Kurbaan is an edgy thriller: Kareena Kapoor

Kurbaan is an edgy thriller

Amarendra Mishra16 Nov 2009

Kareena Kapoor talks about her new movie, Kurbaan and working with her beau, Saif Ali Khan. She talks about her role and the controversies surrounding the movie. She also talks about the relationship she shares with Chhote Nawab, Saif and working with debutant director, Rensil D’Souza.

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Kareena, the blurb of the film, Kurbaan says that some love stories have blood on them, what does this means?

Yes and most definitely. The poster is being appreciated by all and most of the people have already seen the poster and the promos. The theme of the film says that some love stories have blood on them and that′s what the story of the film is all about. It′s got blood on it. Kurbaan is an edgy thriller and is a love story between wife and her husband. Blood is interpreted in the film in the form of emotional intensity and emotional violence and that′s why the poster shows Saif Ali Khan bleeding. It′s got a very intense meaning to it.

If I am not mistaken you play the role of a professor in the film, how true is it?

Yes, I play the role of a professor in the film. In fact both Saif and me play the role of professors in the film who teach at a university. The love story begins from there. They both go to New York to teach at a local university. It has turned out into an excellent film. Karan Johar has produced this beautiful film. Both Saif and me are really very excited about Kurbaan and I personally feel that Kurbaan will be one of the best films of the year.

You just mentioned that you both play professors in the film, what are the subjects that you both are shown teaching in the film?

I play the role of a psychology professor and Saif play the role of a professor who gives lectures on Islamic studies and Islam movement. The film also dabbles with the fact that what happens when a Muslim professor gives lectures to American students on such subjects. But the film does not concentrate on what we both are doing, it′s basically a love story as to what happens between both of them and what′s the underlying current. The professorship part is there in the film only in the beginning but at the heart of it Kurbaan is a love story.

You play the role of a psychology professor in the film, how well can you read people′s minds?

Well I can judge people a lot by reading their minds and that′s so because I always think from my heart and not from my mind. The whole world knows that whatever decision I take, it all stems from my heart. I only mean to say that one should be happy with themselves. I think as a person also I can get a vibe from others, which could be positive or negative. I am a great believer in vibes. If a person is giving good vibes then both the parties benefit from it. The vibrations are good to judge a person′s behavior.

That also goes on to mean that you can easily read Saif′s mind!

Actually both Saif and me think from our heart. Saif is a guy who does and feels what he wants and that′s why he is considered as a very genuine person in the industry. His friendship also is very pure and genuine. Whatever he says has a meaning to it. I think we both are very transparent and thus we can read each other′s minds.

Will it be ok to say that both you and Saif share a bohemian personality?

In fact we both are very traditional people. We both are very traditional and conservative with respect to our families. We both come from traditional family backgrounds and that′s why we both have a very traditional and conservative sort of thinking. We prefer sitting in some old haveli whenever we go to Rajasthan for holidays. And whenever we plan to go outside the country then we always think of paying visit to castles of the 17th century. We both like to see old world stuff more than new; we are not interested in the latest and new stuff. The holds true for songs also, we both are fond of old songs.

Even before the first promo of the film was out, the love scenes between you and Kareena had become talk of the town, what′s your take on it?

I think some people always prefer saying things by adding some masala to it. And that′s perfectly ok. Whatever is there in the film is also there in the promos. The film is not about kissing scenes and love making scenes; the film has a proper story to it. It talks about what happens inside a love story and that′s why Karan has written this caption that some love stories have blood on them. People should look at it from this perspective. Even the English films too abound with such love making scenes, and it′s not that we are going to see this film only because it has love making scenes in it. They should see the film for Avantika and Ehsaan, the two protagonists in the film and that′s why they should go and see the film.

Rensil is making his directorial debut with this film, were you scolded by him at any point while shooting the film?

I think Rensil is one of my most favourite people. I just adore and love him. The sensibility of Rensil is very contemporary and his thinking is very new. He has been an ad filmmaker before directing this film and that′s why his thoughts are very fresh and new. That itself is pretty interesting that Saif and myself decided to come together for Rensil′s film. Though there were many offers in front of us but we both opted for this film. I think this is what Saif and me are when you see the film and that has been possible only because of Rensil and the script of the film.

Also do you feel this that after the release of this film, people will stop talking about yours and Saif chemistry in films?

I don′t think that actors think on such a tangent. We don′t think about people said in past and what will they say in future. I think we do a film because we both love working together. At that time Tashan was a great film to be a part of. Yash Raj Films produced the film and Victor directed it and it had an amazing star cast. That film got me a lot and I still feel very proud to be a part of Tashan. The whole controversy, which related to me losing so much of weight for the film started with this film and it′s still on. The film also had some amazing songs. I am very possessive about all my films and more so about Tashan but Kurbaan is a very different film because Saif and me are doing a love story for the first time. Tashan was not a love story, in that film I was paired with Akshay. And as far as LOC is concerned it had an ensemble cast and my role was just a guest appearance. Technically this is the first time that we both are coming together.

Kareena KapoorKareena Kapoor (more photos on gallery)

There was also this news that came from the sets of Kurbaan that you were working very hard to find a girl for Vivek Oberoi, how true is it?

Actually Vivek is a very good friend of Saif and me. He is a very sweet person and we thoroughly enjoyed working with each other. Our pairing was appreciated a lot in Yuva. Ae Khuda is one of the best songs ever to be picturised on me and I think that′s Rahman Ji′s one of the best songs also. We have a good relationship with each other. The whole atmosphere on the sets was pretty good and Vivek has done a fabulous job in the film. I was not looking for a girl for Vivek but I always used to say this to him that now the time has come to marry. And then Vivek used to say that if I were to get a girl like me then may be. But I used to tell him that every girl is different from one another.

The core issue of this film is very intense so does that mean that it also has a message for the society?

Of course yes, Kurbaan is a very message driven film. It has a very strong message be it love or terrorism. This film has everything contemporary in it. Kurbaan is a film that has depth to it and that′s what I believe in.

What went wrong with Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna?

I think the reason for which I did the film was mere friendship. I have always said this that I always think with my heart. I only tried to help my friend Prem Soni who was the director of the film. My sister is very fond of Salman and Sohail and so I wanted to do it. Why the film did not do well at the box office, I guess I am not the right person to answer this question. I only tried to help my friend from my side. 

Lastly, would you have done this film had Saif not been a part of this film?

Definitely. I never sign a film judging by its hero. On the contrary this film was first offered to me and then it was the turn of Saif Ali Khan. I would have done this film any which way - Dharma Production is like family to me secondly Rensil and I share a very great relationship. We were in discussion about this film for a very long time. I would love to work with Rensil again.

Thanks a lot.


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Have high hopes from Kurbaan. Hope this one doesnt disappoint like Tum Mile :(
Posted by Vinayak on  Nov 18 2009 12:55PM
The gut feeling is that Kurbaan may deliver.
Posted by vuttaa on  Nov 18 2009 5:26PM

Do you think, people will watch Kurbaan only for Saif – Kareena pairing?

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