Inside Mumbai Terror Attack

Inside Mumbai Terror Attack

Admin21 Nov 2009

On the first anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, a special documentary film — to be premiered on National Geographic, tells a complete story of the attack, which outraged the whole nation and almost brought the neighboring countries on the brink of war. The film reveals the planning behind the attack and also plots intelligence lapses & administrative failures.

Terror attacks on Mumbai on 26/11Terror attacks on Mumbai on 26/11/2008 outraged the whole nation, and almost made the neighboring countries on the brink of war

On 26th November 2008, 10 gunmen strike Mumbai with military precision. They kill at will, take hostages, preferably Americans, British & Jews, target the economic capital of India and grab international attention. Over 60 hours they paralyze a city of 19 million, killing 166 people and injuring 304. With strategic support from forces unseen, unknown!

A terror strike that almost brings 2 nuclear states to the brink of war!

Inside Mumbai Terror Attack - a documentary on the world′s most audacious terror attack since 9/11, revisits those 60 hours, told through characters who were inside the action - the fisherman who saw the  terrorists come ashore, an American couple who witnessed the  shooting in 2 venues and escape terror twice, a retired Indian banker who came face to face with the attackers as he was taken hostage, a mother whose daughter was shot next to her, the police officer who first fired at them, security officials that engaged the terrorists, a seasoned cop put in charge of the Police reaction and the Special Forces Counter-terror unit called in to neutralize the terrorists.

Rakesh Maria - Joint Commissioner (Crime), Mumbai Police says

“The challenge before the leadership was to motivate and inspire the men that despite the loss of the three senior officers one needs to get on with it. And I think Mumbai police rose to a situation. The moment Ismael was killed and Kasab was arrested, I think that was a turning point. Whatever the men felt due to the loss of these three officers, I think this incident boosted the morale of the men.”

The film is a complete story of the event, experts in defense analysts and the Indian Home minister Chidambaram, victims as well as security forces.

After the siege, the film follows the investigation to reveal a meticulously planned master plan, its bloody execution and a delayed yet brave fight back with a dramatic rescue. The film also plots intelligence lapses & administrative failures before and during the siege - trigger points that combined to catalyze a catastrophe.  

The film takes you right to the heart of the action - all recreations (except Taj interior action) are set in actual places where these incidents happened. The film also reveals a diabolical on how this attack was planned - how thousands of prospective young men were screened in Pakistan and almost like a reality show, through stages of elimination, the final 10 were chosen to execute the attack. The intent of the attack is revealed - of provoking a war between two nuclear states.

Says Niret Alva, Executive Producer, "Inside: Mumbai Terror Attack gives a 360 degree perspective of the events that unfolded at multiple locations, including important  lessons learnt (or not!), action taken by the government and the  question of whether we are adequately protected today from more such attacks. No other film does all this."

  • Executive Producers: NIRET ALVA & NIKHIL J ALVA
  • Editor: SANJEEV NAG
  • Associate Director: RAMYA RAMAMURTHY
  • Narrator: NIRET ALVA
  • Director of Recreations: ASHISH SHUKLA
  • Directors of Photography: HEMANT BHALLA & KIRAN KUNIGAL 
REGION Telecast Date Timing
Nat Geo India 11/22/2009
20:00 & 23:00
Nat Geo Italy 11/19/2009 23:10
Nat Geo Latin America 11/22/2009 21:00
Nat Geo Germany 11/26/2009 21:10
Nat Geo Australia New Zealand 11/29/2009 20:30
Nat Geo Iberia 11/29/2009 21:00
Nat Geo Turkey 11/29/2009 21:00
Nat Geo Central Europe 11/29/2009 21:00
Nat Geo Asia Taiwan 11/29/2009 22:00
Nat Geo France 12/06/2009 20:40
Nat Geo Benelux/Africa 12/06/2009 23:00

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looking fwd to watch the documentary!
Posted by Making things happen :) on  Nov 21 2009 11:07PM
it's a gripping tale. and spine chilling. kudos to the makers who went through such magnitude of research to bring out the details. didnt like the voice over though. lacked the depth.
Posted by vuttaa on  Nov 27 2009 12:41PM
Do we have another broadcast in India?
Posted by Shruti on  Nov 28 2009 11:42AM
ishh, missed this one. any video available on youtube? can any1 share a link plz?
Posted by Chaila on  Nov 28 2009 3:59PM
Almost everyday, being telecast on Nat Geo at 9pm. Check out today!
Posted by Pritam on  Nov 28 2009 6:05PM
it is very bad
Posted by rajeev on  Nov 29 2009 1:01AM
It was very shocking to see, I hope this never happen again.
Posted by Abrar on  Dec 2 2009 3:25PM
i hav watched this documentry... my eyes were wet on watching this movie. this one really touched ur heart...i always wish 4 their family members whu hav lost their lives.specially "FIZA" a small baby who lost her father in this attack.
Posted by Anonymous on  Dec 4 2009 11:32AM

Do you think, India is ready to handle another terror attack like this one?

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