Worst 10 Hindi movies of 2009

Worst Bollywood movies of 2009

Admin09 Jan 2010

The 'gomolo.in list of the worst 10 Hindi movies of 2009' is finally out! Ranked in order we bring you the 10 biggest Bollywood disasters of 2009! A list which comes through, not from the critics or any jury but from the public, like you and me! Yes, it is based on the votes of people right across the world!

The wait is over - the gomolo.in list of the Worst 10 movies of 2009 is finally out! Ranked in order we bring you the 10 biggest disasters of 2009! A list which comes through, not from the critics or any jury but from the public, like you and me! Yes, it is based on the votes of people right across the world!

We conducted an online opinion poll on a list of 20 movies which could aspire for a slot on this list and invited people to vote for their choice of the worst movies of 2009. The opinion poll was run over a period of 2 weeks and we received an overwhelming response. Results were collated to bring you the 10 worst movies of 2009 in ranked order. Also read: The top 10 Hindi movies of 2009

  • 10

    Acid Factory

    Dir: Suparn VermaCast: Fardeen, Dia, Irrfan & others

    One of the most confused movies of 2009, probably as confused as the director was when he set out to make this film! With a plot which is borrowed from "Unknown", about a group of people who wake up from a coma like haze to find truth & lies unimaginably mixed up. Wasted performances from otherwise good actors add to the acid′ic effect the movie had on the viewer!

    vote for Acid Factory - poll
  • 9

    Team - The Force

    Dir: Ajay ChandokCast: Bharat, Manoj Chaturvedi & others

    A low budget film with a below average script, based on a beaten to death storyline. About 3 friends struggling to make it big in the music industry who fight against the injustice of an underworld Don & finally emerge as winners. The movie neither had direction, nor any performances to write home about. In fact, the ′Team′ which made the film might be ′force′d to change track, after this debacle!

    vote for Team - The Force - poll
  • 8

    Kambakkht Ishq

    Dir: Sabbir KhanCast: Akshay, Kareena & others

    A ′leave-your-brains-behind′ caper which keeps taking a shot at inventing a storyline as the movie progresses, without much success! The movie explores the relationship between a man & a woman who hate each other & follows the bizarre events that happen thereafter. Loud & very in your face, this battle of the sexes saga got a beating from the critics but managed to rake in the moolah!

    vote for Kambakkht Ishq - poll
  • 7


    Dir: Anthony D′SouzaCast: Akshay, Sanjay, Lara, & others

    The most expensive Hindi film ever made created tiny ripples rather than waves at the box office. It′s predictable story line, patchy screenplay & rank bad performances couldn′t make it the ′blue′ eyed baby of the audiences. The movie centred around Aarav, Sagar & Sam who dive deep into the sea to look for treasure, each for their own reasons. The only saving grace in the movie was the delectable Lara Dutta!

    vote for Blue - poll
  • 6

    Dil Bole Hadippa

    Dir: Anurag SinghCast: Rani, Shahid & others

    An overkill on the Yashraj formula of lush green fields of Punjab, ′Gaana - Bajaana′, NRI hero & cricket. For once these factors did not come together to crack the winning combination of success. Despite a great performance by Rani & half a decent storyline (inspired from ′She′s the Man′) about a girl who lives in a village but dreams of playing cricket in the big league, the film failed to ′connect′ with the audience!

    vote for Dil Bole Hadippa - poll
  • 5

    What′s Your Raashee?

    Dir: Ashutosh GowarikarCast: Harman, Priyanka & others

    Ashutosh′s attempt at a musical love story landed up a dud at the box office. Tedious & long, the film contained all of 13 songs! Based on a Gujarati novel, the movie covers the journey undertaken by Yogesh to find his future bride within the span of just 10 days to save his family from ruin. Although Priyanka put in great performances as 12 different characters, it wasn′t enough to save this one!

    vote for Whats Your Raashee? - poll
  • 4

    Shadow - The Dark Side of Truth

    Dir: Rohit NayyarCast: Naseer Khan , Milind Soman & others

    A potboiler which draws inspiration from the movies of the 1980s & heavily promoted as the film which has a blind man, Naseer Khan, as it′s hero. It is about a killer who is on the run after challenging the police openly. An unconvincing story with a few item numbers thrown in & a poor display of acting abilities, especially by the hero, ensured that people didn′t even come near the ′shadow′ of this one!

    vote for Shadow - The Dark Side of Truth - poll
  • 3

    8 X 10 Tasveer

    Dir: Nagesh KukunoorCast: Akshay, Ayesha & others

    This much hyped psychological thriller starring Akshay Kumar, in which he could recreate a dead person′s life by looking at photographs was a big washout, commercially. Akshay uses his skills to trace his father′s killer long after the killer′s identity is obvious to the audience! In a ′snapshot′ , although the film was made in ′Hollywoodish′ style with great locales & cinematography, the lack of a gripping storyline let it down!

    vote for 8 X 10 Tasveer - poll
  • 2


    Dir: Isshaan TrivediCast: Himesh, Shehnaz, Sonal & others

    The screenplay should also come with the label - ′It′s complicated′! A take on modern day relationships which is out of sync with reality. About a divorced RJ, torn between his ex-wife & his colleague. Sonal is confused, Shehnaz keeps grinning while Himesh is just himself with singular expressions all through. One can′t help but ask the director, did he need to make this strangely ′complicated′ film?!!!

    vote for Radio - poll
  • 1

    Chandni Chowk To China

    Dir: Nikhil AdvaniCast: Akshay, Deepika & others

    Might count as one of the worst movies of all time! Deepika disappoints with an expressionless performance & it′s difficult to accept Akshay as a weak village bumpkin. The movie is about Sidhu, who goes to China dreaming of a great future without a clue of the perils which await. Stupid sequences & mediocre direction ruin this expensive film put together by Nikhil Advani.

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CC2C had to win. it's of a different league all together! congrats Akshay, Nikhil Advani & the makers!
Posted by Sanjana on  Jan 9 2010 7:49PM
Radio is worst. it should be no 1! waiting for the best list.
Posted by Chaila on  Jan 9 2010 11:18PM
I accepted this review... this are the movies can't able to make anything. but most important thing is, 2009 is the worst year to akshay he had four flaps... hope this year akshay rocks silver screen
Posted by prakash` on  Jan 10 2010 8:23PM
LOLz! the best of the losers contest :) though i personally feel Kambakkht ishq shud get the top honors, CC2C nonetheless deserves a hall of fame place! more such polls will be very interesting. wish to see them a lot in this place.
Posted by Rohini on  Jan 10 2010 11:53PM
Sad to see the falling stars for Akshay who was hailed as the newest king of Bollywood, featuring not once, not twice, but thrice in this list of the worsts! jaago re Akki!
Posted by Making things happen :) on  Jan 12 2010 6:45PM
Not thrice guys....
Akshay featured in FOUR worsts of 2009.
1. CC2C

I wish the 5th should also been here, as I personally feel "DE DANA DAN" is thw worst of "Priran + Akshay" combo.
Posted by Suresh on  Jan 14 2010 12:51PM
@suresh: very well pointed. DDD, yes is a close to the list i guess. wat an irony for a superstar who hogs 50% space in the worst list!
Posted by vuttaa on  Jan 19 2010 11:02PM
I am happy that I have not seen a single film of the list. Once Chandni chowk was shown in TV but even the I could not watch it free of cost for its meaningless story!
Posted by Mrs Chandra on  Jan 27 2010 9:38PM
@ suresh ...agreeed dude
Posted by pratham on  Feb 4 2010 12:19PM

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