An idiot is a person who follows his heart: Sharman Joshi

An idiot is a person who follows his heart

Rajan Singh24 Dec 2009

In this interview, Sharman Joshi talks about his film 3 Idiots and being an Idiot himself and Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani, who are the greatest idiots known to him. He also talks about his character in the movie and his definition of the term, idiot.

Sharman, I hope you won′t take any offence if I were to call you an idiot?

I am proud to be an idiot and I hope that after the release of 3 Idiots, you too will feel proud to call yourself an idiot.

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Who is the biggest idiot in the film?

Well Three Idiots as the title of the film suggests, we all can claim for the title. But apart from that the filmmaker Mr. Rajkumar Hirani in my opinion is probably the biggest idiot of the film. Apart from that the producer of the film Vinod Chopra and then among the actors it′s Aamir Khan for sure who are the biggest idiots.

If we were to have a close look of the posters, you are wearing rings in both your hands, what′s the secret behind it?

Well my character in the film is someone who is a very God fearing guy and is a brilliant student since his school days. He comes from a very humble background and his father is a postman. His parents, considering the fact that he is very good at academics, are hoping that he brings them out of their poverty and makes them enjoy the goodness of life and the comforts and luxuries of life. The character has the pressure of his parent′s aspirations and hope. It turns out that he does not lead his life fully. He is very superstitious and a God fearing man. He is also a deeply religious man and does everything. He needs to loosen up a bit.

Does he need to become someone like Sharman Joshi in real life?

Yes, I think so. So I kind of know as to where Raju Rastogi needs to get and that′s why it was easier to enact Raju Rastogi.

The biggest idiot in the film is romancing Kareena Kapoor in the film, how about your love connection in the film?

Well, I have a wife in the film, who appears briefly in the film. But yes I do have a wife in the film and otherwise too.

Why are the two other idiots of the film not following Aamir in his vanishing act in real life also?

Well we both are busy chasing him in reality too. We both are playing the game with him and we both are pretty much enjoying the game. The last location where he is going to be, we all are planning to surprise him. We have not yet informed him that we would be there at the last location.

Sharman can you define the term idiot as has been interpreted in the film?

When we are calling anyone an idiot then we too are claiming to be an idiot ourselves. We are saying it in terms of what we have been interpreted as in the film. In the film we have shown an idiot as such a person who follows his heart. It may go against the norms not because of defiance. He loves where he is headed to and people might not agree with him but once he achieves what he has set out in the beginning then people start adoring him. If people are stupid then we are telling them to be idiot.

Who according to you is the biggest idiot that you have come across in your life?

Well it′s been the greats - people who have achieved greatness solely on their beliefs. When they started off initially it was quite a lonely ride for them and thereafter it was a movement. People like Mahatma Gandhi about whom people initially wondered as to how India will achieve freedom through his non-violence method from the British. But soon enough people realized his point of view and then started respecting him and finally because of his efforts we got independence. Newton was another, people made fun of him initially and also dubbed him as a mad guy and later on people realized his greatness.

How about someone with whom you have interacted with in real life?

As I mentioned earlier, it has to be Rajkumar Hirani, Vinod Chopra and Aamir Khan for sure. They would be the biggest idiots I have encountered. They have been following their heart for years now and now they are doing so wonderfully well. Thankfully I am part of this venture. They all are enriching our lives and apart from this the films that I have seen them work for, all have touched my heart so many times. They have made life worth living for in terms of the entertainment they have provided us over the years.

There were reports published in newspaper that it is you and not Aamir who is the show stealer in the film?

Well, I wish I could do that. The idea is that we all worked together for making this film. This is not a show where someone steals the limelight. We all had a great time shooting for this film and now we all are putting in our best effort to make it a success. Stealing the show is something that′s the perception of the people or the media as to how they want to project things. I don′t think that′s really important and what′s important is that we had a great time making this film and we all are very proud of it.

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An idiot is someone who follows his heart, any instances when you have completely followed your heart?

I am surely an idiot actually. I don′t need to hope for that. I have been doing things and I have been working on films that I believe in. Well I am not commenting on their box office fate, some of them worked while some of them did not work for sure but I am doing what I believe in. I only like to pick work that I would like working in for. I am following my heart so I am an idiot I guess.

Do you think that you and Madhavan will be sidelined in the film considering the fact that it′s Aamir Khan who always hogs away with all the limelight?

Well, naturally and there is no doubt about that and it′s only because of his sheer brilliance and performance and nothing else. Well in the film each one of us has played our character and each one of us have our own space in the film. Aamir being the superstar and the super actor, someone whom we all very dearly love and respect, it′s just an honor to share screen space with him. To go into these situations of being sidelined in a film is something that′s secondary, the best thing being that the film shaped out as per our expectations.

Lastly any particular incident, which happened during the making of the film that you can recall of?

Well, it′s difficult to recall a particular incident but the overall working experience for the film has been very pleasant. I witnessed this that the determination and the focus of Mr. Hirani and his team have towards making a good film, is very uncompromising. The second schedule of the film was canned at Ladakh and at that time because of poor weather conditions, the whole schedule was cancelled. It was a nightmare in terms of logistics for the production house. It was a unit of some 300 people and it was difficult to manage things for them but without compromising on any front we waited for almost a year to go back and then shoot at the same location.

Thanks a lot.


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As Sharman is a good actor and is intelligent too he has got every possibility to achieve more in the film world!
Posted by Mrs Chandra on  Dec 27 2009 8:00PM
Great acting by Sharman in the movie...kudos!
Posted by Rhea on  Dec 28 2009 3:36PM
yeah, he has done a great comedy in all of his movies...
specially in golmal and 3 idiots..
Posted by Anonymous on  Dec 28 2009 5:01PM

Do you think, Sharman Joshi can become a big star after 3 Idiots?

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