All the actors in 3 Idiots have done excellent job

All the actors in 3 Idiots have done excellent job

Rajan Singh22 Dec 2009

In this interview, Rajkumar Hirani talks about 3 Idiots and working with Aamir Khan, the maverick. He talks about marketing the movie, feedback to the promos and his expectations. He also talks about importance of Sharman, Madhavan, Kareena and others in the film

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Mr. Hirani, the term idiot has now become a vogue?

The title 3 Idiots was part of the script and it came from all of us but after everyone read the script then they thought that the meaning of idiot is not the same as they had thought out to be. They realized that it has a different meaning to it. Now we have started saying that these idiots are probably the sanest people around.

Have you been using the term idiot more often?

Not yet, I am playing it safe. The promos are out and am waiting for the movie to release and then people will have a clear and a better idea as to what an idiot actually means. And thereafter I will proudly say to the world that I am an idiot. I am already saying it but after the release of the film, I will proudly be saying it and I am sure people will agree.

Apart from the promo that has been well received by the audience, one interesting thing also being that the marketing strategy of the film too has been designed in such a way that its grabs maximum attention, please tell us more.

Yes, the chairs are part of the promotional campaign and we had put them in the film including the drums that you see in the posters. But the game, which Aamir is playing with the whole nation currently, has surprised all of us. At the press conference where we all were scheduled to meet, Aamir′s disappearance all of a sudden took us by surprise. I don′t think we needed such a game when we were inching towards the date of the release of the film. I think there is already enough hype about the film. I think at this point of time Aamir should have been here giving interviews for the promotion of his film. He has vanished and is playing a personal game with all of us.

Ok, did you have even the slightest inclination that Sachin will give a clue about his whereabouts?

I don′t think even Sachin knew about this. Sachin was just watching the film that we had arranged for him and I think it was just a letter that was given to him, which he was only to read out. Sachin did it because he is a dear friend of Aamir. But I can assure you that even Sachin had no clue that Aamir would be playing such a sort of game.

Do you think that Aamir Khan always does it right with the marketing strategy of a film?

I certainly think that he always comes up with innovative ideas and that too all the time. It creates so much of curiosity and generates so much of publicity that it′s unimaginable. Just to cite an example Ghajini had the biggest opening ever and I think Three Idiots will beat that.

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Mr. Hirani does Aamir actually ghost direct his films?

See, I have a question to ask all these people. If a person has to direct, then why does he needs to ghost direct. He is a producer so he has this privilege to direct any film; Aamir has also directed a film for himself. There is no reason for Aamir Khan to ghost direct. Well, there are certain stories that get stuck in people′s minds and then it becomes really difficult to erase them. In fact I also had heard similar stories before and to be very honest I too was worried after I had read such stories. But it was only after a day or two that I was pleasantly surprised that there is no interference from him at all. Dedication is interpreted as interference. If somebody is dedicated towards his work and he has suggestions and as a director then it′s my duty to accept suggestions. I am supposed to take the best from everyone. If I don′t rehearse with Boman Irani before the release of film then he will kill me. Actually it′s all about getting comfortable with a role. I think this was the easiest shoot I ever had.

What is the best thing that you have heard about the promos of Three Idiots?

The best thing that I have probably heard is about the chemistry, the three characters are having with each other. It′s coming across rather well and people are feeling that it′s the mainstay of the film.

Did you have a chat with all your three stars before the shooting of the film began?

You know the biggest joke was that I heard this from people that I am the most idiotic director. I tell the heroine of the film to gain weight and heroes to lose weight. I think an actor′s job profile only says that you are supposed to play a character that you are given. A man becomes a woman in some roles and then some times he has to enact a village boy or then it could be urban guy and so on so forth. It′s not a thumb rule that old guys cannot play young character or vice versa. It′s finally a matter of body language and you do things to yourself. When you dress up then it′s a whole body language that′s speaking out. There are various things in the armory of an actor; things that can make him look the character.

Do you think that Sharman and Madhavan will be sidelined in the film considering the fact that it′s Aamir Khan who always hogs away with all the limelight?

It′s not a battle sort of a think between actors; everyone is supposed to have a role. Everyone has gone through the script and he or she knows pretty well as to what they are doing. As a director my job is to ensure that everyone performs his job to the best of his or her abilities. It′s not a question of someone getting extra lines, if a film does not works then nothing works. Our prime job is to make the film work; I don′t think anyone was trying to outdo others. Once you see the film then you will realize that it′s not only Madhavan, Sharman and Aamir who are the three idiots, the film in equal measure belongs to Boman, Kareena, Mona Singh, all of them have done a phenomenal job and after you have seen the film you will say this that all the actors in the film have done excellent job.

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