It's about the beauty of marriage, love and family: Tabu

It's about the beauty of marriage, love and family

Amarendra Mishra20 Feb 2010

In this interview, Tabu talks about Toh Baat Pakki! and her thoughts about marriage. She also talks about doing a movie after a long gap and her upcoming movies. She also talks about why people should go and watch this movie in the theaters.

Tabu, you have this reputation of choosing unconventional roles so does that mean that Toh Baat Pakki too has the same element in it?

It′s unconventional in the sense that it′s simple. It′s set in a small town and it′s about a middle class family. We don′t see such kind of stories these days. It′s set in a time zone with which a lot of middle class families can easily identify with it. It talks about arranged marriages; it talks about matchmaking and all of that. And for me it was sort of an unusual role, it′s unusual in the sense that I have never done such kind of a loud role before in my career.

Does the film also talk about sibling bonding?

It talks about over protective sister for sure. The film is about a younger sister who listens to all the instructions from her older sister and who does not questions her at all. My character is sort of a character that dominates and thinks that she knows best and what is good for her younger sister. It usually happens in most of our families, with older siblings they feel that as you grow up and even if they were to be 30 or 40 years old, but for elders you will always be the child. So my character is like that in the film.

Toh Baat PakkiToh Baat Pakki (more photos, videos, songs)

So did the film remind you of your relationship with Farah?

I am not talking about the loudness factor but she is lot like my character. She is very over protective about me and is very sentimental. After having done this role now I can understand her sentiments fully. She feels that she knows best as to what is right for me; she wants to make all the major decisions of my life.

So what Baat is Pakki in the film?

Actually the thing is that my character finds a rich boy for her sister and does finalize things with him. In the mean time she finds another boy who is rich and has a better job and then she does match making with him also, so for her its match making with the best guy and the rich guy. The issue is centered on the fact that the elder sister does match making with two guys and then how she manipulates to bring in one guy and get the other one out. It′s a play between me, Sharman, Vatsal and Yuvika

In real life what would you opt for - arranged or love marriage?

My God! I think I should settle for arranged marriage now. Love experience is done now. Let me try something new, may be it might just work for me.

What are the criteria you would be looking out for in a guy for marriage?

Richfor sure. I should be able to travel first class wherever I go and I don′t want to spend my money. People often tell me that why do you want a rich guy when I have money so I tell them that the money is for me and I am not going to spend that money. So of course he has to be able to afford my kind of life style. It′s not that I lead a very extravagant life style but the guy has to be financially stable. Jokes apart, it has to be someone who really loves me a lot because only somebody who loves me a lot would actually be able to tolerate me.

You are doing a film after almost three years, so was it a conscious effort on your side to take this sabbatical?

No it was not a conscious decision at all. Whatever good would have come my way I would have surely taken it. Incidentally or coincidentally it happens to be an entertaining film and I am really happy about that. I wanted to be a part of an entertaining film in a long time. Cheeni Kum of course was an entertaining film but I wanted to be part of a film with many star cast and many activity happening on the sets all at the same time. The characters are more comical than the story itself. It was good for me to come after so long with such an entertaining film. I enjoyed doing it thoroughly.

In Cheeni Kum, we witnessed a crackling chemistry with Mr. Bachchan, how excited are you about The Legend of Kunal?

Yes, I am extremely excited. I don′t know when the film will start rolling but I hope that it happens soon. It′s really a fantastic project to be a part of.

You are also going to play a very glamorous role in Season′s Greetings, how true is it?

The film is being delayed for some reasons, which are not known to me. It has to take off again as it has some bits of shooting still left. It′s a very interesting role and hope the shooting resumes soon.

You have done movies across languages, what is the status of your films for other languages?

Well last year I had two Telugu releases, I have a very great comfort level with the Telugu film industry. I started with Telugu films and I am very comfortable with the language not forgetting the fact that my home is there. I like to shoot there as after pack up I have friends and home to go to. But all said and done unless the role is good and exciting only then I do those films.

Lastly, why should viewers go and watch this film?

The only reason I can cite is that that the film is entertaining. All of us enjoyed doing this film. Its something we all can identify with. While I am talking about it, I understand that it also talks about a very important institution called marriage without which the whole world is incomplete. It talks about the beauty of marriage love and family. And lastly it′s a nice film.

Thanks a lot.


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Tabu is a good actress. She is matured enough to choose her films. I wish her to settle in life too with a good partner.
Posted by Mrs Chandra on  Feb 20 2010 9:41PM
Tabu has acted well equally in commercial films as well as off beat films.
Posted by NILIMOY on  Apr 1 2010 4:14PM

Do you think Tabu can give the younger heroines a run for their money?

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