I make it a point to see all the films: Akshay Kumar

I make it a point to see all the films

Rajan Singh17 Oct 2009

Akshay Kumar talks about doing action and adventure in his new movie Blue and working with Sanjay Dutt again after long time. He also recounts his experience of doing a song with the international star, Kylie Minogue and which film, he will watch, this Diwali

BlueBlue (more photos, videos, songs)

Akshay, I am pretty sure that you must be ready with all those firecrackers before hand.

Well, I got the pun but the effort is only that people go and enjoy the film (Blue). They should go to theatres and have a gala time.

It′s good that you are back in the country as you were out of the country shooting for various films for a long period of time.

Actually it′s has always been the effort form my side that whenever I go abroad for any of my film, the film is completed in a span of two or one and half months which also helps a lot in the continuity factor.

Akshay, the film also made news because of some technological innovation - the music of the film was launched on pen drives and mobile chips, what do you have to say? 

Yes, it′s very interesting. Most of the time we buy CDs and then transfer the songs in our lap top and then listen to the music but this time it′s all pre-done, you can put it either in your laptop or in your mobile phone and then enjoy the music. It′s a great idea.

Will you buy it, judging by the fact that they are priced very steep?

Well, whenever a technology is launched for the first time then it′s always bit expensive in the market. I still remember that when DVD players were launched for the first time in the market they were priced around 30,000 Rs. to 40,000 Rs. but now you can easily get the same stuff in the range of 8000 Rs. So it′s the same with a new technology also that when they are introduced for the first time they are priced very high. The companies aim to cover the initial cost first. They also have come with a chip, which you can directly put it in your phone and listen to the songs. It was A R Rahman Saab who did this for me as I did not know how to put the memory chip in my cell phone. It′s expensive and I am in a position to buy it but it is surely expensive for lot many other people.

Judging by the promo of the film it appears as if you actually fulfilling your interest and passion.

I love action and adventure but it was not me who had written the script of the film to fulfill my interest of action and adventure. Anthony, the director of the film had come to me and had narrated the whole script. It really appealed to me as it talked about under water and treasure hunting, it had a proper story line with emotions attached to it and that′s why I did this film. Apart from this, what else could I have asked for that it was also giving me an opportunity to fulfill all my interest and passion.

Akshay you also did something incredible in the film by holding a stingray and it′s the same fish, which was responsible for Steve Irwin′s death.

The death of Steve, which happened because of Sting Ray, is a very rare case. You can easily swim with stingray and it′s not that difficult. The case that transpired with Steve was like one in a million, it was a freak case. It can′t happen but it happened.  And this was the only difference that it happened. It′s not dangerous but I will never advice people to swim with stingrays. It is very difficult to swim with sharks and the very name of shark evokes fear in any human being but it is not the case they are very mild and calm animal. They are perfectly ok unless and until they are made to realize that you are any kind of threat to them. Till that time they are fine.

Tell us a bit about your song with Kylie Minogue?

Well the song was done in a way that each one should be complementing the other. In my career Rahman Saab has scored music for the first time and for me it′s a big occasion and a big thing. The feedback to the song has been pretty good and in most of the music countdown it has come to number one on charts. It had taken three days to shoot the whole song and for the first two days all of us were very well behaved and did our job punctually but on the third day we really had lots of fun. It was fun shooting that song. Kylie Minogue is such a big star and on the very first day of the shoot she was assigned a shift of 6 am in morning so that she is prepared by 7 am for her shot and here I must add that every day at 6.45 am she would be all set to give her shot.

There are too many stars visible this Diwali, there is Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan and of course you, don′t you think that this could have been spaced out.

Yes, the films could have definitely been spaced out but that would have been possible only if the strike of May and June would not have taken place. Because of the strike too many problems cropped up. If you were to keep a track of the releases, then I am pretty sure that there were also few weeks in the last month, which witnessed as many as six releases on a single Friday. So nothing was possible in such a circumstance. So many films are ready but there is no date for them to hit theatres and it′s a bad thing.

How was your chemistry with Sanjay Dutt while shooting for Blue?

I really enjoyed working with him on this film and it′s the second time that we both are working in a film together. The last time we both had done a film together was Amaanat. After that I did not get any opportunity to work with him again. He is like a big brother to me and our chemistry in this film is very good. I have seen portions of the film and I really enjoyed it. I think that the fact that he took such a risk after having reached such a stature in his career is very commendable. He did all the stunts and underwater sequences on his own and this speaks a lot about him.

Did you guys give fitness tips to each other?

Well, the way he exercises and the way I exercise are very different. The styles are like poles apart. He is more into weight lifting and all and I am not into these things. Basically we both follow different pattern and neither did he say anything nor did I.

Any plan of buying an IPL team?

To buy an IPL team you have to know something about cricket. I don′t know much about cricket. I only supported Delhi Daredevils team but one needs to have complete information about all the players. It′s not that I don′t know how to play the game, I know the game very well and I even played cricket played for my school but one ought to have full information. It involves a proper method. There is no point in putting money in a business, which you are not aware of.

Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar (more photos on gallery)

Which is your all time favourite adventurous film?

In Hollywood it would be Raiders of the Lost Ark and Hindi it would be Mr. Natwarlal.

Was there any moment when you felt scared while shooting the action scenes

If I were to say that I don′t fear “fear” then I would be lying about it. You have fear because it′s very important for every human being. There is something called good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and on the same lines you can say that good fear and bad fear also exist. To tackle good fear, it involves lots of planning and compels you to take safety measures and it would be wrong to say this that I don′t have fear. When I do my stunts I just try overcoming it and then performing it. 

Tell us a bit about the head injury you suffered while shooting underwater?

Yeah I did suffer some injury on my head and it was a dangerous stunt. It involved lots of moments with the sharks and all. The crew actually had to bait the shark at some distance from the place where we were shooting so that they don′t come near us. I was taken out of it very stealthily.

I guess you are afraid of merry go round, is it true?

Yes, that′s true. I feel dizzy, I can′t imagine sitting in a merry go round.

Talking about the film, Blue has become so big budgeted that rather than the profit part of the film people are now talking return part of the film, what will you say on it?

As far as the budget of the film is concerned, only our producer will be able to give you a clear picture. The budget of the film is actually an inflated figure by the trade people and it′s not the actual figure. They have sold the film at a very good price and they should not be having any problem with the profit part of the film.

Ok, lastly, on 16th keeping Blue aside for a while, which of the two you will prefer to watch first - All the Best or Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna?

Well actually I make it a point to see all the films. I have not skipped any film in my life. Four tickets are always booked for me at PVR and I pay for them and go. I think I will see both All The Best and Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna on the same day but as far as seeing which one first it would be Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna.

Thanks a lot.


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