Priyanka Chopra - On Life in 2008 and 2050

Priyanka Chopra - On life in 2008 and 2050

Rajan Singh18 Jun 2008

Q. So did you enjoy the journey to the year 2050? A. 2050 was a very interesting place to be at. If I were to get an opportunity to go to that era from this era, then I would certainly like to go there. When I say this I don't mean to say that things in today's era are bad but things of that era are so fascinating that after having stayed there for one or two years, I would come back. It has monorails, robots, flying cars, state of the art buildings et al.

Priyanka Chopra is fast emerging as one of the top heroines of Bollywood. Her films are distinctly different from each other and Love Story 2050 is one movie that can take her to the top. Rajan Singh chats with an excited Priyanka, on why this film is very important to her.


So did you enjoy the journey to the year 2050?

2050 was a very interesting place to be at. If I were to get an opportunity to go to that era from this era, then I would certainly like to go there. When I say this I dont mean to say that things in todays era are bad but things of that era are so fascinating that after having stayed there for one or two years I would come back. It has monorails, robots, flying cars, state of the art buildings et al. In this film my robot cuts fruits for me, arranges my clothes and sometimes advices me to on important matters. When I dont do my work properly, he also rebukes me. The robot is like my mother cum nanny cum best friend so yes its a great fantasy place to be in. I would love to be there.

Dont you think this love story was not possible in 2008?

Harman Baweja

This love story is of present era. The love story encompasses from 2008 to 2050. There is a time travel machine, which takes us to 2050. Its a love story that travels through eons; it travels through eras of time. There is this old saying that love is timeless, and the plot of this film talks about the same thing. This story certifies this basic fact. The whole world might change, your dressing style might change, your language might change but love is one thing, which remains constant throughout. Its a fun loving energetic story.

Most of the film has been shot using chroma technology, how did you feel while shooting for this film?

If you were to go back some 50 years back then you will realise that Mumbai of that era just does not resembles Mumbai of today. So many buildings and parks have come up. Everything has changed. So in that era too everything is bound to change but we are not predicting any such thing. The film is Harry Sirs vision. He has drawn the whole film on a very positive note and has come to a conclusion that buildings and other things would be in accordance to a certain parameters. But rest of the world around this will change. You will get to see modified versions of all these smaller things.

Boo the bearQT the robot

Please tell us a bit about the teddy bear and the robot that accompany you in the film.

BOO is my pink colored teddy bear and BOO basically stands for Bionic Omni Operator. BOO is my mother cum nanny cum best friend in the film. They do all my work. They even rebuke me when I do something wrong and take care of my house. The robot in the film is called QT and its an acronym for Quintessential Terrestrial. She is a humanoid robot in the film. She is Harmans guide to the future in the film. Both of them play very important role in the film almost at par with any other supporting actor in the film.

These days realistic films are the order of the day, dint you harbour any apprehension when you signed this futuristic film?

On the contrary people are not entirely concentrating on realistic cinema. Today special effects and technology have raised the bars and now we can see films like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Spiderman, so why cant our Indian films be of similar nature. This will happen for the first time that that you will get to see such things for the first time in desi format. Ours is a love story, which is very close to our heart and we will serve it with dollops of special effects. Its something that we should be very proud of. Its something that the world is now ready for. You sit anywhere in this country you get to see such things be it TV or English movie channels. People are now fully aware that such films too are being made these days; these films will basically act as bridges to fill in the gap.

I am pretty sure that Harman on the sets of the film must have surely reminded you of your debut days. How was it on the sets?

Yes, I surely remember those days. Its been almost four to five years in this industry but it almost looks like 15 years. Harman knew me even before my first film was released so he knew pretty well that how nervous I was on the first day of my shooting. When we started shooting for this film, it was as if we switched over and I am there in his debut film. Its really funny to switch places, yes I was nervous but its all very natural.


Do you still feel nervous even after having done so many films?

Yes, its Harmans film but at the same time its my film too. I am nervous about the film any which ways. Its been almost one and half years since my last film was released so I am nervous about that. The gap happened mainly because of Drona, Fashion and Love Story 2050. Both, this film and Drona are heavily laden with special effects and every shot for the film took too much of time. They are like mega marathon and consumed too much of time and both these films will be released in back-to-back span. I am nervous about the whole experience. I am looking different in all my films and have really worked hard upon them. Whether people will like it or not - I am really nervous about that.

In your film career you have done too many experiments, was Love Story 2050 an extension?

I love doing films. If you do a film, which has got six songs on you coupled with 15 scenes, then anyone can do this job. You will have four hit films in your kitty. But the rush you get when you are part of such a film, which was to change cinema, is just something else. I was part of Krrish, which changed filmmaking process. After this film special effects came to India for the first time. Krrish was first superhero of this country and I am proud of the fact that I was part of that film. Again, I am proud of the fact that I am part of 2050, which is Indias first sci-fi film. Its just fantastic. Drona is Indias first fantasy film or rather such a fantasy film is coming to India after a log gap on such epic proportion. I am very amazed and feel proud to be part of such films. If you dont take risk and chances there is just no use of your success.

Priyanka Chopra

You have also colored your hair for the film.

Yes, I have colored my hair in the film. You go to any girl of this country with long hair and ask her to color her hair red - her pet reply would that are you out of your senses. I too thought something similar when Mickey Contractor asked me to do so but he insisted and I understood. Actually the fact being that our audience has become very intelligent. If you were to apply a wig, they will easily make out. I wanted to give a natural feel to everything. When I had colored my hair red, it was only studios and home for me. I used to wear bandana so that my look did not leak out to any one. But at the end of it all I am happy that I did it. People actually like my look and the color of my hair. I was recently in Bangkok when a girl came up to me and showed me her red hair. She told me that she did it after seeing me, and for me that was really nice to get such a reaction.

Are you a gadget freak?

I just love gadgets. I love technology. I have to get every new gadget that appeals to me. It becomes essential for me to buy any such gadget, which looks interesting to me. For the precise reason I have this bent towards sci fi films.

Harman carried a sipper when I met him last, do you carry any such gizmo?

Even I too have that bottle. I also have this funky alarm clock which when rings actually starts rolling in the whole room, so you have to get out of your bed to switch it off. Its an interesting way of waking you up.

You basically replaced Kareena Kapoor in this film, did you had any reservations about it?

I never do films based on relationships. If a friend of mine were to tell me to do a small role, then I will do it even without thinking it even once. But the same logic wont apply to a full-fledged role. I dont come from a filmy background and I am an outsider and whatever small career i have made is solely on my own efforts. Its very essential for me that all my films are correct choices. If the plot does not appeal to me then i will never do that film. I have done this film because this film is bigger than anything. The story is bigger than anything.

Harman and Priyanka

Also arent you apprehensive of doing a film with a newcomer?

I dont think so. I had worked with John when he was a newcomer in the industry. I have worked with lots of actors when I was a new entrant to the industry. Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan worked with me when I was a newcomer. Its all about taking chances. I always knew that Harman has that star potential. he has all the talent that requires in becoming a star. The way these big stars gave an opportunity to me by agreeing to work with me applies to Harman too. He is a star in making.

Finally how do you react when people refer to you as Harmans girlfriend?

Whatever time I have spent in the industry, I have realized one thing that these are basically professional hazards. If you tend to do some two or three film with the same actor, people assume that they are into a relationship. The shooting of Love Story 2050 started only one and half years back but such news about me and Harman has been there for the past three years, almost. You cant stop them and I only feel that such things should not be given much importance. I dont think its important and as a girl I have all the right to keep my privacy.

Thanks a lot.


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