This film is meant for kids: Dia Mirza

This film is meant for kids

Rajan Singh02 Apr 2010

Dia Mirza talks about Hum Tum Aur Ghost and working with Arshad, the new producer and co-actor in the film. She also narrates some spooky experience they had while shooting for the movie. Finally, she thinks, that this is a sweet film for kids and should work for everyone.

Dia, why did you say yes to this film, Hum Tum Aur Ghost?

It was a great script and I was getting an opportunity to enact a great role too in the film. Arshad was producing and acting in the film. I think it was a combination of many things but the most important thing would be the script.

Dia, do you believe in ghosts?

I find it very difficult to answer this question but I do know one thing that people who have lost their loved ones know for the fact that they may not be able to touch them or feel them but they can always feel their presence. Like I lost my dad when I was very young and I always feel this that when things are going very wrong then there is something out there that′s taking care of me and making sure that it does not go as bad it should or could. There is this omnipresent goodness about people that you have lost, which you feel through your life. I have this theory that if somebody asks me that what happens to a person when he or she dies, then I say that everybody loves you then. You suddenly become everybody′s favourite person. Why do we attribute fear to people who are not living.

Hum Tum Aur GhostHum Tum Aur Ghost (more photos, videos, songs)

The film is more of a romantic comedy, so how much romance and how much comedy is there in the film?

We are not ridiculing somebody else in the film only to evoke laughter in others. It′s more of a real time comedy.

Was Arshad a prankster on the sets?

In the previous films I have worked with him, he was extremely serious and boring. For Krazzy 4, he was busy all the time writing scripts and then he used to give his shot and then disappear. But while shooting for this film we had lots of fun. The fun was in the rehearsals we did, it was constant banter. We had good fun on the sets, I think with this film I got to see a whole new side of Arshad. Producing a film is a very difficult job actually. Producing a film and acting in it is a very difficult job to do. Just as one responsibility ends the other one begins. But despite everything, he maintained his calm, he was good-natured, he was calm and kept people on the sets smiling and happy.

Dia, did you encounter anything spooky while shooting for this film?

Boman and me were shooting since morning and Sandhya joined us later. And the moment we entered that shooting location, I developed a severe headache. I was feeling low on energy and the same was true for everyone which was discovered later on. But the funny thing being that I did not share this with other people present on the sets thinking that its happening only to me and so I did not voice it. Then enters Sandhya and tells me that Dia, the moment I enter the sets, I develop some sort of headache and then I get this feeling that my whole energy has been drained out. She told me that she was feeling sucked and then she asked me whether I too am feeling the same? The next moment I am looking at her with disbelief as I have just experienced the same thing. After five minutes Boman comes out and says that he is having a similar feeling. It was a bizarre.

Any other experience of any sort?

Well it relates to Arshad. He is a great dancer but there was this particular song sequence in a church for which he kept giving retakes in succession. Arshad is a very calm person and it takes a lot for him to get angry and he was losing his temper at every step. He was losing his temper on people with whom he had no connection. Nothing was going right. From the very day we started shooting we started encountering problems one after the other, Ashok Mehta, our cameraman said that the whole church needs to be covered, as there were windows in it. Arshad told him that it was impossible to do it in few hours, as the task was possible in India but not in London. Then he had to get people, spend ten times more and then got the job done in minimal period of time. When the actual dance shot began, nothing was going right. Arshad had handpicked each of the dancers after auditioning some 150 dancers. But apart from all this, just nothing worked in our favour, he took takes after takes. Finally after the song was canned and when he saw it in the first cut, it became jarring to him. The song was just not appealing to him. It appeared to all of us that all the unit people had entered an area where we were not supposed to go. It was place whose calmness and peace was disturbed by the film unit.

We also see a very cute kiss in the posters of the film; please tell us a bit about the kissing scene?

This film is meant for kids. It′s a very clean film. And the picture of us, which is there on the posters of the film, is a moment from the shooting. There is no Photoshop involved. Arshad never wanted a photo shoot to happen for the posters, as it would have looked bit plastic. He simply wanted a moment from the film. All the actors in the film are very real and that also includes their attitude and behavior and our style of acting. This is in the middle of the scene and this was shot by my photographer Amit while shooting for the film on the sets.

Finally tell us a bit about the plot of the film.

The ghost in the screenplay is a good man and he has some unfinished business on the earth, and that is something to do with his wife whom he loved very much. He needs Arshad′s help to complete that business and that′s his side of the story. It′s a wonderful love story between Arshad and me and Gahana and Armaan. The thing is that the parallel story of this ghost is very sweet and charming. It′s not at all a frightening film. The ghost in the film is very straightforward; in fact he is as straight forward as you and me. It just so happens, that he is dead and thus he is ghost. The ghost is visible only to Arshad in the film. Arshad is the only person who can hear him and see him hence he needs Arshad′s help to get the work done.

Thanks a lot.


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