I like doing things at my own pace: Sonam

Sonam likes doing things at her own pace

Sagar Mehta30 May 2010

Sonam Kapoor is in no hurry to prove a point and enjoying her career, as it’s shaping up. She has got interesting projects with great stars like Abhay Deol and Ranbir Kapoor. She also doesn’t mind being talked for her dressing sense, apart from her acting skills. She is equally proud of dad, Anil Kapoor’s achievements.

Saawariya’ launched her into stardom and Sonam Kapoor hasn′t looked back. Although she hasn′t been on screen post ‘Delhi 6’, which didn′t set the box-office on fire, you cannot write Sonam off. In fact she is the one who holds immense promise for the future. She is currently looking forward to her home production ‘Aisha’ with Abhay Deol and ‘I Hate Love Stories’ with Imran Khan. They are definitely films that will be talked about; although she could have been doing a lot more is she wanted to. Is she being extra picky or believes in the cliché, quality over quantity? She laughs at the remark and says, “I am not being extra picky, but yes I don′t want to do too much work at the moment. Unless of course they are films that I just can′t resist,” she chuckles. “And things have changed from the past where actors did 5-6 films at a time. If I start doing that today, I might be completely burnt out. You stop enjoying your work when you start working like that. I love being a part of the filmmaking business and I want to keep enjoying that,” she adds.

Sonam Kapoor & Abhay Deol in Aisha (2010)Sonam Kapoor & Abhay Deol in Aisha (more photos )

How would she answer her detractors then who might say that she only has a handful of films in her kitty? “A handful of films aren′t a bad thing in the first place,” she says. “Not that I have to answer to anyone or offer explanations about my career choices to them. My career isn′t dictated by what people think of me. If I start doing films to please people and to prove a point to others, then I will be doing films for the wrong reasons,” she stays firm. And how does she take it when her contemporaries get mentioned as the Czarinas of Bollywood while Sonam is left out? She breaks out into peals of laughter as she says, “Firstly, I have a long way to go here. I am only a couple of films old yaar,” she states. “I am not running a race here that I have to come first. I am ambitious yes, and neither am I laidback, but I like doing things at my own pace. I can′t keep thinking, ‘oh she’s bagged this film, what should I do now?’ and so on. So no, all this talk about rivalries and No. 1, No 10, doesn′t bother me at all. As long as I am doing work that excites me at the end of the day, I am just fine, thank you,” she says.

And if she isn′t getting work she′s excited about she will make it happen, won′t she? It′s been said that Sonam was so into Jane Austen′s character ‘Emma’ that she wanted it made on celluloid and star in it. That′s when her indulgent dad stepped in and decided to produce ‘Aisha’ for her. She doesn′t deny it′s one of her favorite stories and says, “I am thrilled to play the part. It′s turning out very well,” she gushes but insists we wait for the film′s release to figure out their reasons for making the film ourselves. Her pairing with Abhay Deol, who has his own niche following is drawing positive reactions already. What does she have to say about her “unusual” co-star? “Abhay is just amazing to work with,” she says. “He′s an extremely talented actor and has a good sense of humor. We get each other quite well. And he′s so intelligent and wise, he can spew wisdom any time anywhere,” she mocks. But doesn′t working with Abhay known for his offbeat movies send out a similar message about their film together? “No yaar, those lines have been blurred now and people appreciate any kind of cinema if it′s good,” she says rationally. On the other hand she is also working with Imran Khan in ‘I Hate Love Stories’ and that′s as commercial a concept as it can get. Her chemistry with Imran is already being talked about. “I have had so much fun working with Imran, there is a lot of laughter on our sets because it′s such a young unit,” she says. “Imran′s incredibly sweet and very well-behaved. It′s nice to see that in your co-star,” she says.

While her father Anil Kapoor might be producing films for her, he is also stealing her thunder a bit since last year. Just when her ‘Delhi 6’ was about to release he went to the Oscars and found International glory with ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. And he hasn′t stopped since then, now starring in cult TV hit ‘24’. Sonam laughs as she says, “Yeah, I know. He is going strong isn′t he?” She closes her eyes for a moment and then says proudly, “I am very emotional about my dad. He deserves every bit of recognition that is coming his way world over now, and I know he will only go places from here. He is very passionate about acting and will look at the current phase as a further challenge to reach new heights. He has been so supportive of me all throughout my life and I hope to do the same for him,” she adds.

Sonam might yet not be listed as the No. 1 actress in the industry yet, she makes it to the top of the best dressed list every time. Does it bother her that she gets written about for her fashion sense more than her acting skills? “Why should it bother me when somebody is giving me a compliment?” she counters. “I′d any day want to be on the best dressed list than a worst dressed one,” she quips. “I enjoy fashion and I like to do my own thing with it. Sometimes I like to go the classic way while sometimes I experiment do different things. I am glad it has been appreciated so far. What′s there to complain about? It′s something we girls like doing, talking about clothes, dressing up and then shopping more to dress up again. Although it burns a hole in your pocket, shopping can be the biggest stress buster and enjoyable experience. I am still that girl at heart who enjoys all these girlie things. I don′t think that′s ever going to change,” she says playfully. And we don′t think Sonam′s effervescent self and infectious energy will change either.

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she is different ...
Posted by Square on on  Apr 27 2010 7:39AM
hi, this is Vishal the Idiot!! :)
Posted by VISHAL on  May 1 2010 10:57AM
she is an upcomming star!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by amit on  May 30 2010 1:14PM
she's going to sizzle in I hate luv storys.
Posted by Amitava on  Jun 19 2010 12:46PM
one day she wil rock
Posted by garima on  Jul 22 2010 6:24PM
Lovely and sexy I love U.
Posted by balkishan on  Sep 1 2010 3:10PM
Sonam Kapoor is a newcomer to the Indian film industry. She was shot into fame after she signed her first film for a lead role with great Indian director Sanjay Leela Bhansali of Devdas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam fame. At present she is the most talked about newcomer in the Bollywood. Sonam was born on June 9, 1985, in Chembur, Maharashtra, India to the famous Hindi film star Anil Kapoor and his ex- model wife Sunita Kapoor. Her uncles are producer Boney Kapoor of Mr. India fame and famous Hind
Posted by varun on  Sep 4 2010 10:36AM
slow and steady wins the race. sonam will rule bollywood 1day.
Posted by shruti on  Sep 8 2010 7:22PM
SONAM u rocks......... u r great n amazing in I Hate Luv Storys, Aisha nd Delhi6.
U R gorgeous n preety too.
Posted by Manas on  Sep 15 2010 12:54AM

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