It's a great honor & pride, working with Vishesh Films: Soha Ali Khan

It's a great honor & pride, working with Vishesh Films

Rajan Singh13 Nov 2009

Soha Ali Khan talks about Tum Mile from Vishesh Films and working with Emraan Hashmi. She relives her real life experience from the Mumbai flooding incident, while working in the film and also talks about her much talked about kissing scene with Emraan, the serial kisser.

Soha Ali KhanSoha Ali Khan (more photos)

Soha, how was the whole experience working on this film Tum Mile that has a different subject altogether and with Emraan Hashmi in particular?

There were so many experiences while working for this film. It was a very difficult film to shoot but I think we both worked very hard for it. What I like the most about Emraan is that he is very punctual, he always used to reach on the sets on time which is just great. He knew my lines, he knew his lines or rather he knew everyone′s lines. I think it was very professional to work with him and he is a very hardworking actor. He never complained or threw any tantrums on the sets. Given the fact that I killed both my director and my co-actor in a car incident sequence that we were shooting, I can only say good things about him because he continued shooting with me even in that terrible situation.

Did you recall memories from Mumbai floods of 26th July when you were shooting for this film?

I too was struck when the floods happened in Mumbai on 26th July, 2005. I was stuck on SV Road so all those memories came back to me when we were shooting for Tum Mile. The incidents that we have shown in the film are life-threatening situation that of course never happened that day with me. But I have heard lots of stories that happened that fateful day. It was a very scary time for anyone who must have been in Mumbai at that time. Lot of people lost their lives and homes. Mumbai as a city lost so much of money. It was a traumatic film to shoot and so yes I did experience quite a lot.

Music of the film is topping charts these days so that must have given you a reason that the film should work well at the box office.

It′s a matter of great honor and pride for me that I am working with Vishesh Films. In the capacity of an actress I have been given an opportunity to perform in this film. It′s a very strong role that was given to me to portray. I was attracted to the script of the film the moment I finished reading it. It was great fun working with Kunal Deshmukh who has directed this film and I had liked his debut film Jannat. It′s the dream team of Jannat with a small addition in form of me. I was very nervous initially as I was the only odd man out from the dream team of Jannat. The best things being that the masses have really liked the songs and the promos of the film. I am very excited about that.

Judging by the scale and the backdrop of the film, it′s evident that the film has been shot in difficult conditions, did you do anything special to prepare for your role?

Well both Emraan and me had to take injections before we started shooting the film. There were anti-typhoid, anti-cholera, and Hepatitis vaccines also. The whole aim was to prevent us from water borne diseases. We had to go through all such preparations and yes the shooting part was physically very tiring for all of us. We often worked for 12 to 16 hours per day for this film. It would be very tiring to do anything else. It was a difficult role to portray and it′s not a glamorous role at all. I also had to do lots of water-based stunts that I was doing for the first time. Till the time my head used to be above water it was perfectly ok with me but the moment my head used to go down for the shoots, I used to feel very scared. I am very scared of water and there are few scenes in the film, which really scared the hell out of me.

How did Emraan react in such situations?

I actually had to remind Emraan when the shoot was on that till the time the camera is focused on us he is in love with me and my name is Sanjana as he often used to call me Soha even when the camera was on.

Now when you have worked with Emraan Hashmi, can you pin point few good qualities in him?

I did not have much of expectation. I have seen his films and have liked them but I had never met him before. But after working with him I realized this that he is the most professional actor among the actors I have worked with in my entire career. He always used to be on the sets on time and knew all his lines before hand. The great thing about Emraan is that he never crosses beyond two takes. So there was a sort of competition between both of us. I think there could not have been any better thing than this. But that element of competition was there in me that even I also have to give my best. It′s similar to a tennis match, if there is a better player in front of you then your game too improves automatically. I think acting is reacting half the time. When there is someone better in front of you then automatically your reaction also becomes better and improved and I think the chemistry works on screen.

Tum MileTum Mile (more photos, videos, songs)

Tell us a bit about the plot of the film?

Well the story has this backdrop of Mumbai floods and talks about two lovers who meet again during the crisis after a gap of few years. The story of the film keeps alternating between present and past and how they come close to each other with flashes of their past has been talked about in the film.

Is there any scene in the film, which has been inspired from incidents that happened that day?

There is a scene where I am trapped in a car and that happened to lots of people who were stuck on the road on that fateful day. There are state of the art systems in cars these days, those people could not even predict that something of this sort could happen until it happens to you. The car locks might get locked automatically and then you are stuck inside your car. People lost their lives because of that. I don′t think there is much exaggeration of that at all in the film.

Soha, you also had your first kissing scene experience with this film, how was the experience?

If I were to say less about this issue then it would be wise. What can I say? I am very flustered now. Yes, the kissing was the first time for me on screen. But once you see the film then you will realize that it′s a very sweet romantic kiss that is actually quite tamed. I was actually scared of the fact that I was to do a kissing scene with Emraan, how will I do it?

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