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Genelia on Chance pe Dance

Amarendra Mishra14 Jan 2010

In this interview, Genelia D'Souza talks about Chance Pe Dance co-starring Shahid Kapoor and her role as a choreographer in the movie. She also talks about Hrithik and SRK in her list for top Bollywood dancers. While looking back at the year, gone by she also shares her future plans.

Genelia, you had grooved to Pappu and now you have become a choreographer, how come this sudden change?

Yes, it′s quite a change from Pappu Can′t Dance Saala to becoming a choreographer and that′s so because I don′t have to dance that much in the film. I guess that′s why this transformation.

So that means you made Shahid dance to your tunes in the film.

Yes, I did and I would like to take credit for that because I am a choreographer in the film though I did nothing for the film. Shahid is a brilliant performer as everyone knows but on a more serious note this is what that I do pretty much in the film. Being a choreographer is part of the role in Chance Pe Dance but I am more of a support system to Sameer in the film, which is played by Shahid Kapoor in the film.

How did you go about those sequences in the film where you are actually choreographing those sequences for him in the film?

Oh please, in fact Shahid would tell me before the takes and then I would pretend to tell him during the takes and this is what happened actually. Shahid was aware of the fact that he is a good dancer and thus got his acts together. But thankfully for me there is not too much of dancing in the film. There are three songs, which feature me, and one of them is a pretty mad song and then there is a love song between both of us and finally there is a fun song. Thankfully I did not have to dance too much for all these three songs. 

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What was your favourite dance step in the film, you can teach it to me now.

I can′t do it now, when Shahid and me are together then I will teach you. I only prefer being like Tina, the support system and not the choreographer.

How did you support Shahid in the film?

I think I am that one person in the film with whom you want to cry with. You want someone to encourage you, you want someone to push further in life - and I play that role in the film and that′s what exactly Tina does in the film.

Who has been your support system in real life?

Well, I could not have done this without my family. I don′t think anyone can take any credit for me as an actor because I really had a long journey in terms of ups and downs and everything. I definitely think that the support that I got from home instilled in me a confidence that I can make it. And then of course there has been Aamir Khan who gave me an opportunity in his home banner. Then there has been UTV who has been there with me and there has been my first director and finally there have been the films from South to whom I am very grateful.

That only goes on to show that you are really full of gratitude.

Had I not been full of gratitude then I would have been doing some other job apart from acting. Thankfully I am an actor.

In terms of dancing whom do you rate as the best Bollywood dancer?

Since this interview is all about Chance Pe Dance so I would rate Shahid Kapoor as the best dancer of Bollywood. I might change it after the release of the film. My concept of dancing is all about having a good time. But on a more serious note I would say that I like Hrithik, I love SRK, and then there are new actors like Ranbir and Harman who dance very well. Then there is whole lot of actors who dance so well and finally there is me.

What has been your biggest chance in life?

The fact that I came back after five years to Bollywood was my biggest chance. I managed to bag a film like Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na. After having worked for five years in South, I never thought that I would come back to Bollywood. An opportunity happened to me and then everything fell into place.

How do you really look back at the year that has just passed by?

Well it was a fabulous year for me. On the list of star endorsers I was ranked seventh which I think is just great. I am endorsing seven brands right now. I have three films coming up in Bollywood next year and two films down South so even this year too looks a very action packed year for me. I think 2009 was the working period. In Anees Bazmee′s It′s My Life I think I have a role of a lifetime. Then there is Hook Ya Crook, which has also shaped up very good.

What are the basic ingredients that actually make a good choreographer?

I think the fact that you can make the person you are teaching do what you can do and cover up his or her minuses and push forward the pluses ought to make you a good choreographer.

Who has been your favourite choreographer in the film industry?

Well there is of course Ahmed Khan whom I really like and has done Chance Pe Dance. I will name all my choreographers actually, there is Bosco Caesar, Saroj Ji, Rajiv - I like all of them.

What would be your final words on Chance Pe Dance?

Well Chance Pe Dance is about that one chance which everyone needs in life and so why not dance.

Thanks a lot.


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