worked with him for Zinda. He is so easy and laid back and is effortlessly intense. So you don′t have to try very hard to create something intense with him for the screen. The relationship between the two characters in the film i.e. Sagar and Mona is one where they share a long-term relationship and she is kind of hoping that he will ask to marry her sometime soon. She also becomes her weakness in the film. It′s a very strong and close bond between the two and there are only two people in the world they rely on – they rely on each other.

How often do you feel blue in real life?

Well for the amount we work, very rarely we are given opportunity to sit down and think if you are feeling blue or not. But I think it′s a very catchy title, it′s simple and I would like to stress that the film is also the same. It′s not a complicated film or some deep new age film. It′s two hours of fantastic adventure entertainer and I hope people will keep that in mind when they go and watch the film.

Will you give any advices to our readers as to how they can drive away their blues if they are feeling any?

Well I am a very people person and I love animals. If I am ever feeling blue, all it takes to drive it away is by spending some time with my dogs. They are a bunch of jokers; otherwise I think a good film or a good book will just do the trick.

Finally Lara, is there any star who helps you in driving your blue away?

Well I would say that Akshay and I share a very close bond. If I am working with him on a film, I am always much more comfortable and happy knowing that he is around. He really is a very positive and hard working person. Even if you are feeling blue he does not have to goof around to get you out of it, just by seeing him and realizing the fact that oh God he works so hard and I should not complain and feel miserable for myself, makes all my blues vanish away. He has a fantastic energy.

Thanks a lot.


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Showed off everything but movie bumped at box office :(
Posted by shivani on  Nov 11 2009 5:58PM

Do you think, with Blue, Lara Dutta can hope to be among the top heroines?

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