It's kind of old wine in new bottle: Sohail Khan

It's kind of old wine in new bottle

Rajan Singh14 Oct 2009

Sohail Khan gets talking about Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna and his role in the movie. He talks about selection of the topic for the movie, and why people would love to watch the movie this Diwali. He also talks about his upcoming projects like Season’s Greetings and Veer

Main Aurr Mrs. KhannaMain Aurr Mrs. Khanna (more photos, videos, songs)

Sohail, tell us a bit about your role in Main Aurr Mrs Khanna and something about the film?

My character in the film is based in Australia and he lives in Melbourne. It′s about this boy who works at a coffee shop at the airport and how he meets Mrs. Khanna over there and how she misses her flight and then meets up with this boy and from there onwards the story moves forward. So it′s kind of old wine in new bottle. It′s a very sweet film and is a very candid love story. If you were to see the film then you will realize that one thing that differentiates it form other film is the fact that it′s very natural in its tone, there is drama which can′t be termed as melodrama and everyone has played the character as if they themselves are a part of the situation. Even the dialogues are not very flowery; the tone is that of basic conversation. When Prem Soni came and narrated the script to me then I realized that it′s a very talkie film and that was one thing that I really liked about the film otherwise even if you have two guys and one girl or vice versa everything turns out to be the same formula. Also we have some very nice music, which absolutely gels with the mood of the film. It′s a very short film and is close to two hours, which actually goes in the benefit of the audience. And even as producers, we have not stretched anything beyond the normal. There have been many love stories that have come before but it′s pretty different.

What′s the best thing you have heard about the film till date?

The best thing I have heard about the film was when the first visual teaser came out and that was the precise reaction I wanted from people. They said that it looks different and very sweet. We all started form a very old track Kitne Acche Lagte Hai and that plays a crucial part in the film also and then we moved to Alvida. The interesting thing being that the promos of Blue and All The Best too came out at around the same time. But the fact remains they all are very different kind of movies - Blue is an action thriller while All The Best is a comedy film while ours is a sweet romantic film. I think we all have our own space and catering to different genres and the thing being that we all are safe.

Apparently Bappi Lahiri too is there in the film, what was the need of roping Bappi Da for the film?

The whole cast was decided and there was this one character that we needed and we all jointly agreed that we wanted Bappi Da to be a part of this film. He is a terrific music director and singer and we initially thought it would be very difficult for us to convince him to be a part of the film. But I think he did the film not for any reason, but it was only because of the love that we share. 

Why was there a need to add an extra R in Aurr, which appears in the name of the film?

It′s all because of superstition, It′s Prem′s debut film and he should be given a bit leverage for his first film.

You could have opted for any realm for this romantic film but why did you opt for the subject of marriage?

Actually when Prem approached me with the script of this film then he told me that he was interested in making a romantic film or more precisely a love triangle. My initial reaction was that how will it be different from other films? I told him that I were to narrate the script to Salman Bhai and Bebo what will I tell them before the narration? But when I heard the story, which is more like old wine in new bottle, it was very startling. The situations which have been created in this film and also the way the situation has been handled - it′s basically what you can learn from other people when they become a part of your life and if you are a positive person then even if things go wrong in your life, you can learn a lot. In the film all the characters learn from each other and then they grow together in life. Prem has handled the script very realistically.  

Is the plot similar to Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya as the visual look of the poster gives a similar feeling?

No. That film was more of a comedy and the situations were very comical. In this film the situations are more real though it has its own fun and comedy element. In a film like this you don′t laugh in spurts on the contrary it brings a smile on your face which is very soothing and that′s because everyone is very endearing in the film. There is no melodrama or anything of such sort about it, it happens to all of us - we all had our ex-girl friends, we all grow out of relationships and then we all fall in love again and the whole film is about this only. You take life as it comes; life makes you a seasoned person with experiences. 

Sohail KhanSohail Khan

Give us few reasons that why should people go and watch this film in cinema halls?

Being Diwali season, the whole family can go and watch this film. It′s a film that has got some great music, and I can proudly say this that audience will surely enjoy this film. In a two-hour film when you have some thirty minutes of great music then I think it will make your day. I am pretty sure that even from the Censor Board I should get an U certificate – It′s a clean film. I think it′s probably one of those films which Suraj Barjatya too could have gone ahead and shot in Australia. It′s a typical clean and romantic film devoid of any body showing. It′s a sweet film which the whole family can go watch together.

There was also this sequel of Partner in offing, what′s the status of that film?

It won′t happen very soon. We will go with Arbaaz Bhai′s debut production, which is titled Dabang, which will get over by mid next year. If anything happens then it will happen only after that. We are still working on the script. Partner was nice and we scored in that but just getting tempted to make a sequel - I just don′t want to mess it up. We have to work really hard for the sequel, actually if you have seen Partner then you must have realized that things worked out right in every sphere. It was Salman Bhai and Govinda for the first time, it had some great music and the chemistry between the two lead actors really worked but to be very honest that novelty is over now. There was novelty initially when people wanted to see both of them together so now we actually have to concentrate on a brilliant script. We are working hard on that and Inshaallah by the end of this year we should have something. We will try for 2011 release.

And what more can we expect to see in coming future from your side?

My immediate release is Do Knot Disturb, it′s a small appearance and David asked me to do that role. I am a big fan of David so I readily agreed for that role. Then off course there is Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna and after that would be Vicky Chopra′s Seasons Greetings and finally Veer. After that I would be helping Arbaaz Bhai on his home production, he is operating from my office right now.

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