I think in this profession, every day is a chance: Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor talks about Chance Pe Dance

Amarendra Mishra15 Jan 2010

Shahid Kapoor talks about Ken Ghosh's Chance Pe Dance and role of both Chance and Dance in his career so far. He also talks about his initial years of struggle, getting a break and top dancers in Bollywood according to him. He also speaks about, what you can expect from this movie.

Shahid, a lot of chance and lot of dance is hapening right now, is that true?

Well, it′s been a busy year for me and with Chance Pe Dance coming on 15 January; it′s again going to be busy few days for me. I am quite excited; there is lots of dancing in the film. I am somebody who has always loved dancing and I am trying to do something new in this film too. I am really looking forward, as to how people will react to this film. Again this film is very close to my heart because there are sequences in the film, which happened to me when I was a struggler, when I was trying to be a hero during that phase of my life. I am very happy with where I am right now in life. There were lots of time which I went through which were very difficult and which were very challenging. So this film has many situations, which are similar to what I experienced in real life. Incidentally I had never planned things like that.

Chance Pe DanceChance Pe Dance (more photos, videos, songs)

What was the biggest chance in your life that you managed to extract upon?

I think in this profession, every day is a chance. I guess getting my debut film was a huge opportunity for me. But every Friday in this industry you have to start all over again. It′s a very unpredictable field and you just don′t know what′s going to work and what′s not going to work and so every day you literally have to work like Chance Pe Dance.

Tell us a bit about your initial years when you had just joined a dancing school?

I almost looked like a broom - thin below and lots of hair on top. I think the more difficult the circumstances are - either you will revolt and run away from responsibilities of life or you get focused in life. I was very focused since the very beginning in my life. It′s all about Chance Pe Dance, which you might just get that one chance to make things work. You wait for that one opportunity and you try to train yourself to be able to handle it. I was also the eldest son in the family, my mom was a single parent and we were staying together with just her and me. At that time I felt a lot of responsibility on my shoulders being the eldest son and things like that. There was a certain sense of focus and certain sense of direction in me and I think I was very fortunate also.

How did you really go about joining a dance school in the early phase of your career?

I started with Shiamak because I loved dancing and I always wanted to learn dance. My mom was a trained classical dancer and it was she who suggested that I joined Shiamak′s troupe. The agenda was to try and learn things which I loved doing. I started off like that and I did not really think that I would train myself to be an actor which happened a couple of years later. At that point of time dancing was lots of fun for me. Now dancing has become a part of my job. It′s also something that I enjoy doing. I think dancing is something that if you don′t enjoy and if it does not make you feel good about life then it somehow looks very effective on the screen. So I guess whenever you dance, be it at a party or with your friends or inside your shower cubicle or even in front of the camera, you ought to enjoy yourself and I still try to do it. Yes, of course there are lots of techniques involved in it and there are other requirements too but at the end of the day, it′s all about enjoying yourself.

Does your younger brother Ishaan too follow dance like you?

This generation is rocking it up, like man. They are like all over the place. These guys are far ahead of what we were doing when we were of their age. I am not even doing 50 per cent of what Ishaan does now.

Tell us a bit about Ken Ghosh considering the fact that he was the director of your debut film and he too directs this film?

He trusts me more now; I think it′s also because I deserve to be trusted now. When I started off with Ishq Vishk, I knew nothing about anything and it was Ken who really guided me through the film. But now when I have done 16 to 17 films, I have had lots of experiences in the last five years. Now we have a lot of one to one equation that is just great. We still have the same equation off the sets, we are great friends but on sets we feel certain amount of equality when we are in the company of each other that I think is very, very healthy. If you have reservations with your director then there are so many things that don′t tend to happen because you don′t feel comfortable talking it out but with Ken I do. I think what we have today is better then when we both started together.

Who would be the best three dancers in Bollywood as per your choice?

That′s really a very difficult choice to make but I am a huge fan of Govinda′s style of dancing. He is absolutely brilliant. I think it′s always a pleasure to watch Hrithik dance. Mithun Da was someone who always rocked it up. Amongst the actresses undoubtedly it has to be Madhuri Dixit. I am a huge fan of Madhuri and then it would be Sridevi. Then again Rani is a brilliant dancer.

How about Genelia?

Genelia is a lot fun. She is somebody who enjoys herself a lot on the sets both as an actor and also as a dancer. She has really done well for herself in Chance Pe Dance. She plays the role of a choreographer in the film and it was very difficult doing that because you need to good enough to pull it off and she has done a fantastic job in the film.

You mentioned about your struggling days, what really kept you going on?

My parents were very supportive. Mom was very supportive and so was my dad and then you make a bunch of those two three friends who always keep discussing things that the director is a novice and he knows nothing about our talent.

Which one will you refer to as your best dance moments in your films?

Well, it′s a very difficult question to answer. I think it has to be this film only. The most challenging dancing that I have ever done has to be this film and that′s only because it has a different dance idea only. The choreographer of Justin Timberlake was here to do two songs for the film and it has hugely challenging to completely change your dance style. Their dance style is so different form what we follow here. We are used to big loud large movement and they are into small intricate delicate movements and they all are very style driven.

Would you still work with Kareena, given an opportunity?

If a good script comes along and if the director feels that she is the right cast then I am nobody to interfere.

Who is that one actor in Bollywood that you are dying to work with?

Well there are lots of people. I am a huge fan of Aamir Khan, I want to work once with him in my life to experience how he works and that′s because he makes all of us feel like terrible actors who have no script sense. I have not worked with Katrina, Deepika, Sonam – I would love to work with all of them. It would be fun.

Ok, now your final words on the film?

We have worked really hard for the film and it′s a fun film. It has a very simple story line to it and I am sure that everyone will be able to relate with the plot of the film. Everyone goes through that struggle phase in his or her life. Everyone is an underdog in life. You will relate with the character of Sameer Bahl.

Thanks a lot.


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