I have two back-to-back hits in my kitty: Mugdha Godse

I have two back-to-back hits in my kitty

Rajan Singh04 Nov 2009

Mugdha Godse talks about going deglam in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail and about the film’s chances in the box office. She also talks about her expectations after giving 2 successive hits. She talks about her experience on the sets and some unknown facts about Neil and Madhur

JailMugdha Godse in Jail (more photos, videos, songs)

Mugdha, how excited were you about Jail, this second project of yours with Madhur Bhandarkar considering the fact that you were also there in his last film Fashion?

Yes, this time I have a very different look compared to my earlier film with Madhur Bhandarkar. I was really excited that I was doing my second film with Madhur. I don′t think so that most of the actresses get such opportunity. I was feeling very nice and excited and I knew that I would have a rocking time on the sets of the film. Madhur has played a very important role in bringing out my deglam facet. I only had to follow his direction while on the sets.

Now the very fact that Jail is a Madhur Bhandarkar film, so does that mean that it surely guarantees loads of awards next year, do you believe in it?

I am very convinced that Jail is such a film, which should fetch him all the possible awards including the national awards. Madhur has reached a different level altogether. When I saw Jail, all I could say to others was that this is his possibly the best work till date. And even after the film is released, I am pretty sure that people too will share a similar opinion about this film. He definitely has awards lined up next year.

Mugdha, you have just delivered a hit in the form of All The Best and now again it′s a realistic cinema, are you prepared for this transformation in such a short span?

Yes, I am all prepared. When I have a director like Madhur at the helm of affairs then I have nothing to worry about. By God′s grace I have two back-to-back hits in my kitty and the third film is on the roll. I have a very positive feeling about this film and that stems from the fact that I have the best of the people with me. Well we will get to know everything about the film once it releases on Friday. I am very excited.

Do you foresee any sort of competition between APKGK and Jail?

Well we are creative people and we don′t create competition. Creativity will take a back seat if we were talk about competition and will reek of my business facet and for that I will have to turn into a producer then. I keep such things aside and the word competition is not good for me. Ranbir is like a friend to us, and it′s a matter of pride for the whole industry that the grandsons of Kapoor family and Mukesh family are having their film releases together. I want everyone to bless us so that we attain success. Hope both the films succeed at the box office.

Mugdha, tell us bit about the plot of the film?

I think it′s the first time that people are going to see on screen that what really happens behind these four walls. Jail gives an insight view of what happens inside the four walls. I think Madhur has incorporated an amazing mix of fact and fiction in the film. I am very sure that people will like the film and will love it after watching it. The film talks about Parag Dikshit and how he lands in jail because of certain incidents and then the plot talks about what happens to him once he lands behind the bars. This film is something that people should go and see if they have this misconception that jail cannot happen to them.

JailNeil & Mugdha promoting Jail

Now Madhur′s films have this reality element rooted in them, so was the mood on the sets of the film used to be of similar nature?

The mood on the sets was contrary to what his films portray. We did practically everything - we played prank on the sets, we had lunches together, we mimicked people, sung songs, played volleyball, played cricket, we also went cycling from our hotel to the sets. I don′t think that there was anything that we skipped while shooting for this film on the sets. The whole atmosphere on the sets was just amazing. 

Who was more naughty on the sets - Neil or Madhur?

Both of them together were very naughty. I was the sole girl on the sets so I was bit bullied on the sets but no hassles, I take this in a positive way. I have not done so many things in this film - I have not done any make up for this film. I have worn the same clothes in the film. Madhur actually saved lots of money by giving me normal clothes.

A lot is being said about the nude scene in the film that Neil has done, what′s your take on it?

All I can say is that Madhur has picturised the whole scene in keeping in tune with the mood of the film. When you see that scene, I am pretty sure that as an audience you would be able to relate to the trauma of the character of Parag Dixit. It′s not a skin show sequence. The scene is very hard hitting and audience would be able to identify themselves with Parag′s character′s mental trauma and stress. People won′t be distracted with the nudity aspect of the scene. It does not make a difference, as the audience will surely feel the mental trauma of Neil′s role in the film.

Ok, lastly tell us few things about Madhur and Neil, which the world is not really aware of?

I am pretty sure that not many people know that Madhur is not exactly like what his films are. His films are very serious but contrary to the nature of his films he is a very fun loving person. He is a very humorous person and he always used to make us laugh before filming any intense scene. No one knows that, so he is a completely different person as opposed to his films. He is not a hard taskmaster at all. Whenever we do an intense scene, he begins with his commentary by making comments in succession. As far as Neil is concerned, there is nothing that is hidden from people, he is actually a sweet person and a lively human being. He has this sweet way of troubling people.

Thanks a lot.


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Mugdha Godse looking really gorgeous
Posted by shivani on  Nov 11 2009 5:43PM

Do you think, Mugdha could turn into a lucky mascot after Jail’s success?

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