She is supposed to be very beautiful, very innocent: Jacqueline Ferandez

She is supposed to be very beautiful, very innocent

Amarendra Mishra02 Nov 2009

In this interview, Jacqueline Fernandez talks about Aladin and gifting the lamp which brings the genie to Aladin. She also talks about working with Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt in the movie and why she thinks, Riteish is the right choice for Aladin. She is thankful, that Sujoy helped her, when she faltered

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Jacqueline, so it′s actually you who brings together Big B and Riteish in the film, Aladin

Yes, in a way. My character, Jasmine is the new girl in college and she is new in town and she has come from America. She has just made a couple of friends and it happens to be Aladin′s birthday so she just wants to go and gift him something and unfortunately she gets the advice of the bullies and thus buys a lamp for him as a present. She gifts him the lamp thinking Aladin actually has interests in lamps and is not aware of the fact that he has been bullied his entire life by his school mates. It just so happens to be that the lamp that I gift him actually changes his course of life. Out comes the genius.

Jacqueline do you remember any fairy tale stories that your parents used to tell you when you were a kid?

For me it was mostly the Disney classics. My favourite was probably The Little Mermaid. I was very touched by the story.

OK, what actually prompted you to sign the film?

The sheer scale of Aladin is such a big budget project. Also the fact that it′s a fairy tale story that we all have grown up with aroused curiosity in me. It′s a story, which we all like, and a story that will lend itself to modern day. Another was the genie factor, the very fact that this role was being played Amitabh Bachchan just made me decide to go ahead with the film.

Do you think Riteish fits the role of Aladin?

Absolutely yes. I think Sujoy has made the perfect choice in the form of Riteish as Aladin. He wanted a very simple and a delicate looking human being who is bit weak character and whom his stronger colleagues always bully around in the film. He is just apt for the role.

Tell us a bit about your character in the film?

Jasmine is probably the only character in the whole movie who is kept as closest to the actual story. She is supposed to be very beautiful, very innocent with whom anybody would fall in love with. Sujoy always says this that I fitted the part perfectly also I guess my friendly nature helped me in enacting my role in the film. My character always smiles and keeps jumping around. Aladin falls in love with Jasmine and there is a reason for it because when he walks out of his college and sees this girl he is just struck by her beauty. He just keeps looking at her and says, Oh my God. Who is that girl?

Jacqueline FernandezJacqueline Fernandez

Did you like the music of the film?

Vishal Shekhar have done an amazing job with the music of the film. There is such a variety in the songs. There seems to be a song for all the characters of the film, you only have to take your pick. The song, which Aladin sings to woo me - you may be - is my favourite song.

You are from Sri Lanka and are not aware of the language, how did Sujoy guide you on the sets of the film?

When Sujoy came up with the script, I was absolutely impressed with him the way he had conceived the film. While shooting for my sequences, sometime I would get stuck with my lines and sometime with my emotions. If I was faltering somewhere Sujoy was always able to manipulate the script. He was so very helpful on the sets of the film.

Tells us a bit about your experience of working with Big B and Sanjay Dutt?

Working with Amitabh Bachchan was an experience, which I will cherish throughout. The energy he has on screen, his screen presence everything about it is so magnetic. He does emulate a true genius and a wish maker. It′s there in him everything what′s there in a true genius. Amitabh Bachchan was the most apt choice for the role. As far as Sanjay Dutt is concerned, he has a really cool look in the film and that looks outstanding. Ringmaster is not a mean character. He is a very happy character and is a different kind of villain and he overpowers genius. He has no two ways about it. He loves it when genius is at his feet and when he takes control of genius. Working with Sanjay Dutt was great fun. Essentially Sanju′s character is a larger than life character about which I am pretty sure that people will appreciate. Though Batman was the hero but again Joker too was something and you can compare ringmaster to that.

What′s your final take on Aladin?

Sujoy has been able to think of some very weird ideas keeping in mind escapist Hindi cinema, keeping in mind the fact that he has to tell a very interesting story putting it with song and dance and drama and he has really succeeded in his mission.

Thanks a lot.


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There are lot more beauties in India ......does not???
Posted by shivani on  Nov 11 2009 5:48PM

Do you think, Jacqueline can become another imported star for Bollywood?

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