It's little twisted but it's interesting nonetheless: Salman Khan

It's little twisted but it's interesting nonetheless

Rajan Singh17 Oct 2009

In this interview, Salman Khan talks about Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna, working with Karishma and Kareena Kapoor. He also mentions, why his character Sameer is different from his earlier ones and his association with Indian football and upcoming films like London Dreams and Veer

Main Aurr Mrs. KhannaMain Aurr Mrs. Khanna (more photos, videos, songs)

Salman, do you know any Mr. Khanna or Mrs. Khanna in real life or someone you are very close to?

Actually I have been a very big fan of Mr. and Mrs. Khanna and I am talking about Mr. Rajesh Khanna and his wife Dimple Kapadia. The craze and the hysteria that Mr. Khanna generated among women was seen to be believed. Girls actually used to carry dirt beneath his shoes in a matchbox and then apply it on themselves as sindoor. People used to follow and chase him from all the sides.

Whom did you find a better actor - Karishma or Kareena - now that you have worked with both?

Karishma has this amazing kind of energy level and she is extremely hard working and she works like a manual laborer, while Kareena on the contrary has some natural talent to herself. Karishma had to work very hard to reach to the top. If you remember her first film Prem Qaidi, then it seemed that she was a different form of Randhir Kapoor Saab and after that the amount of hard work she put in to groom herself was not funny and the end result was that when she stopped doing films she was at the prime of her career. She was very professional and completely dedicated to her work and all focussed. Kareena is neither very focussed nor very dedicated. It′s just that she knows how to do things in a natural fashion and she very well knows about it. If she were following the path of Karishma then I am very sure that there would not be any worst actor then her in the whole film industry. She is spontaneous.

So Salman we finally get to see you and Kareena paired opposite each other as Kyon ki… hardly had any romantic angle between you and Kareena.

In this film Kareena is just crazy about me. When I was shooting for Kyon Ki... then at the time of climax I realized this that it was not an emotional film, it was more of a depressing film. In the climax of the film all the characters wanted similar things be it Sunil Shetty, Jackie Shroff and even all the mad men too wanted the same thing that myself and Kareena come together in the end. It was only Mr. Om Puri who was dead against this concept and Om Puri Saab in that film won over all of us. The film did not have a justified climax but only because of the fact that the film was complete in all respect we could not do anything. When Aamir saw the film he had the funniest reaction in store, he commented that what rubbish is this. He commented that how can I afford to die in the film. Then at that point I realized that the film has gone into a different direction altogether. The problem with Kareena in Kyon Ki.. was that she was so subdued in the film, which was very much in contrast to few loud films she had done at that point of time. The fact that she was not interested in the film was evident.

Your brother, Sohail Khan, besides being the producer of the film, is also acting in the film and judging by the posters it appears that he is hell bent on creating some rift between you and Kareena. How true is it?

The fact being that he is actually trying to patao my wife. The film has this theme of misunderstanding and there are few people in the film who are trying to sort out all their differences.

Going by the title of the film besides the fact that it sounds more like a romantic story, it′s not conveying much could you please throw some light on it?

Well I have said this in lots of interviews that it′s basically two leading men looking from their perspective and outlook towards Mrs. Khanna. It′s little twisted but it′s interesting nonetheless and that′s why these questions are arising. 

How is this Sameer different from earlier Sameers - the one we saw in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?

This Sameer is very different from Sameer of HDDCS and Mujhse Shadi Karogi. You will get a very small glimpse of the Sameer of HDDCS in Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna but this time this Sameer is far better. 

Salman KhanSalman Khan (more photos on gallery)

The year looks very exciting for you, we just saw the action packed Wanted and then it would be Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna and London Dreams, do you feel as excited and nervous even after having worked in the film industry for 20 years?

Yes. Every Friday your fate hangs in balance and the shows on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays show you and remind you that the film that you had selected was a bad choice or good choice. The thinking of the audience is just in contrast to our thinking in most of the cases. Now at this stage of our career we are in such a position that we can choose and select our own scripts and that has benefited us to an extent but before this we had no choice of our own. In the past the only aim for a star was to have more and more films in his kitty irrespective of the fact that they are good films or bad films. Yes, till today I do get nervous as well as excited before the release of my films.

You have also taken this task of reviving the football scenario of this country by being the ambassador of football association, how did this happen?

Yes, I have been appointed as the all India ambassador of the football association and this has happened because unlike cricket there is no need to carry so much of accessory in the format of gloves, wickets, bats etc. while you are playing football, it′s just the ball that is required. The game is so successful in other countries and thus they have so many football icons. The kids out here in our country too love football but the game was largely ignored as no one took active interest in it. Now hopefully things will improve for the better.

Tell us a bit about your IPL team which you are planning to buy?

The bidding for IPL will happen soon and if Bebo helps me with some money then I would be in a position to buy a team. Being a member of the Kapoor khandaan she can definitely help me with some money to buy my team.

Thanks a lot.


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