Even without dreaming God is giving me everything: Salman Khan

Even without dreaming God is giving me everything

Amarendra Mishra05 Nov 2009

Salman Khan talks about London Dreams and his role in the movie. He also talks about his co-star Ajay and working with Vipul Shah for the first time. He adds that, he has got everything without dreaming and his dreams for his charitable trust, Being Human

London DreamsLondon Dreams (more photos, videos, songs)

Salman tell us a bit about the role you play in London Dreams?

I play Manjeet Khosla who people lovingly called Mannu in this film. Me as Mannu and Ajay Devgn as Arjun are best of friends. One guy is very open and is very straight from the heart while Arjun is very reserved but their friendship is unbreakable. Arjun shares only one dream and that′s to perform in Wembley stadium some day while the only dream Mannu shares is that Arjun should perform at the Wembley at any cost. They love each other to death and are childhood buddies. One guy becomes very successful while the other friend stays in Punjab only. Then one day Ajay takes me to London and once he reaches there, the actual story begins from there. I think this film on a story level or on a plot level has lots of fun in it. It has an emotional binding. I think it′s a better film on two friends than what people have seen before.

Since Ajay is not here, so can I safely ask you to tell more about Ajay Devgn′s character in the film?

Arjun′s character is a sort of person who is kind of set on a mission. He wants to succeed in life the way he wanted to as a child having a background of tragedy in the family. He wants to make it big as a music star and to perform at the Wembley and for that he would not let come anything in his way and it could be anything - his love or his friends. It′s a very conflicting sort of a role. He has fallen in love with this girl but still the priority for him is that he would wait for the right time to take over that part of his life.

The film also sort of brings together Punjabi and rock feel under one roof, do you like the music of the film?

I think Shankar Ehsaan and Loy have given a fantastic music to this film. The kind of responses that I have been getting is that we are not sure that which one is a better song. Every song works in its own way and I think the lyrics are fantastic and they are in tune with the script. The music of the film grows on to you when you keep listening to it.

You are working with Vipul Shah for the first time, how was the whole experience?

Vipul Shah understands his cinema very well. He has created very good drama in past and apart from it he has put everything on a very big scale which I think is great because today balance of both is very important in films today. He is very planned and very meticulous and keeps a very nice atmosphere on the sets. He knows the medium very well and his DOP Sejal is a very great help to him because he is really fast and brilliant with his job with the kind of shots that Vipul has conceived. Whatever Vipul wanted to do in this film, I don′t think so that it would have been possible without the help of Sejal.

Salman, do you dream?

Yes, I do dream but the quantity is very little, I rather believe in keeping awake all the time so that I am able to fulfill all those dreams. I dream with my open eyes, if I were to dream with closed eyes then they will remain dreams only. They will never turn into reality.

Did you see any dreams pertaining to this film?

The only dream I saw about this film was that it has turned out to be a huge hit. The work, which we have done for this film and the effort that we all have put in, is giving us dividends. I am pretty sure that this dream will turn out to be true after the release of the film.

Is there any difference between the dreams that Salman sees on screen and the one in real life?

The best part about me is that even without dreaming God is giving me everything. So in that case there is no point is seeing dreams. But I am convinced about this thing that the more hard work and effort you put in your work without getting frustrated - you will surely be blessed one day.

Do you also see frightful things in your dreams?

Well, the only scary thing I sometime see in my dreams is the loss of my dear ones. Whenever I see such dreams, I immediately wake up rub my eyes and then start seeing something else in my dreams - all my dreams are under my control. Your life would be empty without their presence.

Do you also harbor any dreams about Being Human?

Being Human is my charitable trust and through it we have plans to merchandise T-shirts, watches, gold coins and other things. When people buy such things and whatever profit we earn form it will be used for the betterment of kids. The profits can be channelized on their education or on their treatment. People have made us by buying tickets of our films; now the time has come to give them back.

Salman KhanSalman Khan (more photos on gallery)

Salman, did you had any clue during your childhood that you will achieve the status of a superstar?

No, I never believed in this neither did my family. Both my mom and dad never thought that I would reach that position. But still there is a fear of panic in all of us. Till now everything is going smooth, tomorrow we may not have all these. And for the precise reason, we all have been mentally taught since our childhood that one should always be thankful to what one has in his or her life. Even if things were to go downward from here, one should not repent about anything. God has given us mind to think in a rational way.

When dreams shatter in real life, how do you handle them?

Well in real life I have only broken dreams, they have never shattered on their own.

Salman, don′t you think that these days some sort of Salman Khan film festival is on at theatres.

Yes, we have goofed up this time. It all happened because of the strike and after it got over everyone was in a hurry to release his or her films as soon as possible. Actually had things been in my control, I would have given a space of at least three to four months for all my films. Since my producers were not finding dates to release so it was pure coincidence that they all came one after the other. It really becomes difficult for a common man to see all these films in just one salary. Whenever films are released after gaps, it helps in better promotion and it also creates an interest among people. We just don′t get to think about the film, which we are supposed to promote when so many films are in queue.

You are also working with Ajay Devgn after a long gap, how was the reunion on the sets?

Ajay is a very close friend of mine and we both know each other since a long time. We both share a very similar personality. Ajay has no insecurities or jealousy whatsoever. He is a very confident person in himself. It′s great fun working with such like-minded people.

Thanks a lot.


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