My character is very animated and wacky in the film: Katrina Kaif

My character is very animated and wacky in the film

Rajan Singh30 Oct 2009

Katrina Kaif talks about Ajab Premi Ki Ghazab Kahani and her wacky, animated role in the film. She also gives credit to Raj Kumar Santoshi, the director and Ahmed Khan, the choreographer for the look of the movie and her on-screen chemistry with Ranbir

Ajab Premi Ki Ghazab KahaniAjab Premi Ki Ghazab Kahani (more photos, videos, songs)

Katrina, lots of accident happening on the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani?

That is a slight exaggeration and I will get into trouble for that. It′s been like a rough and tumbles for sure. Yes, there were lots of interesting sequences on the sets of the film like I was standing in water for 12 hours and on a Jet Ski sequence. It was one of the funniest things we did as we were there in it for 8 hours. It was the escape sequence and we were shooting on the bridge. In Goa the bridges are high up in water and we were shooting over there. The only means of communication there was through a walky talky. The walky talky that they had over there went out of signal and the net result was that we were stranded there for almost 8 hours. It was a very funny sequence. Beyond that of course it′s the accident sequence, which you are talking about. We had a very small action sequence which was actually very simple. Even you could have done it quite nicely and to be very fair I don′t think either of us were concentrating on the sequence as much we should have. Ranbir′s elbow came and whacked me right on my nose. And it′s the most sensitive place on your body where you can get hit. If I were to hit you there then you will literally lose your senses for a while. And I went down on the floor and started crying like a baby. Even I too was shocked at myself. I said to myself that this is not me. It was too much of a shock.

So do you cry often?

Not at all. That′s why I was so shocked at myself in front of everyone. I normally am not that kind of a person who shows things like that. But that incident because of the pain kind of sent a shock in my head. But he was feeling very sad about it.

Did Ranbir do anything special to apologies to you and make up things?

If he had come with chocolates, I would have punched him back in his nose.

Did you take revenge later?

NO, why will I do it. It was just a small accident.

So can we say that Katrina encounters accidents all the time or was it only confined to the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani?

It was just on the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani actually it was not also Ajab… it was a phase. That was one accident when I got hit on my face, immediately after that I got my legs stuck under a rope while shooting for De Dana Dan, which resulted in a severe infection. I could barely walk for 20 days and post that Leander Paes saw me at a party. On that day I was literally limping to the party. He asked me if I was okay, walking around like that or did I take any medicine or have I shown it to a doctor. I told him no, as Akshay and all had told me that it would be okay and it will soon go away. Then he told me that I hope I knew that it′s a severe infection, which can go into my blood stream and develop into something very serious. Then he added that he wanted to take me to the hospital then and there. So yes, it was a very bad phase, which almost went on for a month. It could be nazar of someone. But it′s all ok now.

Tell us a bit about your role in the film.

The name of my character in the film is called Jenny and she is very animated and wacky in the film. She has a very unusual sense of humour. In fact if you were to recall a lot of people when they saw Andaz Apna Apna for the first time did not get the film but after they had second and third viewing of the film it became a cult film. Now people are kind of aware of Raj Ji′s kind of sense of humour. It′s very unique and unusual but now I think it′s the same kind of humour that I share too so I completely get it. In this film too the sort of humour is like that - it′s all very wacky. It′s very difficult to perform and Ranbir has done a fantastic job. I was really taken aback from someone who has done very few films but is able to do such difficult scenes. Even in my case, though I am playing sort of damsel in distress, Raj Ji was very specific in what he wanted from us. He has a very animated way of performing and demands the same thing throughout the film. I know this for sure that such a kind of film will surely help me grow as an actor in future.

If I am not mistaken even the posters of the film show this wacky side of your character?

No, I was only having bit of fun for the photo shoot. It′s very difficult to capture the essence of a film in one picture. Rahul Nanda did a fantastic job in showing the mood of the film through the posters. It′s one of the more suitable posters of the film. It′s quite true to the film. The dialogues promos that have started a few days back and I am really happy with the way they have shaped up. It′s very easy to cut a promo that′s misleading but when people go and see a film they only say that oh God I was expecting a different film and that′s the worst thing that can happen to a film. In our case we have literally shown like full scenes in the promos and put them on channels. The response to the promos is pretty good and people are liking it. Kids talk about it when I go for my dance rehearsals. It′s from these people from where you get the ultimate feedback. They talk about the songs and then go on to add that scenes of the film are looking so funny. I am very sure now that when people come in to see the film they will come in knowing what to expect. And that′s what the film is all about - it′s wacky and it′s entertaining, its slapstick and its sweet too.

Which is your favourite dialogue in the film?

My favourite dialogue promo is the scene when I ask Ranbir - marne se pahle tumhari koi aakhri khwaish hai And Ranbir then asks for a pappi meaning I want to kiss you. He has this head in a heart shaped noose as if he is on death row. Raj Ji came before the shot and made that noose in the shape of a heart, and that was very funny and it turns out that it′s also one of my favourite scenes of the film.

Katrina KaifKatrina Kaif (more photos on gallery)

What would be your khwaish before marne ke pahle?

It would be to do the best and the most romantic and grand film like Gone With The Wind.

Tell us bit about your chemistry with Ranbir in the film?

I think whatever chemistry people are seeing from the promos, the entire credit goes to two people; one is Raj Kumar Santoshi, who demanded that kind of energy and excitement throughout the film from both of us which people are liking and the other person would be Ahmed Khan who is a wonderful choreographer and has treated the songs in this movie in such a different way. It′s very tempting for a choreographer to come in and do formulae songs, where you have the background songs and where the hero sings to me and I sing to him with all those lip syncs but in this film Ahmed really understood the song situation in this film. He really took his time, observed things on the sets, understood Ranbir′s character and mine and then came up with the verdict that normal formulae cannot be applied to this film. If you see the way he has shot tera hone laga hu, it′s my favourite song that I have done in my career so far because I think it′s the most simple song and has hardly any choreography but yet it completely shows and depicts people who are supposed to be in love in such a natural way. I think he has just done brilliantly even prem ki naiyya; he has captured the fun mod brilliantly. I personally went up to him and gave him a big thank you for the energy and heart he had put in for the film.

There was also this news that you did not like the outfit, which was given to you by Salman for the Being Human show.

No not at all. It′s not even the place to discuss an outfit. At the end of the day, Being Human is an amazing effort on Salman′s part and everyone who is involved in it. My mom is very actively involved in charity work in Chennai and it′s been something that we all have grown up with. She is actively involved in charity work for the past 28 years; so anyone I feel is doing something like that, I would always like to support.

Salman is the best known Prem that Bollywood has ever had, so has Salman given Prem to Ranbir.

I hope so, and that would be nice. I mean it′s just a name and it′s not a person, I think people need to come and see the film with an open mind and give Ranbir his own chance to develop his own style of playing Prem.

Thanks a lot.


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Azab Katrina Ka Gazab Interview..Just kidding
Posted by shivani on  Oct 30 2009 12:53PM
All interviews are more or less the same. Each film is said to be different, when actually, all are same. ;-)
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