Dulha Mil Gaya is my project out and out: Sushmita Sen

Dulha Mil Gaya is my project out and out

Amarendra Mishra07 Jan 2010

Sushmita Sen talks about Mudassar Aziz's Dulha Mil Gaya with Shahrukh Khan in a special appearance. She talks about her choice of films, priorities in life and future plans. Sushmita also clarifies about Shahrukh's role in the movie and her Miss Universe business plans.

It′s unusual for Sushmita Sen to go groom hunting. So many men would die to be with you. But you are doing something like that in Dulha Mil Gaya in 2010. Tell us about it.

That′s a nice introduction, but I don′t go bride hunting in the film. I play a character called Shimmer who is very shimmery like her name. She is a supermodel, very successful and born in Trinidad and Tobago. She has no time for love or a relationship in the film. It′s at this point that somewhere in the plot, it′s like the groom is waiting for her and that′s why the title. In a way, with its many interesting twists, the film reveals that behind the cold and dry, la di da character, is a really soft hearted woman. Which is why she protects herself with this image.

The film ran into a lot of trouble during its making, what with dates being rescheduled and getting delayed. How did you keep your enthusiasm up through this phase?

This is one film that has not aged despite of the delays and making and shooting. When I look at the finished product, the entire wait and the delays were entirely worth it. And I am just amazed at the enthusiasm levels of the team behind Dulha Mil Gaya. The entire unit, from its director, to its cinematographer and its′ editor, despite so many hassles have always looked at the film with great positivity. Shooting for the film was actually a breeze. I enjoyed it thoroughly. And it′s been shot very beautifully; it looks and sounds simply beautiful now.

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Also is Dulha Mil Gaya a really important film for you, considering last year Do Knot Disturb kind of disappointed?

I have always said this, even during the film′s promotions, that Do Knot Disturb wasn′t really my film. It was Ritesh, Govinda and Lara′s project. Dulha Mil Gaya on the other hand, is my project out and out. It′s a lot of me, and a lot of hard work and soul put in a simple film. Mudassar, the writer and dialogue writer in the film has so beautifully written the film, that it goes beyond the usual onscreen drama. It′s a film that doesn′t belong to one actor or one character. It′s about a whole cast of characters. Which is why all four actors - me, Shahrukh, Ishita and Fardeen - have held this film so close. Which is why I also disagree when people say that Shahrukh has done a guest appearance, he has 3 songs and 20 scenes. So how can that be a guest role?

Do you look back with some regret at the films that you have chosen so far? Is that why you are being so selective?

I do think that I wasn′t doing a lot of things right at that time. I picked a film from my heart, or I would go by a director or by a script. I never looked at the other aspects of a film, like how much is the marketing budget or if they could indeed translate the film from how it was presented, to how it looks on screen. I have now decided not to do any of these, I will only pick films that have a proper script and marketing plus promotions team in place. I won′t just sign any film. I would rather sit at home; spend time with my kids and myself. I have done that for a long time recently, and I quite enjoyed it.

The businesswoman in you too has become active with the Miss Universe pageant. Also what kind of films would you like to produce?

We have brought up the Miss Universe pageant with a lot of commitment and conviction that the girls we train will be perfectly representative of the Indian woman. Like South American countries, who train and prepare their contestants like Olympic contestants, we shall build these girls. Raising the standards is a goal. As for production, so far, I have spent time learning the process and ropes of production. It′s very interesting, to take a film and create it. I would aim at producing films that successfully transcend and reach out to audiences. I am still working on perfectionizing the first project and it will take some time.

You and SRK are expected to recreate the Main Hoon Na magic in Dulha Mil Gaya.

We won′t disappoint. The film has us getting into our characters fully, and then we again have a qawalli in this one. The song plays on the titles of our respective films. It′s a lot of fun. With Shahrukh the chemistry comes naturally as we are friends off screen.

Finally, with Alisha′s entry into your life, how have things changed?

They have changed for the better. When I adopted Renee in my life, I thought that with all my work and films then, I will be able to bring home another child only in 3 years time. Now that I look back, 10 years have passed. My parents were concerned how would I balance with so many things that I am currently taking up. But there is never going to be a better time. She is like a little Buddha, very quiet, no crying, no fuss at all. Renee used to cry a lot. This one only cries for her feed. I go home, and my house, which is crowded with friends and family, I only focus on spending time with her. It′s a beautiful feeling, and I hope she stays like this- peaceful and happy.

After this entire happening in your life, will you marry in the future?

Of course, and you all will get to know about it! I will marry when everything about it seems right. I am a complete believer in forever and ever. So marriage, whenever it happens, is definitely on the cards.

Thanks a lot.


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With Fardeen even God can't make a movie HIT :)
Posted by Making things happen :) on  Jan 7 2010 12:23AM

Do you think, Sushmita and Shahrukh can recreate the magic of Main Hoon Na?

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