Pyaar is possible in every way and every form: Priyanka Chopra

Pyaar is possible in every way and every form

Rajan Singh07 Jan 2010

In this interview, Priyanka Chopra talks about Pyaar Impossible, Uday Chopra and her thoughts about Pyaar and other things. She also talks about what it takes to date her and how she shares her life with her fans on Twitter and her friendship with Shahid Kapoor

Pyaar ImpossiblePyaar Impossible (more photos, videos, songs)

Priyanka, being a geek, can I get a chance to date you?

Well there is lot more that is required. You have to be thoughtful, you have to be very intelligent, you have to be funny, modest, you have to look up to me, and you have to look after me. Make me feel really special and all such things are required just to get a date with me.

If you were to meet a geek in real life and if he says that he wants to take you out for a date, then what would be your first reaction?

Of all I really don′t know the system of dating. I don′t understand too much and that′s so because I have not dated anybody. It′s really strange and you cannot go out for dinner or stuff like that with a stranger. I have never been able to do that, there has to be a connection. You have to meet that person, know them and kind of see that how things are moving.

What do you really mean by saying that you have not dated anybody in your real life?

I have been in relationships and dating for me is really weird. I literally don′t know the concept of dating. I don′t understand dating, how can you not know somebody and just tell him to go out for dinner or for a movie. I don′t understand the logic of that.

How possible or impossible is pyaar in life?

Pyaar is totally possible. It′s possible in every way and every form. You just have to believe in it. I believe in these romantic fantasies and then people keeping tell me often that they are my illusions. I do believe in love that someday prince charming will sweep me off my feet. I really believe in that.

Has it ever happened so far?

It has. Of course it has happened to me. But right now let me say this that it has not sustained.

What are the three things about pyaar that really makes it possible in life?

Well one of the most important things which you have to be sincere about is that who you actually are, the second thing is do not try too hard. When you are trying too hard then that element of effort comes in the whole picture and then the purity of love sort of disappears. And the third thing for me is to have just a great time. It′s really important for me to be romantic.

If a guy has to fulfill that category of being a romantic, what would be your idea of a perfect date?

I think I would expect a perfect date to be on the 8th January for people to go and watch Pyaar Impossible. A perfect date, I guess, for me would be, it does not matters if we are sitting in the Himalayas with a violinist playing in the background with great food, what matters is that the person you are with is able to make you feel the most special person in the world. When he looks into your eyes you feel that you don′t want to be anywhere else in the world.

Priyanka, did you give any tough time to Uday while the shoot for the film was on?

I made him jump off from a five storey long diving board into a swimming pool. It was a 60 ft deep Olympic sized pool and i just said that let′s jump from there and then I jumped and then he followed me.

Geeks have always this tendency of following the beauty, this must be true?

I think Uday is little cracked as a person anyways.

Ok, though there is this geek in the film but you yourself are majorly into tech and stuff.

Yes I am majorly into tweeting and I call my followers as my twitter rockstars and it′s fantastic. I have some close to one lakh and ten thousand followers. Twitter for me has sort of become like a community to me. I get a lot of opinions on my work, if I feel like saying something, I just tweet, I don′t even think about it. I take opinions on what I should wear. I took opinion from my followers for my clothes, which I was supposed to wear for the beauty pageant in South Africa. I got a lot of opinion and I always listen to them.

Also does it become bit troublesome for you to hold back your personal life in front of your followers on Twitter?

I am very good at holding my personal life. I never talk about it. But the great thing is that they never really ask also. I talk about almost everything that I feel like saying or doing. I talk about dinners, about meeting my friends, I talk about almost everything. It′s there on my phone so it′s really very convenient for me. Whenever I am in between shots, i tweet a lot.

Pyaar ImpossiblePyaar Impossible (more photos, videos, songs)

Ok, how can I hide stuff, I am sure you can give me tips on hiding stuff which you are so much better at?

Well talk to only those people whom you feel like that they can be trusted. Tell yourself that the day you find something substantial in your life then that day you talk about it.

There has been lot of talks this year about your friendship with Shahid, which later was also given a romantic twist to it, how do you take all of it?

Well reports in newspaper come with every film, first and foremost. And as actors you know that such things will keep happening to you. They will annoy you and irritate you and all of that but really reading such reports in newspapers just does not justify the truth. Secondly if I really feel about something that I want to talk about then I probably would do it.

So let me ask you that are you friends with Shahid?

Well be both are fantastic co-stars and we are friends. We just had a great film together in the form of Kaminey. I always wish well for him.

The past year was also a little cause of concern in terms of your health.

Well last year i did very difficult films also in terms of my characters. I did Kaminey and What′s Your Raashee? and Fashion was my previous films before these two, I had gone from back to back emotionally charged and draining movies. I was working a lot as well. My health has always been a direct manifestation of the way I feel. May be it could be lots of stress also. I was doing complicated roles and things like that. Both my parents are doctors and they get very upset. This time they sent me on a compulsory mandatory holiday with my friends. It was quite funny.

Ok, what would be your final words on Pyaar Impossible?

Well I think that Pyaar Impossible is doing just great and I think it′s one of those nicest, sweetest films to have ever come in Bollywood. It′s a no-complication kind of film, which everyone will enjoy.

Thanks a lot.


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the music is pretty good. could be a good fun!
Posted by Making things happen :) on  Jan 5 2010 2:27PM
Hope it lives up to the promise of one of those nicest, sweetest films that Priyanka is saying. :-)
Posted by Pritam on  Jan 5 2010 2:59PM
She sound so seasoned! She says all politically correct things!
Posted by The Big Movie Buff on  Jan 5 2010 8:33PM

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