MNIK actually begins where all love stories end: Kajol

MNIK actually begins where all love stories end

Rajan Singh15 Feb 2010

Kajol talks about My Name Is Khan and her jodi with SRK. She talks about the backdrop of her film and films based on love stories over the years. She talks about Karan Johar style of film making and working with Shah Rukh Khan.

Kajol, why do you look so angry in this poster of My Name Is Khan?

I don′t know what had I done at that point of time, I don′t actually remember anything. But we are talking about the film and it looks very interesting and I like the way it has been put together. I think we are talking about the whole film in its entirety.

So is there any element of your anger towards system in the film?

I think it′s something like that, it′s bit similar to what you have said. And it′s also got to do with Shah Rukh and the story of which he is a part of in the film. It′s also about his love story in the film.

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One person who really feels happy to see your and SRK′s jodi on screen is Karan Johar, who would be the second person?

I think the second person would be SRK himself and the third person would be me only. I can tell this to you for sure that we all three of us feel very happy on seeing each other, I don′t know about the rest of the world. But on the top would be the audience, they feel very happy when they see our jodi together.

How much of 9 / 11 is there in MNIK?

The way 9 / 11 has been incorporated in the film merely serves as the backdrop to the film. The film is not about 9 / 11 but on the contrary it only serves as the backdrop of the story. Our story is about that point of time when 9 / 11 happened. 9 / 11 is a part of the film and it′s not the film. The way we have weaved the story and the way the love story progresses in the film has beautifully been amalgamated with 9 / 11 serving as the backdrop. It′s about this couple and the man is out to prove to the world that I love this woman and I can go to any extent to prove my love to her.

So now the love story between you and SRK has reached a maturity level?

Yes, most definitely. MNIK actually begins where all love stories end. And as you go further the film also shows that how love stands the test of time. It′s also about all those challenges you face which life throws at you. You come across so many circumstances in your life and how you tackle them  - whether you survive them or surrender to them - is also shown in the film.

Which was the film where you liked your chemistry the most with SRK?

I have to say Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and that′s also my favourite. I think we had the most fun while shooting for that film. I can watch the film from any point till the end at any point of time.

Which would be you favourite jodi from the film industry?

You know I don′t see much Hindi films, I think I am in the wrong profession and I hardly watch films. I have not seen many films whereby I am in a position to pass on a verdict that this is the jodi I admire the most. I don′t have any favourite jodi as such.

So you have your interest more towards reading and writing?

Well it′s surely reading but not writing. I love my books and I am very attached towards my Mills and Boons collection. I like my fiction.

Is it possible for Karan to make a small budgeted film?

I don′t think so and that′s so because Karan always thinks on a very big canvas. He actually begins by trying to make a small budgeted film but the mere process of ongoing thinking gives it a very big canvas. The actual budget of the film in the final leg exceeds the original budget of the film by four times. Just after Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna he had told us that now he will make a small budget film with SRK and me in it. Then later on he tells me that I am not able to find a small script. One day I had even asked him that why he does not shoot his film in India rather than going to Europe and America. Then the reply he gives me is that I just can′t think in such a fashion and my thinking is in tune with those places.

What is that thing about SRK, which you feel is magnetic about SRK?

I think it′s definitely his commitment. He has full dedication and commitment in whatever he does. He is three hundred per cent there for you and that too round the clock. Once he has committed about a certain thing he will definitely be there throughout. And I think it′s the same conviction that you also believe when he there on the silver screen. He is human and has his own flaws and this is what makes him so loveable and touchable on the screen.

Is there truly anything in the name of a person?

I don′t know. I am pretty sure that there must be so many Karans in this world that have not achieved much in life but there is this Karan Johar who is a known director. And the same thing applies to SRK as well; there must be many SRKs in this world who are yet to prove themselves. I don′t think I believe in the name so much as I believe in the person.

How do you manage two school of thoughts - Karan′s and Ajay Devgan′s school of thought so brilliantly?

That becomes possible only because I don′t believe in any school of thought. I don′t believe in any school of film making, I only believe in my script. I only believe in my character and all my energy goes away in getting into the skin of the character. I am hardly left with any time to maintain any sort of balance between the school of thoughts.

Can I say this that MNIK might just become the benchmark film of your career?

It′s surely one of the biggest films I have done so far in my career. Whether this film becomes a benchmark film or not, the fact remains that I am very proud of this film. I can proudly stand behind my body of work of this film. I will never ever be ashamed for this film ever and I stand by it. I will always be very proud of this film whether it does well or not at the box office.

Lot many diseases are being portrayed in films these days – SRK and Amitabh Bachchan are the recent entrant with Asperger′s Syndrome and Progeria, is there any hidden message in these films or is it just to encash the sympathy factor of the audience?

Well there are times when we do these things selfishly also as we want the characters to be interesting. But yes, unselfishly too there is a message hidden in these films. I thin the word handicap is a wrong word in itself. When we label someone with this word then we automatically put a burden on his or her shoulder. We see him through this vision which should not be the case. I think that′s wrong somewhere down the line.

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