My decisions have been questioned time and again, and nobody laid out a red carpet for me: Kangana

Nobody laid out a red carpet for me

Sagar Mehta23 Oct 2010

Kangana Ranaut hasnt had it easy and had to work hard to earn her place in Bollywood. As she turns a year today (Mar 23), she is understandably proud of her achievements and her future projects. She also asserts that her split with Adhyayan Suman was not acrimonious, as reported in some places.

Some seasons ago in Bollywood walked in this damsel in distress who broke your hearts with her vulnerability. She put herself out there, to be judged, on screen and off it, and her vulnerability became her strength. Since then you can′t stop admiring the daring, bold and instantly identifiable Kangana Ranaut. “In some ways I do feel like a star,” says the no-airs girl. “But I know deep down I am the simple girl from the mountains who has her heart there. I am doing a job here in movies, and I am good at my job. I am enjoying every moment of it. But I have never let success go to my head, because it doesn′t last forever. If I have a sense of achievement it′s because I have made it here on my own, without having a star father or a star mom. I haven′t had it easy but I have fought for it and made my parents proud. That to me is success, and not the money I charge for movies, the number of cars I have or how big is my house,” she says simply.

For someone who left her mark in her first film itself; Gangster it′s interesting she mentions that she′s had to work hard for her stay in films. “Well, it′s certainly not been laid out to me on a platter,” she says directly. “My decisions have been questioned time and again, and nobody laid out a red carpet for me. While star kids have it easier out here, I had to learn it all on my own and through my mistakes. What was harder was that while people can be forgiving of mistakes of star kids, ours get magnified. So it can all be a bit much at times,” she confides. “Which is why it is all worth it,” she states and then explains. “See the kind of roles I did right at the onset of my career, many actors would have given their left arm to do them. But in my case people started saying maybe that′s how she is in real life, which is why she gets that kind of roles. Excuse me? I was only 19 then, how could I have even gone through those kinds of experiences? I am a simple young girl, who likes living life to the fullest,” she says.

If it is too early to go through life altering experiences, it certainly is too early to get surgeries and enhancements done, as reported by some people. She bursts out laughing at the mention of that. “Absolutely, it′s so ridiculous, it′s not even worth responding to,” she says dismissively. “People who say these things have no idea how a woman′s body develops over time. When I came in the industry I was called skinny, but I was very young then. I have grown up and naturally looked different now than I looked then. I am not someone who has hidden behind masks to look different for a photo shoot or on screen. The point is if I get things done to myself just to look like everyone else, then I WILL look like everyone else, and that′s self-defeating in a way, right?” she says cleverly. “So why would I go through surgeries and pain to achieve nothing?” she counters.

While we talk about Kangana the woman, we cannot forget Kangana the actress who has recently won the prestigious National award. “And I was thrilled to bits about it,” she admits. “I have been in the industry only 3-4 years and to achieve such an honor feels great,” she says. So why does she want to move from her serious actor image to do comedies and light hearted stuff, like say No Problem or Tanu Weds Manu two of her future films. “I have been fortunate to be taken seriously as an actor right at the onset of my career,” she says. “A lot of actresses get known as glamorous actresses and have to work really hard and for long time to break that mould. In that sense I have seen through that struggle and I don′t have to prove anything to anyone. I want to try out different things every day of my life otherwise I will get bored. I want to do light hearted stuff because I haven′t done that before and not because I want to change my image or anything. I am looking forward to these upcoming movies to see what the audience thinks of me in a different light,” she adds. And what about Kites with Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori? Kangana has been claiming that it′s a Hrithik-Barbara film “But it′s true in a way,” she interrupts. “Of course I liked my role in the film, which is why I am doing it besides the fact that Anurag Basu who gave me the break with Gangster is directing it and I would do anything for him. But the fact is that they have a lot more to do in the film, and I am sure it′s all turned out fabulously well,” she says positively.

Things didn′t turn out that well though when it came to her relationship with Adhyayan Suman, and a lot was made out of their acrimonious split and how Kangana couldn′t get over the split. She smiles casually as she says, “I still maintain that it wasn′t acrimonious, but then it′s people′s imagination to think I couldn′t get over the split. It wasn′t working out and the best thing to do was to go our own ways, where′s the difficulty or acrimony in that?” she says calmly. So why hasn′t she found another eligible singleton since then, we ask? “The reason I am single is not because I am still hung up on someone,” she laughs. “Sometimes it′s just good to be single and take that time out for yourself. You need to put your head down and concentrate all your energies within you because you deserve it. You need to heal your mind, body and soul from everything that goes on outside and you can only do that when you are concentrating on yourself without any distractions. I am not averse to finding love and being with the right guy, but it′s not the time yet,” she says. It may not be time for love, but it′s certainly Show Time for Kangana, and she seems ready to take her act on to the new level.

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think she's biting more than what she can chew. demanding 5 crores for a film :) i can see she's just like her reel life avatar in the movie fashion.
Posted by Amitabha on  Mar 23 2010 10:04PM
@Amitabha very well said. It has been proved earlier from different media bytes
Posted by Square on on  Mar 24 2010 3:33PM
Think unless she demans nobody will pay her that much, but actually she deserves it for her acting. I like her boldness.
Posted by Mrs Chandra on  Apr 2 2010 12:17PM

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