It's a really sweet, personal film for me: Kareena Kapoor

It's a really sweet, personal film for me

Rajan Singh15 Oct 2009

In this interview, Kareena Kapoor talks about doing Main Auur Mrs. Khanna and why she agreed to do this film. She also talks about the reasons behind her selection of films. She also mentions about Salman’s friendship with her sister and Prem Soni’s persistence

Main Aurr Mrs. KhannaMain Aurr Mrs. Khanna (more photos, videos, songs)

Kareena, there are very few actors in Hindi films whose career graph is as filmy, full of highs and lows, as is yours. How do you cope with this?

It′s something that I actually enjoy. There are occasions when a film is promoted big time, is made on a big budget, has a lot of potential and flops. Then there might be a simpler film with no frills attached and it will work wonders. At that point of time, in and around a release, yes it get′s troubling. But that′s the point of the whole journey and that is the point of being in the movies. It′s a roller coaster and it′s exciting all the way.

How do you rate Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna then?

It′s a really sweet, personal film for me. Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna has a simple love story at its heart. It′s about Salman and me, who are a married couple, who go through a tough time because of Salman′s business sinking. So he moves from Australia to India to restart his life. At this point, Mrs. Khanna stays back and meets Sohail′s character. It′s how these three lives coincide, and how, despite problems, they find their happy ending.

It looks like a much smaller project compared to your larger than life films of recent times. Why did you sign it?

For one simple reason: my relationship with Salman. Salman is a very close friend of my sister Karishma, and the director, Prem Soni has been always very eager to make a film with me. It′s a small film but it′s a really sweet story. Its simplicity appealed to me. Besides it′s a title role.

So do you always take up work like this? On an impulse? For a relationship?

I very often do. I set out planning that I will be very, professional or rather calculating about which film will work for me, how do I make a lot of money. But I am not like that by nature. I listen to my heart very often. I will always go out of my way for friends. Whatever be the fate of a film, or a product can′t be pre determined. But my relationships and friendships will stay.

Last time you acted with Salman, Kyon Ki… didn′t work. Will you be counting on this film reversing that?

Salman and me weren′t paired opposite each other in that film. Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna brings us together for the first time, in a love story mode. It′s got beautiful songs, which have been shot nicely. So for our fans, it might be a surprise.

Do you regret doing Kambakkht Ishq? You didn′t get appreciated for the film.

I don′t regret it at all...Sometimes a film doesn′t work because of unpredictable reasons. But I looked great in the film, it had an interesting scale. I am the only actress of my generation who balances both parallel and mainstream, commercial films. If I do a Qurbaan, I also do a Kambakkht Ishq. And I will continue to do that. How else will the audience get to see both sides of me? At the end of the day, it′s just a film so why dissect it like rocket science?

Kareena KapoorKareena Kapoor (more photos on gallery)

How did Prem convince you to sign this film?

Every film is special but this a little more special film because I know Prem Soni for many years - it′s been seven to eight years now. He always aspired to become a director and in his spare time always discussed several scripts with me and I used to go over to his home in Lokhandwala and used to have lots of cups of coffee and pizzas which was back then (smiles) but one day he said that he wants to make a movie with me and hopes to make a movie with me. Now Prem has finally made this movie, which features me, and it has turned out to be a beautiful film as I have already seen the film. It′s a very sweet film and even more special for me is the fact that Salman and Sohail are there in the film and it′s almost like working with your family members. Salman is very close to my sister Karishma but Sohail has been a fantastic producer and a fantastic co-star.

Finally, do you believe in the fact that an actor never chooses a film but it′s a film that chooses its actors?

I think that it′s the prerogative of the director that whom should he cast in his film and then an actor chooses it if he wants to be a part of it or to essay the role. So my job is to choose that role and a director′s job is to cast his or her actors.

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Hmmm expecting it to be a good movie for Sallu atleast
Posted by shivani on  Nov 11 2009 5:55PM

Do you think, after Kyon Ki..., Salman and Kareena movie will do well in the box-office?

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