I have this gut feeling that Radio is already a super hit film: Himesh Reshammiya

I have this gut feeling that Radio is already a super hit film

Rajan Singh05 Dec 2009

In this interview, Himesh Reshammiya talks about his new movie, Radio and playing multiple roles of an actor, singer and music director. He also talks about singing in dual tones in Radio and promises to deliver more movies every year from now on.

RadioRadio (more photos, videos, songs)

Himesh, it′s great to see you back after almost a year, as Radio would soon be releasing.

I am very thankful to my audience and I am very happy that the music of Radio is being appreciated by one and all. My film is scheduled to release on 3rd of December, which will have a new look, new music and a new sound. Radio also has a new sensibility, which has a modern contemporary, and young feel to it. It′s a film, which has been made keeping in mind the sensibility of today′s youths. As far as the sound part is concerned, it also features my new vocal sound coupled with my old nasal voice. It also has music from my side that you have never heard or come across before.

Where had you disappeared, you were just not to be seen anywhere.

Well I was out from the circuit as I was busy finishing my four films, which will now be released back to back after Radio. Ishq Unplugged, Kajraare and A Love Issshtory are my other films.  Pooja Bhatt′s Kajrare took a very long time as the film encompasses a huge expanse and had many outdoor schedules during its shoot. I was busy shooting back-to-back everyday for all the four films, which consumed some nine to ten months. And now when all these films are over, people will see all my four films with a gap of one month each. My fans who were complaining to me that I have become completely invisible will now get to see my four films in a very short span of time. The new phase will begin with Radio.

There was also a section that said that Himesh went underground because of the debacle of Karzzzz; how true is it?

Well it was very important for me after the failure of Karzzzz to come in front of the audience with a new sensibility and with a new thought. There were many factors involved in the debacle of Karzzzz  - the film was very highly priced coupled with innumerable shows in a day. I have always maintained my individuality and I should not have made any pretense about being Rishi Kapoor in that film. Whenever I have done anything in my own individual capacity, God has always been kind to me. Karzzzz did gather publicity but few factors like being a remake; subject of the 80s and the comparison factor really pulled it down. Though Karz was a cult classic when it was released in the 80′s but at the time of its release it did not generate much hysteria, it was only after few weeks that Karz became known to everyone. I have tried to bring a new thought, a new sensibility in all the four films. Radio is such a contemporary subject that deals with compatibilities, egos, chemistry and all that stuff. It′s a love triangle that talks about an RJ Vivaan Shah.

So will it be wise to say that Himesh has reinvented himself?

Well, I will be able to know as to how much I have reinvented myself only when Radio is released in cinema halls. I have this gut feeling that Radio is already a super hit film. This feeling was missing during the release of Karzzzz, which was more like let′s see how this film fares at the box office. About Radio I can say this confidently that I have put in all my effort and have worked very hard for this film. When a film is being shot then you have certain intuitions about that film. Though the final verdict will come from the audiences but I am very confident that we have come up with a very good product.

Himesh, there was a phase when music companies bombarded audiences with your song, will we get to see the same phase in terms of your films too in coming months?

Whenever I have worked a lot in terms of volume then I have always attained success. I must have done some 100 films in the capacity of a music director, which for me is quite a lot. Many people don′t get to do so many films even in their lifetime. I realized this that when I am doing one film at a time then something was missing. I know this that when I work a lot then I tend to give good results. But henceforth you won′t get to see single film of mine in one year; it would range between three to four films every year.

Why have you stopped giving music for other films?

Well the simple answer to that would that the USP gets lost in the whole process. I actually don′t have a problem but the fact remains that it does affect those film, which feature me as singer, composer and actor. It also affects their pricing. I have not become an actor just for the heck of it or just to fulfill a passion. If you want to work with full dedication then God always helps you but that X factor should be there in you. The seed is there in me and that′s why such big directors are grooming me and are working hard with me. They know this for sure and that′s why we all are associated with each other. And the only thing I need to do from my side is to prove it and I am pretty sure of doing it.

Did someone actually tell you that you look smart in your cropped hairstyle?

