I think each film comes with its own destiny: Arshad Warsi

I think each film comes with its own destiny

Rajan Singh28 Mar 2010

Arshad Warsi talks about his maiden production venture Hum Tum Aur Ghost and working with Dia Mirza and Boman Irani. He also narrates about his weird experience during the making of the film and his expectations from the film. He also can’t stop praising his co-star Dia Mirza.

Arshad, why did you opt for Dia Mirza for this maiden production of yours?

Well, every film that I have done with Dia, I have found her to be an awesome person. She is a very nice and warm person. She is very helpful and a terrific actor and that I feel is a lethal combination. Being a good actor and being a nice person is a God sent gift for any producer or a co actor or anybody.

Please tell us a bit about Boman Irani who plays the ghost in the film?

Boman is a ghost in the film and he makes one of the most adorable ghosts in the film. This is the first time where you see Boman playing a part that is closest to his personality in real life. He has always played sketched out parts and characters that veer bit towards being a caricature. Mr. Kapoor in this film is so close to the Boman we know.

Hum Tum Aur GhostHum Tum Aur Ghost (more photos, videos, songs)

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yeah, I would say of course. I often say this that if you believe in God then you should also believe in ghosts. Yes, you do feel it, you get that chill sometimes and the other factor that amuses me is that how when someone close to us dies we never call him or her ghosts, we call them angels but if somebody else dies then they are ghosts. For me there are no ghosts, its just people who die. People just die and that′s about it. I don′t think that anybody should be scared of ghosts.

Whom would you give the tag of scary ghost to someone living from the industry?

Well there are so many actually. Vinod Chopra would be one of those. Then there could be Osama. Vinod Chopra would be a very scary ghost.

The film is more of a romantic comedy, so how much romance and how much comedy is there in the film?

It has tons of romance and dollops of comedy. Its not the usual comedy, the kind of comedy you will get to see in the film would be more like Chashme Buddoor. It′s sweet and real.

Were you a prankster on the sets?

There was this day when I was extremely tired and completely pooped out and I had just decided that if I have not slept for days then how come my colleagues can sleep peacefully and so I decided to wake them up from their deep slumber. So I woke everyone up and I kicked the door of all the possible rooms. I made sure everyone came out in his or her night suits.

Now this film is a ghost film, did you encounter anything weird while shooting for the film? Please tell that experience to us.

Not on the sets of the film but when it was when I had come back to my hotel room from a reccee.  That was the time when I had a little bit of weird experience. I was in my room and I had just freshened up myself after coming from the bathroom and the script of the film was in my hand. I kept the script in one of the corners of the other room. Then I went inside and then got a feeling that someone is inside my room and I presumed it was room service. Then I saw that my script was touched and was moved to some other place from its original place and that really upset me that how can room service do this. But when I opened the door and looked around, I found no body inside. I left the door and walked into my room but before that my door shut like with a very large thud and then realized that it was bit unusual. I said to myself that this was the sound that I did not hear; it was too loud a sound to miss. Then I called up the reception and told them everything. Basically the ghosts went into my room, read the script, and liked it else they would have burnt it away.

Arshad do you think that Hum Tum Aur Ghost will be able to repeat the same magic of Ishqiya?

I think each film comes with its own destiny. The flavor of this film is very different but I think what also happens is that people who have seen Ishqiya, have loved me in that film. People think that I was good in that film. I am sure that they will come to watch this film with a newfound image about me. Dia told this to me that when she saw Ishqiya, she was very happy with my performance. I think it does make a difference for the audience, its very positive film at the end of the day.

What is your conviction level about the success of this film?

I don′t know how much of difference it makes but deep down in my heart Ii believe that audience know that who can act and who can not act. They can very well differentiate between a good film and a bad film. People smell a film when they see the promo of a film. I think half the opinions are formed the moment they see the first promo of a film. And I hope everyone sees the promos and the film.

Do you have any word to say about Dia?

I am so fed up of praising Dia Mirza. What can I say, I just love this girl. She is a soul mate and a very dear friend of mine. I really care for her and I must say this that i am there for her whenever she needs my help. As an actor I feel for Dia that people should wake up and smell the coffee and look at the damn talent in front of you and use it to the fullest. I identify with her a lot in the way that I know i can do my job. Whenever I have been given an opportunity I have proved myself and the same thing applies to her too. I have seen her doing a little bit in Lage Raho Munnabhai and man she rocked in that film. In my film you have to see her to believe her potential. She is a great person; she is a good actor and looks stunning. You got to be good person to be a good actor and Dia is everything. She was not at all tantrums throwing person on the sets. Even when I was busy writing a film, she was there in my mind and so she was there in the film since the time of writing too.

Thanks a lot.


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It is true that each film has its own destiny. it all depends on the script, acting , production director and last but not least the audiance. Arshad needs well wish to get his venture clicked.
Posted by Mrs Chandra on  Apr 4 2010 8:54PM

Do you think Arshad Warsi and Dia Mirza are “good friends”?

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