I only make films and never think about awards

I only make films and never think about awards

Rajan Singh07 Nov 2009

Madhur Bhandarkar talks about his new movie, Jail and controversies regarding Censor ceritification. He talks about getting National awards and why his focus is the audience and not awards. He also talks about living up to high expectations

JailMadhur Bhandarkar on the set of Jail (more photos, videos, songs)

Madhur, what can we expect this time through Jail?

Well, I always make films on different subjects and different issues and Jail too is a similar subject. Jail is such a subject, which talks about Neil Nitin Mukesh who because of certain situations is put behind bars and then what happens with him later on.

Madhur, the whole industry has this impression that you are infamous for not repeating your actresses, what made you change your mind in case of Mugdha Godse?

I myself don′t know that why do people say such things about me. I did a film called Satta with Raveena Tandon and then repeated her in Aan. I did Page 3 with Konkona Sen and then again she was there in my next film Traffic Signal. And then it was Mugdha Godse; first she was there in Fashion and now in Jail. Atul Kulkarni has done three films with me, so how can people say this that I don′t repeat my actors. I have repeated three films, so my score is not bad at all.

Since the time the first promo of the film went on air the film has remained in news; be it U/A certificate or nude scenes, what′s your take on it?

As far as the nudity part is concerned, when the prisoner comes inside the jail then he is thoroughly searched by the jail officials and we shot the same portion. Neil had no issues doing the scene, if we appreciate a similar scene that is part of world cinema then why should we have any problem out here? And then it created a controversy on its own. When I was given A certificate for Fashion, then I was really sad. I was confident of the fact that since nothing was there in the film it never deserved A certificate. There was only this scene where Priyanka Chopra is shown consuming cocaine in a pub that compelled censor board to give us A certificate for Fashion. I was aware of the fact that we might encounter the same problem with Neil′s nude sequence and thus to avoid any hassles we blurred it so that it′s granted at least U/A certificate. When the film went to censor board, there told us that the film requires few cuts, and then I requested them that I will make all the necessary changes and also promised to blur the nude sequence further more and thus they finally gave this film U/A certificate.

You just mentioned about the cocaine scene from Fashion which was actually given an A certificate, but in the recently released London Dreams there were lots of such sequences and the film only had U/A certificate, what would be your reaction?

I can′t make any comments because I have not seen London Dreams. I won′t make any comments on it. I really don′t know what the parameters are? I will share something with you - In Traffic Signal we had shown Ranvir Shorey snorting cocaine where as in Page 3, I had shot a whole scene where people are freely taking drugs and I am still surprised that both the films were given U/A certificate and this all happened three-four years back. Then it was not the end, both the films were also given national awards by the President of India. And then for the same thing, Fashion was given an A certificate, so this whole thing really baffles me. I am still not aware of the norms.

JailNeil & Madhur promoting Jail

Also if there is a Madhur Bhandarkar film coming up then it surely guarantees a national award, should we expect the same from Jail also?

I never think in such a manner. I only make films and never think about awards. I made films right from Chandni Bar till Fashion and out of those films; three of them went on to win national awards. My first target is my audience and I cater to them. I want them to feel happy after seeing my film and if I were to get awards then they would only be bonus for me.

Has the name Madhur Bhandarkar in itself become a brand because if you were to compare your film with APKGK, it’s evident that you are not promoting your film that much?

Well, in first place they both are different films. Every film has a marketing strategy and parameter of its own. APKGK is a big budgeted film and has different marketing perspective to it and it′s more on the commercial side where as our film is a medium budget film. The total budget of the film is around Rs. 13 crores. I am very sure that awareness about this film is surely there and every film has a different marketing budget allotted to it. But as far as the effort is concerned, where ever I go people do talk about the type of films I make. People are interested to see the brand that I have built up over the years.

Do you feel pressurized to deliver a good film every time?

Off course, I do get pressurized to deliver a good film to my audiences. People are curious to know about the subjects I opt for and what will I make next. And that′s why I get to hear this so many times that I am making a film on such a subject that others had not even dreamt of. The pressure is surely there but as far as Jail is concerned, it will surely match up to people’s expectations and they will surely like it.

Judging by the nature of the films that are releasing this week at the box office, do you foresee any sort of clash between commercial cinema and realistic cinema?

Well, it′s very difficult to answer this question because I always make films that cater to my taste and people in most of the cases have liked what I have served to them. Last year too both Fashion and Golmaal Returns released on the same day and both the films succeeded at the box office. One of them was an out and out commercial cinema while ours was a realistic cinema but both of them ran successfully at the box office. I want both the films to succeed at the box office; the current year has been very bad for the film industry so I want both Jail and APKGK to run at the box office.

Thanks a lot.


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Hmmm your work is so good that you do not need to worry about losing an award
Posted by shivani on  Nov 11 2009 5:40PM

Do you think, Madhur has become a powerful brand, that his films don’t need promotion?

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