The spirit of the kiss has this young spirit in it: Emraan Hashmi

The spirit of the kiss has this young spirit in it

Rajan Singh12 Nov 2009

Emraan Hashmi talks about Tum Mile and the role of music in his films. He also talks about working with his co-star Soha Ali Khan and casting her in the movie. Finally, he talks about researching for the movie based on Mumbai floods and not to forget getting intimate with Soha.

Tum MileTum Mile (more photos, videos, songs)

Emraan, as always the music is topping the charts; all I can is that you have been very lucky in terms of music for your films?

Well, full marks goes to my music directors. I think especially for this album we had to work hard a lot. The whole team of Pritam, Kunal, Vishesh Films and myself had worked before in Jannat and the music for that film was appreciated by everyone. The film also did pretty well at the box office, so we had to be doubly sure before coming out with this album of Tum Mile with respect to the lyrics of the songs. This time too Sayeed Qadri has penned the lyrics of the songs. I think he has written some great stuff. It took almost some four to five months to record all the songs, which involved numerous sittings. After the script of the film was done, we had realized by that time that we have winner in hand. The music has reached top of the charts and I am really happy about it. The complete credit goes to Pritam and all the singers. The job of creating music is a very difficult task. The lyrics are written in mind keeping the overall situation of the film. And during such situation we used the collective strength of our unit and most of the time we hit the bull′s eye. It′s a collective verdict on a song on the base of which we pick a song.

While interviewing Soha, she informed me that she is scared of water bodies, how did you help him out?

I think it′s the other way. It was Soha who often bailed me out. I have this problem of claustrophobia. We had done an underwater scene where there was this wooden plank on top of us and the shot required both of us to swim for good 8 to 10 feet, but we were not supposed to come out of water to gasp for breathe. And ultimately things became so scary that we had to get that plank off. Also the way we have shot this film demanded too much of physical exertion. I think anyone would have run away after five days of shooting but Soha really stuck around.

Emraan, please tell us some good qualities of Soha?

I think good things come in small packages. I think as an actress we exactly got what we had expected of her for the film. When the name Soha cropped up during the casting session of the film, I think everyone was very excited, as we all knew that her point of view towards films, she would make it very modern and contemporary. It is really a major plus point for an actor if they have another actor who is very spontaneous and who can improvise well and that′s what Soha did exactly when we were shooting for this film. The chemistry, which has come on screen, is really very nice. Not forgetting she has a pair of beautiful eyes.

The film is based on Mumbai floods, has any creative liberty been taken for this film?

I think when the film was in its scripting process, then we had too much of research in our hand. There were numerous stories pertaining to Mumbai floods on the Internet. Kunal even met lot many people in connection with this film. He did a lot of research for this immediately after he had finished shooting his Jannat. I think it′s a very real depiction You ask anyone who encountered floods that day and everyone will tell you something similar what we have shown in our film. There have been little things that were added to the script. Everyone will be able to relate to the incidents that we have shown in this film. I myself know many people who did not reach home as they all were stuck out for 24 to 48 hours. Sometime people stayed over at other people′s place. It was a very bad situation that day. You take any cinematic liberty for this film and I am pretty sure that it will gel with the life of common people as too many things happened on that day. The whole city had come to a grinding halt that day and we have shown that part very well.

Tum MileTum Mile (more photos, videos, songs)

Your serial kisser image still persists with this film too.

Well the intentions this time are very pure. Its told to us by those associated with the film that there are no intimate scenes to change my image but after the film is through by say 30 per cent then the director comes to us and says that the chemistry is working well but we need bit intimate scenes. There is something missing from the whole affair and then the rest is history. I wanted this to be a surprise for everyone but now the secret is out.

I am pretty sure that the kiss between you and Soha in the film must have been done in a very aesthetic manner keeping in mind the backdrop of the film, though we are yet to see the film.

Kiss in the film is not in form as its being perceived by the audiences. The spirit of the kiss has this young spirit in it. We are living in such a time where love at first sight is the order of the day but again we cannot shy away from break up after first bite. It′s easy to fall in love but very difficult to stay in love. Today′s era belongs to Twitter, Facebook and instant messaging. The romance, which happened in the old era when you posted a letter and you used to get the reply after almost 10 days, is over for now. Instant messages have replaced everything. It′s such an era where consumer needs instant gratification and so we have made this film keeping in mind the sensibility of a young generation. We have addressed their mindset and I am sure that they will be able to see their reflection at some point or the other in this film. 

Thanks a lot.


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