Fardeen Khan on getting lost and found in Dulha Mil Gaya

Fardeen Khan interview on Dulha Mil Gaya

Amarendra Mishra08 Jan 2010

Fardeen Khan talks about Mudassar Aziz's Dulha Mil Gaya and his commitment-phobic character in the movie. He also talks about working with Shahrukh, Sushmita Sen and says he's very impressed with the newcomer heroine, Ishita Sharma.

Fardeen, the title of the film says Dulha Mil Gaya so does that imply you get lost somewhere in the film?

No, I don′t get lost in the film, I get found.

But you have to get lost to be found. Is everyone searching for you in the film?

Well in one character′s eyes, certainly yes. She does lose her man and it′s all about how she does find him back again.

How will you sum up the plot of the film in few words?

Dulha Mil Gaya′s story is essentially about two couples′ love stories. My character is a commitment phobic and he is not interested in settling down in life. He is enjoying his life and he has just inherited some five billion dollars. All in all he is having a great time and after that how he meets someone who makes him realize the person he is and the different person he has become and the way the world perceives him. She really makes him a very real person and then it′s all about how he finds love. Well I can′t really talk much about her and the journey part because that will amount to giving too much about the plot but then there is of course Sushmita who is playing Shimmer, who is my best friend in the movie. And from her point of view she is someone who is very career oriented, very much like the woman of today, she is a super model from the Caribbean and she puts everything above her personal happiness. SRK′s character is someone who is crazy about Sushmita and how he gets her in his most charming way. It′s about how all these characters find the one true and most important thing in life that is love and the best way love is celebrated in this film is through each one′s relationship. It′s about relationship and it′s all about valuing them. It′s about knowing yourself and it has been told through the journey of these four characters. They are very sweet, entertaining, endearing and sometime funny too.

Dulha Mil GayaDulha Mil Gaya (more photos, videos, songs)

Are men really in life commitment phobic; you play a similar character in this film?

It′s just not about men being commitment phobic, well if it′s phobia then it off course is something severe but definitely people do have their own apprehensions about making commitments to someone for the rest of their life whether it′s a man or a woman. I think that′s a very natural thought to have. At the end of the day if you are committing yourself to someone for the rest of your life then you have to work hard to work it out well and devoid of any unpleasant or ugly things. That is definitely a thought that any person considering marriage will think, but having said that my character in the film is commitment phobic and his philosophy essentially is that why should I commit to someone because I know that I will never be able to be with just one person and why should I commit and get married to that person and make the other person′s life miserable. That′s the way he looks at the institution of marriage. He is very real about it and does not really give a second thought about it. He is very clear about how he thinks vis-a-vis his relationships and his desire of settling down. Obviously at a later stage he gets bitten by the love bug and it shatters his world and he does become quite love sick in the movie.

So that means cupid strikes you and Ishita Sharma in the movie?

Yes, certainly yes.

So how was it working with Ishita in the film?

She is extremely talented and very committed actress. There were certain scenes in the movie where she took us all by surprise with the way she did it. She is very real in that sense. You watch her on screen and then it gives you a feeling that she is not acting, she is real. I think this an amazing quality to have. Yes, she is relatively new and Dulha Mil Gaya is her debut film compared to the rest of us in the movie but at the end of the day she has done a fantastic job in the film. You don′t really feel that you are watching a new comer. She has done a very good job in the film. I think she is here to stay in this industry and has a great future ahead. I wish her all the best.

Both Sushmita and SRK are there in the film too and they have this huge screen presence. How difficult was it for you battle this huge screen presence gap?

You don′t really approach it in terms of a battle. I think most of the battles are with yourself only. Essentially you are given your lines on the sets and then you have a character of your own and then you try to be as true to the character as possible. The rest is taken care on its own as long as your intention is to do good work. To make a scene work everyone has to give their 100 per cent as long as it′s made with that intention. It′s never a battle and luckily we had a wonderful captain on this movie in the form of Mudassar Aziz about whom I have only great things to say about. He handled all of us with a certain calm and with a very mature head on his shoulder. He set a great environment for all of us to work in. It was a very democratic and relaxed set up. If at all there were any disagreements in terms of interpretation of a scene, in terms of how he saw it or how the actors saw it, then he would take that into account. Obviously if someone is raising a question about something, it′s fair to think that there is a basis behind it. He would go for all these things, which I think, is a great quality to have. We had a great time shooting this movie and very fond memories of Trinidad and Tobago and even Pune and Mumbai where we shot the film. Everything was very smooth and for that I am really thankful to my producer Vivek and Mudassar. Vivek Vaswani, the producer of the film is another fair and a very accommodating person. They really set a certain mood in terms of how we all would be working on this film. It was like one big happy family and that′s what I took away form this movie.

If Fardeen Khan were to propose to someone, what would be your methodology?

I will put a gun to her head.

How about doing the same thing in a nicer way?

Well it would be violence if I were to pull the trigger but if I were to floor away a woman then I would just be my silly stupid self. Bowing down would be just be an act in itself but prior to it there would be lots of hard work too.

Finally did you have to convince very hard to Ishita to say those word?

Oh yes, she has driven me mad in this movie trying to get her to love me back and that′s the whole beauty of this film and this character journey. Women have always loved him and he has never been refused by anyone but the one woman he loves does not love him back. So yes, she has really given me a tough time in the film. She shatters his world.

Thanks a lot.


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