Yes, people appreciated me a lot on my new look. In Kajrare too Pooja Ji has presented me in a new look. The way Mahesh Bhatt Saab and Pooja Ji has presented me in Kajrare, I am pretty sure will appeal to you a lot. I am very confident that things will turn good for me good post Kajrare. I have learnt a lot from Bhatt Saab and he has shaped careers of many people when they were in the worst phase of their career. Now with my forthcoming films I will surely prove to my critics and tell them that why I became an actor. It is not only about your passion but it′s also a new way to look at your creativity. Let′s see if I have it in me or not, there have been many actors who clicked only after their 15th or 20th film and from my forthcoming four films I am pretty sure that two or three will surely hit the bull′s eye at the box office.

Is it true that you resorted to surgical operation to improve your vocal skills?

Well you will get to hear two new voices of mine in Radio. The first being Mann Ka Radio which has the middle octave based voice while Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio will feature my high pitched voice. And now when people are saying that I have resorted to surgery then I can only say that it′s being too much.

That only goes on to prove that your PR machinery is very active!

PR machinery will functions only till the time people like you. Nothing works in this life unless and until you have the confidence and faith of the audience. Well, the term called surgery has now got stuck on me - either ways if I were to deny it or accept it, it will lead to problems.

HimeshHimesh (more photos on gallery)

It also seems that you have made the whole thing about nasal twang as a weapon.

Yes, I have made this as my weapon because I was compelled to do so after the controversy with Asha Ji. I realized one thing that people were really getting angry on me that why am I not accepting this fact. Then I realized that I have no problem in giving happiness to so many people who only wanted me to accept that I have a nasal twang. For the first six months since this controversy erupted I constantly said that I don′t sing form my nose but the anger among the masses made me change my words and I relented. May be people may even say the same about Mann Ka Radio that it has a nasal twang to it, but all said and done I love them.

I am sure about one thing that Radio has now given you an alternate career option - of being an RJ.

Yes, I have taken lots of training to personify my character that happens to be an RJ in the film. The most important thing that I have learnt is that the reflexes to utter a line when you are on air is very important. When you are RJ-ing on a radio station then you have to adopt an attitude that is very important.

Did you listen to radio when you were a kid?

I think radio is such a phenomenon that everyone keeps listening to it. I am very happy that a plot has been created around this, which matches with today′s sensibilities. Too much of money has been spent in the film and because of this everything is just bang on in this film.

O, this Radio is about what?

Radio deals with the story of Vivaan Shah who is living in turbulent times. Girls have problems with their boyfriends that′s why do they keep going to porn sites? Boys are craving for space from their girlfriends and other things. His wife has divorced Vivaan and now he wants to be single, how he comes to terms with his past and present and though he has feelings for a girl he is scared of revealing his feelings to that girl. Moving on is the essence of life and you have to segregate your present from your past. All these things that we have been listening since years on relationships has been presented in a new avatar through this film. If you are in love with someone in today′s era then how will you communicate your feelings to that girl  - it talks about all these things. It′s a love triangle that has been shaped up in today′s era and talks about all these things.

Ok finally do you have qualities of a love guru within you?

Well I don′t have the features of a love guru in the film I try get tips on love, as he himself is divorced in life. Problems pertaining to relationships have increased so much in today′s times that it′s mind-boggling. Well I do advice my friends but finally the keys of those relationships are in their hand. Despite giving them advice they will do things their way.

Thanks a lot.


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Dear Himesh, we miss ur nasal twang. please forget trying to be a hero. u have a huge fan base, and that's mostly becoz they love to see u singing, not doing movies like Radio. please come back!
Posted by Making things happen :) on  Dec 5 2009 11:44AM
Himesh is wrong. It's gonna be a Super duper hit!
Posted by Pritam on  Dec 5 2009 12:42PM
Hoping some good stuff from Kajraare..as it is by the Bhatts. Well a nice interview, only thing i want to let u know Himesh is that you should not go on n speak ahead of time. Like u claimed all your upcoming movies to be a hit in sort of excitement and now that will backfire you as the first of them is a huge debacle. You just need to control your excitement. :)
Posted by Vinayak on  Dec 5 2009 1:15PM
Maybe Himesh needs to stop being delusional and go back to giving the superb MUSIC that he does...and not ACTING.
Posted by Rhea on  Dec 28 2009 3:34PM

Do you think, people want to watch 3-4 Himesh movies in a year?

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